Community Consensus Statement on the use of HIV treatment for Prevention

Dear friends and colleagues living with or affected by HIV, prevention and treatment advocates, and all of you working with HIV and sexual health:

On this page we're inviting you to comment on and contribute to the proposed community consensus statement on the use of antiretroviral therapy in order to reduce the transmission of HIV ('treatment as prevention') in Europe

This statement is being jointly co-ordinated by NAM and the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG). We hope this consultation will result in a statement with broad community backing.

In the past two years, studies have shown that giving antiretroviral therapy (ART) to people with HIV is not only lifesaving but can also dramatically cut their risk of transmitting HIV. In the case of vaginal sex ART cuts that risk at least twentyfold and possibly entirely. This has been hailed as a step towards ending the HIV epidemic. 

Since then many political and economic questions about how to implement treatment as prevention effectively and fairly have been raised, and gaps in our scientific knowledge still need to be closed for it to reach its full potential.

This new community consensus statement attempts to bring together areas of discussion and disagreement and frames them as a set of targets for community advocacy. 

A community statement cannot be written without the wide involvement of the communities it claims to speak for, so please use this page to comment on the statement. Just download the statement and use the box below for your feedback.

The statement is available to download and comment on in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Russian.

We have also received a translation of the draft statement in Italian, which you can download as a PDF here. Many thanks to Giulio Maria Corbelli for sending us this translation.

Please also alert your contacts so that they can comment too.

With best wishes,

Gus Cairns, NAM, & Brian West, EATG

On behalf of EATG, NAM and the statement writing team.

Treatment as prevention statement

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