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KENYA: Help HIV-positive children in pain, urges HRW

A new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the Kenyan government needs to do more to provide palliative care for children with chronic illnesses, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

09 September 2010
IRIN Plus News
HIV+ suspect 4-yr-old girl sent out of school in India

A four-year old child of HIV-positive parents was forced from school in Anantapur by parents of other pupils this week.

25 August 2010
Times of India
Adolescents living with HIV face complex psychosocial concerns: require targeted, comprehensive services

As the number of young people living with HIV increases internationally, new and innovative ways to talk about sex, disclosure, and health need to be developed for

20 July 2010
Mara Kardas-Nelson
High rate of mother-to-child HIV transmission in St Petersburg

The overall mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) rate among HIV-positive women in St. Petersburg, Russia was 6.3%, a three-year study has revealed; the shorter the duration of

31 March 2010
Carole Leach-Lemens
Growing pains

Why ageing with HIV isn’t just a concern for the over 50s, by Edwin J Bernard.

01 December 2008
HIV treatment update
The management of childhood pneumonia in settings with a high burden of HIV (part 2)

This article reviews the optimisation of pneumonia care in children with HIV, task-shifting and integration of services in order to expand care, and palliative aspects

16 May 2008
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