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  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Telaprevir shows promise in black patients with genotype 1 HCV
    Healio | 12 March 2013

    Preliminary data presented here at the 2013 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections show that combination telaprevir treatment may be effective in black null responder patients with chronic genotype 1 hepatitis C.

  • Sexually transmitted infections
    Outbreaks and incidents relating to sexually transmitted or sexually transmissible infections in England
    Health Protection Agency | 11 March 2013

    Outbreak and incident management is a core element of sexual health commissioning and this briefing provides information on recent incidents across England and sets out recommendations for commissioners in local authorities.

  • Women
    In the Arab world, women aren't supposed to talk about sex - let alone enjoy it. But that might be changing.
    The Independent | 11 March 2013

    Politics, religion and sex are the three “red lines” of the Arab world: subjects you’re not supposed to tackle in word or deed. But just as people in countries across the region are busy contesting received wisdoms in politics, and are starting to challenge of the role of religion in public policy, I hope they will start asking them same hard questions of sexual life.

  • HIV prevention policy
    Comment: HIV policy has collapsed and gay men will not escape the legacy
    Pink News | 11 March 2013

    Against a backdrop of ever rising HIV infection rates and squeezed statutory funding, the wholly unrealistic expectations on Terrence Higgins Trust to change the UK’s current health prognosis concerning gay men and HIV is coming under renewed strain from both within and outside of the gay community. Regardless of whether it is appropriate or not, the failure to curb HIV infections is increasingly being dumped at the trust’s door.

  • Resistance
    Wide US Study Finds 16% With Newly Diagnosed HIV Carry Resistant Virus
    NATAP | 11 March 2013

    Just over 16% of US residents newly diagnosed with HIV infection in 10 metropolitan areas or states carried antiretroviral-resistant virus, according to a CDC study spanning the years 2007 to 2010.

  • Delivery of care
    HIV Care In Resource-Limited Setting Significantly Improved By Computerized Reminders
    HIV / AIDS News From Medical News Today | 11 March 2013

    A large randomized controlled study is among the first to rigorously demonstrate that health information technology can improve compliance with patient care guidelines by clinicians in resource-limited countries.

  • Prisoners
    Defusing Scotland's HIV prison timebomb
    Herald Scotland | 11 March 2013

    Twenty years after Glenochil’s notorious outbreak, Roy Kilpatrick looks at how progress has been made to help inmates.

  • Hepatitis C transmission and prevention
    England: lack of planning for hepatitis C services risks future chaos and huge healthcare costs
    Hepatitis C Trust press release | 11 March 2013

    New report finds that local authorities and NHS organisations need to prioritise hepatitis C now or risk missing a rare opportunity.

  • People and personal stories
    At home: Sir Nick Partridge
    Financial Times | 10 March 2013

    The head of the Terrence Higgins Trust talks about his ‘intense’ role and attitudes towards HIV and Aids.

  • Mental and emotional health
    HIV and the Power of Escape
    Huffington Post | 10 March 2013

    For the men of the AIDS Generation when death was an inevitability, sex and substances provided an escape, not only from the realities of AIDS, but also from the stigma and discrimination experienced by so many of us growing up as gay men.

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