Information booklet for women living with HIV

Greta Hughson
Published: 15 August 2014

A new edition of our information booklet, HIV & women, for women living with HIV in the UK is now available in print and online at:

HIV & women

An HIV diagnosis is a life-changing event, but women living with HIV can still live a long and healthy life, have a baby without passing on HIV, work, study, and have fulfilling emotional and sexual relationships.

The information in this booklet is for you to read in your own time. It aims to help answer your questions on living well with HIV, but also to help you think about questions you want to ask your doctor, and issues you want to talk about with people who support and care for you.

Some of the topics it covers are:

We’re grateful to everyone who helped to shape this booklet and who sent us feedback on drafts, in particular Positively UK and the women living with HIV and medical professionals who acted as our review panel for this booklet.

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