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Step up the pace

What is needed to 'step up the pace' on HIV prevention and treatment?

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AIDS 2014 opening ceremony honours Flight MH17 dead with drive to end AIDS by 2030.

Reducing risk

Cash transfers plus care halve HIV risk behaviours in South African adolescents.

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Our writers are reporting the latest research presented at the AIDS 2014.

TB treatment

Novel TB regimen could reduce treatment duration.

Human rights

Globally, 1 in 12 MSM have been arrested for same-sex behaviour.

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Recession and income inequality have fuelled HIV infections in European drug users.

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Tweets from AIDS 2014

  • “HIV is unfinished business, and we must step up the pace or people will die.” – Jessica Whitbread of ICW. #AIDS2014 #CandlelightVigil22 Jul 2014 09:24
  • "We cannot ignore the disproportionate burden of HIV on women." - Teresia Otieno #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 09:22
  • new UN report: 14 M people are now on ART. 4 m more than 2012. shows significant progress in treatment acceleration.#AIDS201422 Jul 2014 09:19
  • Candlelight vigil starting soon at #AIDS2014 - Remembering lives lost due to #HIV #AIDS, while looking forward to a world free of the virus22 Jul 2014 09:05
  • Bob Grant on PrEP adherence: calls for formal guidance for ppl on how to "stop" PrEP -- i.e., how to safely take it intermittently #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 08:58
  • Bob Grant at #AIDS2014: Data from iPrEx OLE shows that "adherence [to daily PrEP] has to be good but not perfect" #prep #realworld22 Jul 2014 08:52
  • BGrant: this work was made possible by participants and communities who believed this research could improve their lives #iPrEXOLE #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 08:50
  • And the adolescents ask the question that my families in Kenya always ask: "When is the cure for HIV coming??" #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 08:49
  • #AIDS2014 protest march today was made up of my people. NOT those in suits with bar coded tags. @AIDS_conference @VACorg22 Jul 2014 08:46
  • Just back from human rights march @#aids2014. Gr8t 2 see humanity in all diversity united behind goal of ending aids by 203022 Jul 2014 08:47
  • Gracia Violeta Ross: we can't rate vulnerability- need discourse that is equitable. #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 08:37
  • 16 portrait sessions so far, who will be next? If you're 50+ living positive & in #Melbourne this week, visit us > #AIDS2014 #globalvillage22 Jul 2014 08:29
  • Overall PrEP effectiveness in iPrEx OLE study 50%, but 100% in those taking four or more doses a week #AIDS201422 Jul 2014 08:13
  • In order to reach a world without AIDS, cannot stress enough the importance of human rights and health equity. #aids201421 Jul 2014 06:05
  • What is needed to 'step up the pace' on HIV prevention and treatment? #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 05:50
  • Today I am celebrating all those at #AIDS2014 working in #HIV research, care, prevention globally! #thankyall21 Jul 2014 05:40
  • Novel TB regimen could reduce treatment duration #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 05:50
  • SexWorkers speak with experience, dont silence us, dont speak on our behalf #stigmakills #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 05:39
  • Significantly less syphilis in female partners of circumcised men #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 05:50
  • MT @tballiance: Tony Fauci: We've maintained TB funding over the last 10 yrs even though everything else has gone down #AIDS2014 #TBHIV #TB21 Jul 2014 04:30
  • I just need to look around me in #AIDS2014 to recharge my motivation and commitment. Extraordinary people!21 Jul 2014 04:26
  • TELL US: If you could have one thing raised at #AIDS2014 international conference this week, what would it be?21 Jul 2014 04:24
  • #AIDS2014 Are you at the 2014 AIDS Conference? If so, let us know what you're learning!21 Jul 2014 04:14
  • AbbVie 3D regimen cures most genotype 1 HCV in people with HIV and HCV co-infection #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 04:16
  • 14m people living with #HIV now accessing life-saving anti retroviral drugs. @MichelSidibe of @UNAIDS confirms at @AIDS_conference #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 04:06
  • One tenth of 1 year’s drug enforcement spending would cover global HIV prevention for people who inject drugs for 4 years #AIDS2014 #10by2021 Jul 2014 03:20
  • Sofosbuvir + ribavirin cures hepatitis C for more than 80% of people with HIV and HCV co-infection #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 02:43
  • Panel discussion on #prep is interesting, but it'd be good to hear from #prep users instead #aids2014 @onekind21 Jul 2014 12:31
  • Turns out we already have the tools to control HIV and dramatically reduce its incidence #aids201421 Jul 2014 12:08
  • Recession and income inequality have fuelled HIV infections in European drug users #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 12:08
  • #AIDS2014 a great networking experience.21 Jul 2014 12:06
  • PreP.'Useful to some people in some contexts some of the time...Who, when and where is the matter.'Aggleton. #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 11:56
  • #AIDS2014 UTD: Must find balance: reward R&D/innovation but allow breakthru drug access without breaking house and health system budgets21 Jul 2014 10:00
  • New #HIV infections among children 0-14yo declined globally by 40% from 2009-2013. #progress #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 10:00
  • Decisive opening statement by @BrendaWaning : sofosbuvir could potentially overtake Lipitor as the best-selling drug of all time #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 09:59
  • #rightnow #AIDS2014 #SEXWORK "Sex Worker Only Peer Education Outreach Training Session" Clarendon #globalvillage Jul 2014 09:57
  • Could we have eliminated smallpox if it had been as expensive as Hep C treatment? @BrendaWaning on eliminating Hep C #AIDS2014 @UNITAID21 Jul 2014 09:57
  • #AIDS2014 #YKP2014 Young #PWID often inject #drugs in group - sometimes the youngest one being the last one to use the syringe.21 Jul 2014 09:54
  • Help us have policy makers acknowledge the high demand 4 #FemaleCondoms. Come & #Dance4demand with us on July 24th,1.30pm @WNZ2014 #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 09:54
  • Now at session on young key populations. I will be talking on non injectable use of drugs and sexual behaviors, if ur interested. #aids201421 Jul 2014 09:52
  • I've been trying to reduce #qanda consumption of late, but who can ever pass up the chance to listen to @HonMichaelKirby? Not me. #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 09:49
  • Inspiring examples of integrated HIV and health programs at #AIDS2014 responding to complex health needs21 Jul 2014 09:45
  • Dennis Altman: must acknowledge that the panel is not representative of the global HIV epidemic #culturalimpactofaids #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 09:26
  • One in 9 girls in developing countries is married before age 15 & has little or no say in her sexual experiences or sexual health. #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 09:24
  • Glorious hearing others in the What sustains you? workshop talking about the affective impacts of passion and the work we do #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 08:24
  • Impact of Xpert on treatment initiation and outcomes depends on well functioning health systems; tool alone not enough #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 08:24
  • Multiple factors impact on HIV risk behavior, including physical and emotional abuse, poverty, and hunger. #AIDS2014 @worldywca21 Jul 2014 08:24
  • TB is the leading cause of death (for all people) in South Africa! High expectations for #AIDS2016 to place > emphasis on TB #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 08:15
  • #AIDS2014 #stigma sigma reduction tools can be used as part of health systems strengthening. @lauranyblade21 Jul 2014 08:09
  • Some good news in TB treatment- phase 2b trial results of 8 week three drug regimen presented at #AIDS201421 Jul 2014 08:07

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