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Microbicides are products that are still being researched which could be used in the vagina and/or rectum to reduce the risk of HIV infection. They work in a similar way to oral PrEP, but come in the form of gels, douches and vaginal rings.

Preclinical Trial of TDF Vaginal Ring for PrEP Ends Early

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Contagion Live
15 August 2019

The quest for the (vaginal) ring

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Mail & Guardian
20 July 2019

Novel HIV-1 Inhibitor Shows Promise for Future Treatment of HIV in Women

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Infectious Disease Advisor
26 June 2019

Vaginal implant might stop HIV transmission

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New Atlas
17 April 2018

Vital Microbicides May Soon Be Out of Reach

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10 November 2017

Save Microbicide Research and Development

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18 September 2017

Rectal products for PrEP: Are they an option?

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BETA blog
27 July 2017