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  • Self-testing and home testing
    Thailand: Self-test kits for HIV now available at pharmacies
    The Nation | 14 hours ago

    Thanks to the latest move by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), people no longer have to visit a medical centre to undergo an HIV test. If they are worried that they may be infected, people can just buy a self-test kit from a pharmacy and check on their own.

  • Employment
    South Korea’s HIV testing of foreign teachers challenged in compensation claim
    South China Morning Post | 14 hours ago

    Lisa Griffin is seeking one year’s lost wages of US$21,000 because her contract was not renewed in 2009 after she refused to be tested for the disease. But the government says the testing was legal and proportionate, and that the statute of limitations has already expired.

  • HIV treatment for children and young people
    U.S. Revises Pediatric HIV Treatment Guidelines
    Poz | 14 hours ago

    Changes include new information about risks associated with Tivicay during pregnancy and a removal of older drugs owing to toxicities.

  • Harm reduction
    The Explainer: Why haven't any supervised drug injection centres opened in Ireland?
    The Journal | 15 hours ago

    In this episode of The Explainer,‘s Cormac Fitzgerald and Christine Bohan delve into the current situation around supervised drug injection centres in Ireland, how Irish politicians have lagged behind on drug policy, the concerns expressed around opening the pilot scheme in Dublin city centre, as well as the facts behind their effectiveness. Listen via Soundcloud below or tap the buttons to listen on iOS or Android.

  • Government, leadership and policy
    Trump has Vowed to End the HIV/AIDS Epidemic. His Court Picks Have Other Ideas.
    Daily Beast | 16 hours ago

    Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is currently on a media swing touting the Trump Administration’s pledge to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030. But given the administration’s actions to create a federal judiciary wholly inhospitable to both accessible health care and the LGBTQ community, this is breathtaking hypocrisy—and Azar should know it.

  • Condoms and lubricant
    Nobody Uses Dental Dams
    The Atlantic | 16 hours ago

    Since dental dams were adopted by safe-sex advocates in the 1980s, science has shown that HIV is practically impossible to transmit between women, and dental dams were more a product of AIDS panic than of genuine medical necessity. But dental dams are still around, even if not because of consumer demand.

  • Ethnic and cultural minorities
    HIV infection rates in New South Wales hit record low, but there are concerns
    Sydney Morning Herald | 16 hours ago

    The number of new HIV cases in NSW has dropped to their lowest level since 1984, but NSW Health would not say whether it will hit its target of "virtually" eliminating the disease by 2020.

  • Mental and emotional health problems
    Study uncovers why bisexual Australians suffer poorer mental health
    Q News | 17 hours ago

    The world’s largest study of bisexual people to date, led by La Trobe University in Melbourne, has examined why bisexual Australians experience higher rates of psychological distress than their heterosexual and homosexual peers.

  • Side-effects
    A Promising Anti-HIV Drug Poses A Dilemma
    NPR | 17 hours ago

    The anti-HIV drug dolutegravir is effective — but may carry a risk for pregnant women. While women in wealthy countries are given choices about their medical care, for women in poor countries the situation is different. There aren't enough doctors and nurses to explain the risks and benefits of the new drug to every patient. The country may not have the resources to keep supplies of two different drugs on the shelves. And there is no consistent access to effective birth control.

  • Health services and systems
    Thousands feared at risk after Mexico reforms HIV+ regime
    Reuters | 18 April 2019

    Thousands of Mexicans living with HIV or at risk of infection could be left without life-saving services after the government changed the way it funds treatment, according to public health experts and LGBT+ rights advocates.

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