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HIV cannot be transmitted by spitting, and risk from biting is negligible, says detailed case review

There is no risk of transmitting HIV through spitting, and the risk from biting is negligible, according to research published in HIV Medicine.


Living with HIV more than doubles the risk of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged MSM

Living with HIV is an independent risk factor for erectile problems among middle-aged men who have sex with men (MSM), Dutch investigators report in the online edition of AIDS. After taking into account all other risk factors, HIV infection was associated with a more than doubling in the risk of erectile dysfunction. 


HIV may increase the risk of skin cancer

People living with HIV may have an increased risk of some types of skin cancer, Danish researchers report in the online edition of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.


Prostate cancer and lung cancer projected to be most frequent cancer diagnoses in people with HIV by 2030

Prostate and lung cancer will become the most frequently diagnosed cancers in people living with HIV in the United States by 2030 if current trends in new cancer diagnoses continue, an analysis by the US National Cancer Institute shows.


HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs in Glasgow now involves over 100 infections, many homeless

An HIV outbreak among people who inject drugs in Glasgow involves over 100 cases and is still ongoing, investigators report in The Journal of Infectious Diseases. Genetic sequencing showed that all 104 cases were linked, with two-thirds of diagnoses made after 2014.


Mother-to-child HIV transmission at all-time low in the UK but around two-thirds of reported cases involve women diagnosed after delivery

Factors such as uncertain immigration status, housing problems and intimate partner violence are common among women who pass on HIV to their infants in the UK, according to the results of an audit published in HIV Medicine


Why aren’t older people tested for HIV? Views from doctors and patients

Limited knowledge of HIV and stereotypes about who may have HIV are barriers to HIV testing in people over the age of 50, with similar issues affecting both clinicians and older people themselves, according to a pair of qualitative studies presented to the recent joint British HIV Association (BHIVA) and British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) conference in Edinburgh.


Editors' picks from other sources

African women: UNAIDS head Michel Sidibé must go!

from Heath-e

Following a sexual harassment investigation at UNAIDS gone wrong, 23 leading African female activists believe the Executive Director cannot be trusted to lead the world’s foremost agency fighting AIDS.

Will the European Court of Justice put a stop to the evergreening of Truvada patents?

from Medicines Law & Policy

Since July 2017, Truvada has been available in generic forms in some European countries (e.g. the Netherlands, France) but not in others (e.g. UK, Switzerland). This is because the key patent covering tenofovir disoproxil expired in July 2017 in most countries, but not in all. In Europe, some countries have extended the duration of the tenofovir patent beyond the 20-year patent term by granting a supplementary protection certificate.

Migration officials' access to NHS records 'to be tightened'

from BBC Health

The expected concession comes after pressure from MPs worried about patient confidentiality.

UK sexual health services struggle with public health cuts

from The Lancet HIV (requires free registration)

Cuts to council funding in the UK for services including sexual health prevention and screening could undo progress made on HIV.

PrEP disconnect: what's missing from PrEP messaging?

from The Body

I reached out to some experts on PrEP messaging to find out what's being done to reach diverse communities with HIV prevention choices. I wanted to find out what's working and how different communities are being targeted for PrEP outreach.