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Gates Foundation funds female condoms and Trojan cows

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced funding for several projects which are attempting to reinvent the condom. The proposals focus on changing the materials or surface texture of existing condoms, with several suggestions of finding a way to make it more closely mimic human skin, the use of soft, pliant silicone and the use of polyester, which would be not only be a thinner, but more eco-friendly option.

06 June 2014
Activists sound alarm on tiered drug prices

On 13 May, a coalition of 220 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) condemned a proposal from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria that promotes ‘tiered pricing’, in which drug companies offer the same medicines at vastly different prices in different countries.

22 May 2014
UNITAID approves grants of $160 million, for hepatitis C, MDR-TB and malaria drugs

Breakthrough new medicines for hepatitis C and drug-resistant TB and largest-yet global programme for seasonal malaria chemoprevention to be made available for low- and middle-income countries as part of $160 million of new grants funded by UNITAID

07 May 2014
Gates Foundation seeks to merge science and delivery of global health

Everyone knows that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation likes technology, inventing new things and helping others find innovative ways to fight diseases that afflict those living in the poorest parts of the world. But what the philanthropy hasn’t done, say some of its critics, is invest much time, attention or money in dealing with some of the more fundamental – and complex – drivers of poverty, disease and inequity

06 May 2014
Civil society sharply criticizes UNAIDS for supporting Russia’s deadly HIV policies

UNAIDS is sponsoring the Eastern European and Central Asian AIDS Conference (EECAAC), to be held in Moscow next month. “Russian authorities openly reject human rights and evidence based approaches to HIV prevention and treatment among key affected populations (KAP) of people who use drugs, MSM, sex workers. Since UNAIDS being the co-chair and sponsor of EECAAC, never contradicted these statements, we can only state that UNAIDS is in the full agreement with them,” said Anya Sarang, president of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation.

29 April 2014
Andrey Rylkov Foundation (press release)
New CEO takes the reins at the Gates Foundation

Susan Desmond-Hellmann takes charge of an organisation hungry for accelerated returns on its game-changing investments in global health.

25 April 2014
The Lancet
While HIV aid drops, overall global health spending shows “enduring support”

While development assistance to middle and low-income countries for global health reached an all-time high last year, assistance for “the main infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, contracted on the whole,” according to the Financing Global Health 2013: Transition in an Age of Austerity report published by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

22 April 2014
Science Speaks
Abolishing HIV in Rwanda

The achievement of universal HIV coverage in one African country, Rwanda, has resulted in HIV diagnoses more than halving and annual incidence falling by 90%, the 2014 Treatment

16 April 2014
Gus Cairns
Egypt: New Treatments May Defuse Viral Hepatitis Time Bomb

Egypt is said officially to have the highest prevalence of hepatitis C in the world, with 10 to 14 percent of its 85 million people infected, and about two million in dire need of treatment. The Egyptian government recently struck a deal with U.S. pharmaceutical firm Gilead Sciences to purchase its new hepatitis C pill Sovaldi at a fraction of its American price.

10 April 2014
Inter Press Service
Global Fund And Tiered Medicines Pricing Under Debate

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has launched an initiative with other agencies aimed at expanding global access to health products such as medicines. But the Fund has had some explaining to do about the initiative, which some say could encompass a plan to allow different prices based on national income levels.

08 April 2014
Intellectual Property Watch

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