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High court hears test case about Godfrey Zaburoni's intent to transmit HIV

Lawyers for acrobat, who is appealing his conviction of intentionally transmitting HIV, argue lies and non-disclosure about HIV status does not prove criminal intent.

11 February 2016
The Guardian
HIV Outbreak In Indiana: DEA Arrests 10 People Tied To Disease Spread, Warns Against Prescription Painkillers

On Feb. 5, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Indiana announced the arrest of ten individuals who collectively orchestrated the distribution of drugs, primarily prescription painkillers and methamphetamine, to Scott County. The painkiller pills were then ground up and used intravenously. From there, it’s believed the sharing of HIV-infected needles spurned an outbreak; while Scott Country previously had an average of less than 10 new HIV cases annually, the last 13 months has seen 188 new cases.

09 February 2016
Medical Daily
HIV Criminalization Laws Disproportionately Punish People of Color

This National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, February 7, BETA explores the controversy surrounding HIV criminalization laws. The stigma and medically-inaccurate fear that these laws propagate have negative consequences for all … Read More →

05 February 2016
BETA blog
Criminal laws on HIV transmission make little difference to sexual behaviour – or may make condomless sex more likely

A study comparing the sexual behaviour of American gay men living in states with or without laws that criminalise HIV transmission has found very little variation by

01 February 2016
Roger Pebody
Scottish Police Are Investigating A Man Suspected Of Exposing People To HIV

A man has been sending abusive WhatsApp messages saying he didn’t use a condom. Four people have received them. One of these men, who is now HIV-positive, told BuzzFeed News his story.

26 January 2016
BuzzFeed News
Jailed: HIV positive homeless man sent to prison after spitting into mouth of charity worker

A HIV positive homeless man who spat into the mouth of a charity worker who was helping rough sleepers in the city centre has been jailed.

04 January 2016
Manchester Evening News
Man With HIV Gets Prison Time, Again, for Unprotected Sex

A Pennsylvania man with H.I.V. was sentenced on Wednesday to 33 to 66 months in prison for having unprotected sex with three women without telling them about his condition, the second time he has been imprisoned for the offense.

27 December 2015
New York Times
Personal Trainer Jailed For Passing On HIV

A personal trainer who infected two women with HIV after lying to them about his condition and claiming he was allergic to condoms has been jailed for five years. It is only the third time a UK jury has convicted someone for the offence. The last time was in 2004.

11 December 2015
Sky News
Medic at Center of Cambodian HIV Outbreak Sentenced to 25 Years

Yem Chrin, the 56-year-old village medic who has been blamed for spreading HIV to more than 270 residents of rural Roka commune in Battambang province, was sentenced to 25 years in prison Thursday morning.

03 December 2015
The Cambodia Daily
Moral responsibilities to disclose your HIV status to partners aren’t so clear-cut

Sexual ethics is an area prone to strongly felt moral intuitions. We saw this play out in the good, bad and sometimes ugly commentary following Charlie Sheen’s public disclosure of his HIV status. But just how much disclosure is it reasonable to expect from a sex partner, particularly if that relationship isn’t a serious and committed one?

01 December 2015
The Conversation
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