HIV prevention news: Europe

NAM is launching a new monthly bulletin that covers HIV prevention news and research in Europe, and of relevance to Europe.

Our new email bulletin aims to strengthen your knowledge of the new prevention options and bring you the latest HIV prevention news and research.

Community organisations, HIV advocates, clinicians and counsellors across Europe work with people living with HIV and people at risk of HIV infection. These practitioners have a key role to play in supporting people at risk of acquiring HIV, or transmitting HIV, to understand their options and the implications of new research.

HIV prevention has been evolving rapidly in recent years, with landmark research developments in new prevention technologies and approaches, including HIV treatment as prevention, pre-exposure prophylaxis, expanded testing programmes and advocacy for proven approaches that remain unprovided, such as syringe and needle exchange and condoms in prisons.

As well as research from Europe, we’ll cover international studies that are relevant for people working on HIV prevention.

Each monthly issue will include:

  • Short summaries of the most important developments
  • Links to more detailed news stories and research reports
  • Links to background material
  • A selection of news stories from other high-quality sources.

We are initially offering the bulletin in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

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Issue #25 - February 2015

  • Gay men’s project in Russia and Hungary boosts condom use: may have brought down HIV rate
  • US researchers publish estimate of condom effectiveness in anal sex
  • HIV is becoming more virulent over time in Europe
  • Most HIV in gay men passed between younger, undiagnosed partners who know each other
  • Gay men are better at predicting when they won’t have sex than when they will
  • The most effective HIV prevention method for teenage girls in Africa? Keep them in school.
  • Other recent news headlines
  • Editors' picks from other sources
  • Work in HIV? We need your help!
  • HIV prevention bulletin
  • Acknowledgements

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