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  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Just published: UNITAID HIV, TB and Malaria Medicines Landscape
    UNITAID | 02 February 2012

    This report describes the evolution of UNITAID's market niches and describes some current market shortcomings and the reasons for these shortcomings. It provides preliminary views on additional opportunities for UNITAID to create new markets, catalyse markets for underutilized products, and address market inefficiencies towards increased access to medicines.

  • TB treatment
    Enrollment complete for REMOX TB - global phase III clinical trial of new TB drugs
    TB Alliance | 02 February 2012

    The TB Alliance and its partners have completed patient enrollment in REMox TB, a global Phase III clinical trial, which may result in the registration of the first new drug approved for the treatment of drug-sensitive TB in nearly 50 years. REMox TB was designed to test whether a moxifloxacin-containing treatment regimen of just four months can cure drug-sensitive TB patients at rates that are non-inferior to those achieved with the standard six-month TB regimen.  In total, more than 1,900 patients were enrolled in REMox TB.

  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
    Tajikistan: LGBT Community Stuck in the Shadows | 02 February 2012

    Though Tajikistan’s criminal code does not prohibit homosexuality and homosexual relationships, LGBT individuals are still singled out for persecution by some officials. A 2011 report on sexual rights in Tajikistan co-written by a coalition of international LGBT rights groups, highlighted widespread police harassment. 

  • Global health initiatives
    Global Fund shake-up signals new direction
    IRIN Plus News | 02 February 2012

    The appointment of a new general manager, Gabriel Jaramillo, at the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis could be a "turning point" for the troubled organization, which has suffered from a funding crisis and allegations of corruption.

  • Discrimination and the law
    HIV-positive man who sued Atlanta gets new hearing
    Boston Globe | 02 February 2012

    A federal appeals court on Wednesday granted a new hearing to a 40-year-old man who claimed the Atlanta Police Department rejected his job application because he has HIV.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Same-Sex Couples Saved From HIV Disclosure Laws
    South Florida Gay News | 01 February 2012

    In Florida, if an HIV positive person knows that he is HIV positive and has been informed that HIV may be transmitted during sexual intercourse, and has sexual intercourse with any other person without disclosing his HIV status, it can be prosecuted. But courts are ruling that the statute cannot be applied to same-sex couples.

  • Policy
    HIV/AIDS in Germany
    WTOP | 01 February 2012

    WTOP's Thomas Warren conducted research on the history of HIV in Germany, including the governmental policies aimed at handling the disease and how the virus is treated medically. As we continue our series, he takes a look at the German system and how it compares to the U.S.

  • TB diagnosis
    TANZANIA: Good results in programme to boost TB detection
    IRIN PlusNews | 01 February 2012

    A pilot community programme to improve TB detection in northern Tanzania has shown good results and could be replicated nationwide as the country seeks to improve its TB treatment and prevention systems.

  • Drug-resistant TB
    Fear-Resistance: How Worried Should We Be about "Totally Drug-Resistant" Tuberculosis?
    Scientific American | 01 February 2012

    An Indian clinic's claim of totally untreatable TB ignited public fears, but experts say poor disease management is the real threat

  • Side-effects
    Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS wants ARV D4T phased out
    Daily Times | 01 February 2012

    Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (Manet+) has expressed concern over the delay by government in completely phasing out antiretroviral (ARVs) with stavudine (D4T), a drug which is believed to have more negative side effects.

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