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  • Why I declared my HIV status in parliament – and what needs to happen next

    Of course, there were personal reasons for my decision to make such a public announcement, but my primary motivation was to help destigmatise the conversation around HIV and to point out the impediments we face in winning the fight against the virus. These impediments include the current British government.

    13 December 2018 | The Independent
  • Half of all British men believe people with HIV ‘are out to infect others’

    Half of all British men believe people with HIV are 'out to infect others', according to a new study. And it found people are still unaware that hose living with undetectable levels of HIV can not transmit the virus. Mylan, the supplier for the NHS’ PrEP Impact Study, posted the data from its recent survey on HIV awareness.

    13 December 2018 | Gay Star News
  • HIV clinic's hardest battle in treating people is helping them to overcome the social stigma

    Jason, who is using a pseudonym, is a heterosexual black man of African heritage. He is typical of the patients seen at the clinic in University Hospital Lewisham. There are 850 patients on the books, more than 50 per cent are heterosexual and most of African origin. Many live on the poverty line and struggle with mental health problems. But the biggest challenge facing the team is the issue of stigma.

    10 December 2018 | Evening Standard
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle tells Owen Jones: 'I came out as HIV positive to break down stigma' – video

    Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle came out as HIV positive in a speech in the House of Commons. He tells the Guardian’s Owen Jones his diagnosis initially left him feeling like his insides had been ripped out but those fears gradually washed away and he has been able to live his life. He says he hopes his announcement can help break the stigma around HIV and help other people.

    06 December 2018 | The Guardian
  • AIDSfree: London looks to stop the stigma and halt new HIV cases by 2030

    The HIV epidemic in London could be halted in the next 12 years if everybody who has the virus is diagnosed and takes treatment, a leading doctor said on Monday, as The Independent and Evening Standard launched our Christmas appeal.

    05 December 2018 | The Independent
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle: Why I decided to go public about being HIV positive

    Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle revealed he was HIV positive in a speech to the House of Commons. This is what he said.

    01 December 2018 | New Statesman
  • MP reveals he is HIV positive in move to tackle stigma

    Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s personal Commons speech highlights advances in treating condition

    30 November 2018 | The Guardian
  • Stigma means Russia risks HIV epidemic as cases rise

    Stigma around homosexuality and drug use means Russia and some former Soviet Union countries risk developing out-of-control HIV epidemics, experts have said, after data showed a record number of new cases last year.

    29 November 2018 | The Guardian
  • Italy orders seizure of migrant rescue ship over 'HIV-contaminated' clothes

    Italian authorities have ordered the seizure of the migrant rescue ship Aquarius after claiming that discarded clothes worn by the migrants on their voyage from Libya to Italy could have been contaminated by HIV, meningitis and tuberculosis. The Italian authorities have placed 24 people under investigation for ‘‘trafficking and the illegal management of waste,” including the captain of the Aquarius, Evgenii Talanin, and Michele Trainiti, deputy head of the Italy mission of Medecins san Frontieres (MSF) Belgium. The Sicilian prosecutors also fined MSF a total of €460,000 (£409,000) and froze some of its bank accounts based in Italy.

    20 November 2018 | The Guardian
  • HIV speed dating comes to London

    To coincide with World AIDS Day (1 December), ACT UP London are hosting a HIV Blind Date theatre show and HIV Speed Dating event. The group says it’s to raise awareness of continuing stigma around the virus.

    16 November 2018 | Gay Star News
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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

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Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

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