• South Africa: First-ever successful prosecution for 'HIV exposure' upheld as attempted murder by Pretoria High Court http://t.co/Vin7xMB2wU 14 Aug 2013
  • RT @ProfWetpaint: Hep C phylogenentics in court (prosecution of anesthetist in Spain): http://t.co/Dmml2ZXZak 23 Jul 2013
  • US: House Appropriations C'ttee passes amendment that would fund review of HIV-specific criminal laws http://t.co/QEGBKoWuQb #HIVisnotacrime 19 Jul 2013
  • UK: NAT (National AIDS Trust) produces new guide for police on occupational exposure to HIV http://t.co/C8sqhtGuQ1 19 Jul 2013
  • UK: NAT (National AIDS Trust) produces new guide for police on occupational exposure to HIV 19 Jul 2013
  • Canada:Expert witness likens risk of male performing oral sex on female with HIV to “getting hit by a falling piano” http://t.co/tHo3FQmhHX 19 Jul 2013
  • Uganda: Activists reject mandatory HIV tests, disclosure without consent in proposed HIV Prevention and Control Bill http://t.co/jmMmLcwKm4 19 Jul 2013
  • Uganda: Parliamentary Committee considers controversial criminal law amendments to 2010 Prevention of HIV/AIDS Bill http://t.co/viOousvvZr 19 Jul 2013
  • Canada: HIV non-disclosure prosecutions "out of all proportion and profoundly unjust" by @AIDSLAW ED http://t.co/bjfEQ2WVmz (correct link) 10 Jul 2013
  • Canada: HIV non-disclosure prosecutions are "out of all proportion and profoundly unjust" by @AIDSLAW ED http://t.co/7gUmDyDHNk #HIVCan 10 Jul 2013
  • "An incredible resource on HIV criminalization->@HIVJusticeNet This issue concerns us ALL..." Thank you for the endorsement @zoemavroudi 09 Jul 2013
  • Canada: Halifax prosecutor claims HIV seroconversion can take up to 10 years following sexual exposure http://t.co/MpBJFN6hr2 #HIVignorance 08 Jul 2013
  • Greece: Scientists and human rights campaigners condemn reinstatement of Provision 39A allowing forced HIV testing http://t.co/hTbKEo0AXY 08 Jul 2013
  • US: Nushawn Williams loses civil confinement hearing, will remain in custody for life http://t.co/fLccyRo9YP #noHIVjustice 04 Jul 2013
  • RT @joeamon: #Greece: Repeal Abusive Health Regulation http://t.co/tnDRpvU9NK #HIV forced testing, detention 04 Jul 2013
  • RT @zoemavroudi: Greek Center 4Disease Control @keelpno_gr announced it supports law that led to forced tests of HIV+drug users.Its twitter… 04 Jul 2013
  • RT @condommonologue: #HIV nondisclosure law has not kept up w/ scientific advancements on HIV transmission. Must c free film PositiveWomen … 04 Jul 2013
  • RT @TheSeroProject: HIV Criminalization Poses a Serious Threat to Transgender Health http://t.co/X8zSwXP6Nb 04 Jul 2013
  • Video, slides, resources now available from last week's HIV criminalisation webinar on the US REPEAL Act http://t.co/sQImQGjyPy 04 Jul 2013
  • Greece: New health minister reinstates forced HIV testing law weeks after the former ministerial decree was repealed http://t.co/zF72fVSCaH 04 Jul 2013
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