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  • Cancer
    Therapeutic vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus type 16 (HPV16) tested in HIV-positive male patients
    ISA Pharmaceuticals press release | 16 September 2013

    ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on rationally designed, fully synthetic therapeutic vaccines against cancer and persistent viral infections, today announced the initiation of a Phase I/II clinical study of its lead candidate ISA101 in HIV-positive men suffering from anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN).

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Pat Robertson Loses Fight to Keep 'Gay AIDS Ring' Video Off The Internet
    Right Wing Watch | 16 September 2013

    You Tube has restored a video in which Pat Robertson, the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network and host of its flagship show the 700 Club, states that gay men wear special rings that cut the hands of people they meet in order to infect them with HIV/AIDS. The episode has revealed the lengths CBN will go to hide and censor the statements made by its own leader.

  • Treatment guidelines
    A new weapon in Myanmar's fight against HIV
    Al Jazeera | 16 September 2013

    A new $160m funding package will allow the country to treat all of its citizens affected by HIV/AIDS.

  • Medical procedures and other blood-borne exposure
    Gay Blood Donors Ban Endures In The U.S., Despite Lacking 'Sound Science'
    Huffington Post | 16 September 2013

    The U.S. gay-rights movement has achieved many victories in recent years – on marriage, military service and other fronts. Yet one vestige of an earlier, more wary era remains firmly in place: the 30-year-old nationwide ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    Kenya sees drop in HIV prevalence
    IRIN | 16 September 2013

    Kenya's HIV prevalence fell from 7.2 percent to 5.6 percent between 2007 and 2012, according to the preliminary results of the latest Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS), but officials fear that unless the country reduces its reliance on donor funding for its HIV programmes, these gains will not be sustainable.

  • History of HIV and AIDS
    Stephen Crohn, Who Furthered AIDS Study, Dies at 66
    New York Times | 16 September 2013

    The research based on Mr. Crohn’s immune system has led to advances in fighting H.I.V. A drug that blocks the CCR5 receptor, maraviroc, is now used to keep infection from spreading in patients who have contracted the virus. And in 2006, an AIDS patient in Berlin was effectively cured of the disease after receiving bone marrow transplants from a matching donor who had the delta 32 mutation.

  • Ageing and HIV
    'Quad' Pill OK for Older HIV Patients (CME/CE)
    MedPage Today HIV/AIDS | 16 September 2013

    A four-drug "quad” pill for HIV works as well in older patients as it does in those under 50, a researcher said.

  • Adherence
    Single HIV Pill More Likely to Foster Adherence (CME/CE)
    MedPage Today HIV/AIDS | 16 September 2013

    Veterans receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) were more likely to adhere to treatment and less likely to be hospitalized when taking a single versus multiple tablets, researchers reported here.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Zimbabwe: UNDP Moves to Avert ARV Shortage
    AllAfrica | 13 September 2013

    The United Nations Development Programme has resorted to airlifting 15 054 packs of anti-retroviral drugs in an effort to ease the drug shortages being experienced throughout the country.This is a desperate measure taken after Government came hard on the UN body for failure to make deliveries on agreed time frames, resulting in major stock outs throughout the country.

  • Changing treatment
    Switching From Efavirenz to Rilpivirine Combo Quells CNS Side Effects
    NATAP | 13 September 2013

    Swapping efavirenz-containing Atripla for rilpivirine-containing Complera (Eviplera in Europe) significantly lowered rates of central nervous system (CNS) side effects and sleep disturbances in a 40-person multicenter pilot trial.

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