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  • Glaxo Venture's Lofty Goal in HIV: Eclipse Gilead as Top Player

    GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s HIV venture wants to use less burdensome forms of treatment to unseat rival Gilead Sciences Inc. and become the top player in the $26 billion-a-year market in the mid-2020s.

    21 June 2018 | Bloomberg

    The drug Truvada has the ability to reduce the risk of HIV transmission by more than 99%, but it's being withheld from the American public because of the greed of its manufacturer. Sign the petition to call on the National Institute of Health to break the patent around Truvada as PrEP.

    20 June 2018 |
  • GSK's two-drug HIV treatment meets main goal in late stage studies

    GlaxoSmithKline’s two-drug treatment for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, met its main goal in late stage studies, scoring key points in its rivalry with Gilead in the medical field. The combination of dolutegravir and lamivudine was shown to be as effective as a dolutegravir-based combination of three drugs, GSK’s majority-owned ViiV Healthcare said on Thursday.

    15 June 2018 | Reuters
  • With TV ads, drugmaker Gilead brings HIV prevention drug out of the closet

    In a major shift, pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences will begin airing television ads for PrEP, its HIV prevention medication. The company said the ads, which will start in June and run through August, are “designed to encourage candid conversations around sexual health and promote public awareness of HIV prevention.”

    31 May 2018 | NBC News
  • EU makes it easier for companies to produce generic medicines for export

    The European Commission on Monday proposed to change intellectual property rules to let pharmaceutical companies produce generic drugs for export to countries and regions where they are not under extended patent protection.

    29 May 2018 | Reuters
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation files two lawsuits against Gilead

    Four Californians living with HIV, including one in Marin County, are suing the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences over its continued distribution of what they say is a toxic HIV medicine while it kept a safer version of the drug on its lab shelf to turn a higher profit.

    21 May 2018 | The Bay Area Reporter
  • Collective Efforts By Civil Society Groups Bar The Way To Hepatitis C Patents

    Many hold the view that Gilead’s revolutionary treatment against hepatitis C (sofosbuvir) marked the beginning of a shift in position toward the high prices of medicines, as high-income countries were also faced with an untenable burden to their health systems. In a number of lower and middle-income countries civil society organised itself to increase access to sofosbuvir for millions in need.

    14 May 2018 | Intellectual Property Watch
  • Is Gilead’s Entire HIV Enterprise Built on a False Promise?

    A new analysis finds that Gilead Sciences’ updated version of its key antiretroviral tenofovir may not actually offer any safety benefits.

    10 May 2018 | Poz
  • Will the European Court of Justice put a stop to the evergreening of Truvada patents?

    Since July 2017, Truvada has been available in generic forms in some European countries (eg. the Netherlands, France) but not in others (eg. UK, Switzerland). This is because the key patent covering tenofovir disoproxil expired in July 2017 in most countries, but not in all. In Europe, some countries have extended the duration of the tenofovir patent beyond the 20-year patent term by granting a supplementary protection certificate (SPC).

    09 May 2018 | Medicines Law & Policy
  • Patients sue Gilead, saying drug company intentionally delayed safer HIV medicine

    Two Southern California men filed suit against Gilead Sciences on Tuesday, saying they were harmed when the drug company intentionally delayed development of a safer version of a crucial HIV medicine so that it could continue to profit from its lucrative monopoly.

    09 May 2018 | Los Angeles Times
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