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Tuberculosis (TB) is an AIDS-defining illness. It is still a significant cause of illness and death in people with HIV around the world.

Severe Forms of Tuberculosis, HIV Coinfection More likely in Women

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Infectious Disease Advisor
18 November 2022

Tuberculosis deaths and disease increase during the COVID-19 pandemic

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World Health Organization
28 October 2022

WHO: Tuberculosis cases rise for the first time in years

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Associated Press
28 October 2022

Countries must re-engage on HIV, TB and malaria

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Médecins Sans Frontières
7 September 2022

A Breakthrough Tuberculosis Treatment Just Got Safer

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Health Policy Watch
2 September 2022

TB Language Guide 2.0 launched

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Stop TB Partnership
30 May 2022

Starting ART Early Essential to Battling Not 1, but 2 Killers

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Infectious Disease Special Edition
16 May 2022