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  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    Gilead Announces Sustained Virologic Response Rates from Two Phase 3 Studies of Sofosbuvir for Hepatitis C
    Gilead press release | 04 February 2013

    Gilead Sciences today announced topline results from two Phase 3 studies, FISSION and NEUTRINO, evaluating a 12-week course of the once-daily nucleotide sofosbuvir in combination with ribavirin (FISSION) and in combination with ribavirin and pegylated interferon (NEUTRINO) among treatment-naïve patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

  • History of HIV and AIDS
    Ed Koch and the Cost of the Closet
    The Nation | 04 February 2013

    Would the fight against AIDS been helped had Ed Koch come out of the closet? Possibly. But it definitely would have been better had he just been straight.

  • Vaccines
    Vaccine group funds cervical cancer immunizations for poor
    Reuters | 04 February 2013

    The GAVI global vaccines group is to help protect more than 180,000 girls in eight countries across Africa and Asia from cervical cancer by funding immunization projects with vaccines from Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

  • TB vaccine
    Data from Historic Phase IIb Clinical Trial for Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate MVA85A Published in The Lancet
    Aeras | 04 February 2013

    Vaccine candidate did not provide statistically-significant protection in preventing TB disease in infants previously vaccinated with BCG.

  • TB vaccine
    TB Vaccine Safe but Does Not Confer Protection, Calls for Redoubling Efforts on Global TB Vaccine Portfolio
    Aeras | 04 February 2013

    The clinical trial of the TB vaccine candidate MVA85A was a Phase IIb safety and efficacy trial in 2,797 infants living in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The candidate was safe and well tolerated in the population tested.

  • Tuberculosis and HIV
    Managing tuberculosis in people who use and inject illicit drugs
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization | 04 February 2013

    The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis among people who use illicit drugs have been neglected and require immediate attention. Open dialogue on policy in this area should be encouraged, and a coordinated programme response from stakeholders working in prisons and in harm reduction, HIV infection, hepatitis and tuberculosis services should be sought.

  • Young people
    UK: Sex education is in crisis
    The Guardian | 04 February 2013

    Sex education in our schools is shockingly inadequate, hit hard by cuts even though its benefits are proven

  • A Letter to HIV on the 16th Anniversary of My Diagnosis
    Speaking Up! blog | 04 February 2013

    I know that thanks to you I had to take a very good look at myself, and the world. I had to look straight in the eyes of death and illness. Thanks to you I stopped taking my life for granted. I had to ask difficult questions to myself. Recognise my fragilities, and my responsibilities. What was most painful: I had to question the possibility of love and intimacy.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    Matthew Todd: The roots of gay shame
    The Guardian | 04 February 2013

    News that HIV rates in gay men remain stubbornly high is depressingly predictable. There is an epidemic of chronic alcohol and drug misuse, fuelled by society's homophobia, which the Terrence Higgins Trust needs to get real about.

  • TB vaccine
    Revived search for a TB vaccine may be about to pay off
    Reuters | 04 February 2013

    After nearly 100 years, researchers could be on the verge of finding a vaccine that would eradicate tuberculosis infections, a scourge that kills 1.4 million people a year.

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