NAM is the official online partner for scientific reporting at the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, Australia, 20-25th July 2014.

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Human rights

Globally, 1 in 12 MSM have been arrested for same-sex behaviour.

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In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

Opening ceremony

AIDS 2014 opening ceremony honours Flight MH17 dead with drive to end AIDS by 2030.

Reducing risk

Cash transfers plus care halve HIV risk behaviours in South African adolescents.

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Our writers are reporting the latest research presented at the AIDS 2014.

TB treatment

Novel TB regimen could reduce treatment duration.

Step up the pace

What is needed to 'step up the pace' on HIV prevention and treatment?

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HIV cure research

Researchers discuss progress towards an HIV cure.

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Tweets from AIDS 2014

  • Highlight of my day: Fanny of @globalhealthadv confusing Bob Geldof for @MickJagger at #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 09:59
  • Check out the videos featuring @AIDS_Conference highlights and presentations including Global Village #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 09:47
  • New publication @TheLancet: Bringing #sexworkers to the centre of the #HIV response & research #MDG #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 09:44
  • Another great day at #AIDS2014 such an incredibly humbling experience. And an update on people I've met: @dantwitthaus :)24 Jul 2014 09:41
  • Sir Bob Geldof took aim at the Australian Government for cutting foreign aid, including funds towards HIV prevention. #AIDS2014 #9News24 Jul 2014 09:29
  • Ignorance&prejudice are fuelling the spread of a preventable disease.We have to unite in the fight against Aids.#AIDS2014 @AIDS_conference24 Jul 2014 09:25
  • It's raining condoms and other attractions @CONDOMIZE @CircaJoyLynn @thecitizenweb #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 09:20
  • Major lesson from the #HIV incidence & impact sesh: despite hightech modelling, we're really bad at measuring HIV incidence. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 09:05
  • Yolanda from Trinidad and Tobago: it's not just about the dollars, just like it's not just about the pills. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 08:58
  • "Pills cost pennies, greed cost lives!" - protesters at #AIDS2014 over Gilead's $1000-a-pill medication for Hepatitis C.24 Jul 2014 08:48
  • Really interesting session on Men who have Sex with Men at #AIDS2014. Persecution & self-harm in Jamaica, lack of knowledge of s377 in India24 Jul 2014 08:38
  • Q: who's funding this global advocacy work and where can we find it? A: not nearly enough funders. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 08:36
  • It is unacceptable to be having conversations on SRH without including the voices of young women and girls #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 08:08
  • We need to be more inclusive of transgender women in the PrEP conversation. @LoveYou2org #WeAreAllWomen #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 08:05
  • A talk on the relation between masculinity, sexual positioning and HIV. Love it! This is why I came here. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 08:05
  • #aids2014 -Don't know enough about interaction of PrEP w/other drugs - hormones, contraception, or drugs to get high. Long way to go.24 Jul 2014 07:59
  • Tough question: how would you program peer ed for key populations in a place where certain behaviours are criminalized? #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 07:57
  • Coalition building is not easy. It demands navigating differences and exploring ways to work together. - Ian McKnight #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 07:53
  • San Fran does better than London with HIV prevention/testing. Why? @alisapower says unified funding plan makes a big difference! #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 07:44
  • In 2013 alone, @UNFPA provided 1 billion male condoms and 20 million female condoms. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 07:42
  • Overarching concern for sex workers and transwomen assessing PrEP is that medical settings are not welcoming or open. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 07:42
  • Huge research gap around hormonal contraception for women living with HIV & ongoing knowledge gap among healthcare professionals #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 07:17
  • That language sounds lovely, but I have some big concerns about how ‘empowerment’ language assumes we have power to give #AIDS2014 #mobpop24 Jul 2014 06:56
  • She asks how much a 'peer' someone can really be if they're coming in from a radically different place/background. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:49
  • Mark Tyndall: police in .ca routinely given PEP for zero-risk events such as spitting. Likely this ↑misconceptions about HIV risk. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:41
  • In Zimbabwe, 24% of #female #sexworkers starting selling sex when <20 years old #AIDS2014 #francescowan24 Jul 2014 06:37
  • Mellouk: why should people in my region have to use older drugs when there are newer ones with less side effects? #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:33
  • I love Tasneem’s point that PLHIV and behaviour are inseparable in mindsets of migrant communities #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:29
  • Some drs say to patients ‘you’ll have to ask a lawyer about that’ when asked about legal responsibilities. Not good enough. #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:27
  • Dame Carol Kidu says people who go public with #HIV stories in #PNG add a human face which helps dispel the stigma #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:18
  • Safer drug use is also a more pleasurable drug use - Elliott from @INPUD at #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 06:06
  • One model does not work for all - Grindsztejin #AIDS201424 Jul 2014 05:29
  • The third of our news bulletins from the International AIDS Conference is out now: #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 06:39
  • Anal lesions often resolve without treatment in HIV-positive gay men #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 05:40
  • Home-testing acceptable in 'treat everyone' trial: treatment takes longer to accept #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 04:40
  • One in 9 girls in developing countries is married before age 15 & has little or no say in her sexual experiences or sexual health. #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 03:12
  • Treatment as prevention may not work in Africa without couples counselling #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 03:07
  • Harm reduction funding meeting only 7% of global need #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 03:07
  • Bill Clinton "we can't achieve new WHO guidelines with current funding" #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 02:50
  • You have the right to a healthy & fulfilling life, free from discrimination and fear - no matter your #HIV status, gender or age! #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 02:19
  • Maraviroc fails to match tenofovir/emtricitabine for first-line HIV treatment #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 02:05
  • #billclinton at #AIDS2014 : "we have to remember that our common humanity means a helluva lot more than our interesting differences ."23 Jul 2014 02:04
  • Research from @unicef_aids finds adolescent deaths from AIDS rising, especially among boys: #AIDS204 #youthAIDS201423 Jul 2014 12:56
  • Meta-analysis: only half the people who start PEP complete the course #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 09:58
  • Globally, 1 in 12 MSM have been arrested for same-sex behaviour #AIDS201423 Jul 2014 08:26
  • The second of our news summary bulletins from the International AIDS Conference is online here: #AIDS2014 #HIV22 Jul 2014 06:40
  • Good adherence seen in study of intermittent PrEP #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 05:01
  • Novel techniques probed in cure research #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 05:01
  • Romidepsin activates latent HIV, but does not decrease viral reservoir #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 05:01
  • Reappearance of HIV in "Mississippi Baby" poses questions for early treatment #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 02:57

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