ВИЧ, Здоровье и Общество

HIV, health and your community: 2006 edition

‘HIV, Health and Your Community: A Guide for Action’ was developed by Dr Reuben Granich and Dr Jonathan Mermin as an accessible guide for community health and primary health workers in settings where resources were limited but the challenge of HIV was immense. You can download the Russian translation of the guide below. (You can find the English version of this edition in the resources section of our website.)

After a decade in print, the authors are now partnering with NAM to develop and publish a new edition.

NAM is making the 2006 edition available for download but we have highlighted where sections may now be out of date due to advances in treatment and care.

Find out more about this resource and what people have said about previous editions.

This translation was made possible with the generous financial support and assistance of the Los Altos Rotary Club.