More and more people living with HIV are now older adults in their fifties, sixties or beyond. They often need to manage one or more other health conditions (called co-morbidities) alongside their HIV. Antiretroviral treatment works well for older people.

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  • The forgotten generation?

    Modern advancements such as U=U have redefined what it means to live with HIV. But, as Ross Duffin reports, for the long-term survivors the lived reality is not so rosy.

    21 May 2019 | Positive Living
  • Raising the equality flag: Health inequalities among older LGBT people in the UK

    New analysis, based on data from 24 different surveys, demonstrates that the odds of lesbian, gay, or bisexual men and women experiencing poor self-rated health are around 1.2 times higher than for heterosexual people, with poor self-rated health being a strong predictor of future mortality.

    08 May 2019 | International Longevity Centre
  • Ageing with HIV: Testimonials of Stigma and Discrimination in Healthcare Settings

    So frequent were the stories that emerged of poor understanding and stigmatising attitudes to people with HIV from professionals working in medical services outside their HIV clinic, and so strong the fears of how people might be treated in these settings, that many participants with HIV reported a strong reluctance to access services which they needed for their ongoing good health, from surgery to dentistry and maternity services. These stories come from all parts of Europe.

    25 April 2019 | EATG
  • Effect of Depression, Lifestyle on Cognitive Function in PLWHIV

    Compared with patients without HIV, the poorer cognitive performances of PLWHIV were partly mediated by a higher prevalence of depressive symptoms.

    26 March 2019 | Infectious Disease Advisor
  • Experts tackle major cardiovascular issues in treating patients with HIV

    Since the advent of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), HIV infection has become more like a chronic illness. Now that patients are able to live longer and remain free of developing AIDS, they have begun to encounter new risks from age-related disorders common in the general population, including cardiovascular disease (CVD).

    05 March 2019 | EurekAlert!
  • What are the treatment challenges for the over 50s in Africa?

    Although older adults in Uganda showed a high regard for the importance of anti-retroviral treatment, structural factors such as wait times and ageism still provide barriers to adherence.

    28 February 2019 | AVERT
  • Gilead Sciences Launches Age Positively Initiative to Address Unique Challenges of Aging Population Living with HIV

    Gilead Sciences, Inc. today announced it is providing $17.6 million in grants to 30 organizations in the United States through the Gilead HIV Age Positively initiative. This effort aims to enhance the lives of individuals aging with HIV by focusing in three priority areas: improving care coordination, increasing resources for better well-being, and educating and informing policies that impact people living and aging with HIV.

    27 February 2019 | Gilead press release
  • As Waistlines Increase, Diabetes Sets In In Tanzania

    Fast-changing lifestyle coupled with improving household economies have propelled the rate of obesity which culminates in diabetes at an alarming rate in Tanzania, with urban areas leading the tally. Medical experts say the metabolic disease is a looming health hazard in the country.

    16 January 2019 | Health Policy Watch
  • Use of Testosterone in Men With HIV Is Associated With Higher Bone Mineral Density

    Men with HIV who use testosterone have greater bone mass density (BMD) T-scores at the lumbar spine, total hip, and femoral neck compared with nonusers, according to the results of a recent study.

    03 January 2019 | American Journal of Managed Care
  • Frailty associated with adverse health outcomes, mortality in HIV-infected adults

    Study findings showed that frailty is associated with risk for incident cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and bone disease in people living with HIV, and that an increase in frailty is associated with mortality in patients with HIV who are engaged in care.

    03 January 2019 | Healio
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