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Four in ten people diagnosed with HIV in Europe are migrants

Nearly four out of every ten people with HIV in the European Economic Area (EEA) is a migrant to the country in which they are diagnosed,

24 June 2015
Gus Cairns
African scientists on anti-homosexuality laws: Criminalization harms public health

Report details how criminalization and discrimination against sexual minorities fuels spread of infectious diseases among general populations as well as among men who have sex with men.

12 June 2015
Science Speaks
South Africa: Almost 10 percent of HIV-positive women report forced sterilisation

South Africa’s first national HIV stigma index has found that seven percent of HIV-positive women surveyed reported being sterilised against their will and about 40 percent reported contraception was a pre-requisite of accessing antiretrovirals (ARVs).

10 June 2015
Michael Gove to proceed with Tories' plans to scrap human rights act

Newly appointed justice secretary to follow through with pledge which would remove European court of human rights’ leverage over UK’s supreme court

11 May 2015
The Guardian
Methadone Quixote: The Battle for Harm Reduction in Russia

Methadone substitution therapy has been approved by the United Nations and widely used to treat drug addiction in many countries worldwide. In Russia, however, it remains illegal. In response to applications filed with the European Court of Human Rights by three Russian drug users alleging that the ban on methadone therapy in Russia amounts to torture and ill-treatment, Russia is trying to suppress the “methadone” applications to the ECtHR at the domestic as well as international level by mounting its pressure on the three applicants.

07 May 2015
European Court of Justice justifies some bans on donated gay blood

Lifetime bans on gay men donating blood may be justified as long as authorities have no access to “less onerous” methods of keeping blood supplies free from sexual infections, according to a ruling from the EU’s highest court.

01 May 2015
Financial Times
HIV and the general election - what we should be talking about

The National AIDS Trust and HIV Scotland have joined together to identify the key priorities for the new Parliament which will reduce HIV transmission and improve the lives of people living with HIV across the UK.

15 April 2015
NAT press release
Thai junta may pass law banning men who have sex with men from monkhood

The junta cabinet in Thailand has approved a bill on religion which can be used to prosecute, with jail terms, people who propagate ‘incorrect’ versions of Buddhist doctrines or cause harm to Buddhism. The bill also posts jail terms specifically for homosexual monks.

11 March 2015
Prachatai. org
Emirati man with HIV held for more than a decade at health facility

An Emirati man with HIV has been waiting 16 years to be released from a government clinic because his family won’t give their consent. The centre stipulates that a family member must consent to Mr Al Mazrouei’s release.

04 March 2015
The National
Taiwan drops ban on HIV-positive entrants

Foreigners with HIV are no longer banned from entering, staying or residing in the nation, after amendments to the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act were passed yesterday by the legislature. The amendments include the removal of Article 18, which stipulated that people of foreign nationalities were subject to a request for a recent HIV test report if they wished to remain in the nation for more than three months and could be deported or have their visas and permits annulled if the test result was positive.

21 January 2015
Taipei Times
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