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  • How HIV works
    Small world: Study of HIV subtype’s global spread shows impacts of tourism, migration, policies
    Science Speaks | 23 January 2015

    The subtype that comprises 5 percent of HIV-1 infections globally traveled from Africa to Thailand where it was identified in 1989. From there, it spread around the world. Thailand's popularity as a tourist destination, including sex tourism, is one of the reasons.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Ahead of Obama visit, MSF warns US pressure on India could impact access to medicines for millions
    Medecins Sans Frontieres press release | 23 January 2015

    New intellectual property ‘think tank’ draft policy already showing alarming trend.

  • Cancer
    Low CD4 count, suboptimal HIV treatment linked to higher anal cancer risk | 23 January 2015

    People with HIV who experienced extensive immune deficiency or who used early antiretroviral drugs before the advent of combination highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in the mid-90s may be at greater risk for developing anal cancer, according to a retrospective analysis published in the January 28 edition of AIDS.

  • Injecting drug users
    Ukrainian drug addicts dying due to treatment ban, says UN
    The Guardian | 23 January 2015

    As many as 100 drug users in Crimea may have died since the peninsula was annexed by Russia, according to a top UN official, due to fact that the “substitution therapy” they were receiving from Ukrainian authorities being illegal under Russian law.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    HIV Rates Coming Down In Toronto Two Years In A Row
    Positive Lite | 23 January 2015

    Good news: In Canada’s largest city, new infection rates are finally on the way down, although not uniformly.

  • HIV prevention policy
    London HIV Prevention Programme media contracts announced
    London Councils | 21 January 2015

    Contracts have been awarded to a group of specialist media agencies (Team Enter, Manning Gottlieb, Carat) as part of the new London HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP) funded by London boroughs.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Merck discontinues Victrelis (boceprevir) voluntarily in the United States
    EATG | 21 January 2015

    Merck has decided to voluntarily discontinue the manufacture and distribution of Victrelis in the United States by December 2015.

  • Viral load
    Cepheid and FIND Announce European Approval of Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load
    Cepheid press release | 21 January 2015

    Cepheid and the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) today announced that Xpert® HIV-1 Viral Load, a quantitative test for measurement of the HIV-1 viral load in plasma, has achieved CE-IVD status under the European Directive on In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. The test runs on the Cepheid GeneXpert® System, the world's leading molecular diagnostic platform with over 7,500 systems deployed globally in both developed and emerging market countries.

  • Travel
    Taiwan drops ban on HIV-positive entrants
    Taipei Times | 21 January 2015

    Foreigners with HIV are no longer banned from entering, staying or residing in the nation, after amendments to the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act were passed yesterday by the legislature. The amendments include the removal of Article 18, which stipulated that people of foreign nationalities were subject to a request for a recent HIV test report if they wished to remain in the nation for more than three months and could be deported or have their visas and permits annulled if the test result was positive.

  • Resistance
    Exploring possible treatment options after virological failure with raltegravir
    CATIE | 21 January 2015

    In general, the integrase ihibitors raltegravir and dolutegravir have potent anti-HIV activity and have relatively few interactions with other drugs. However in clinical trials of raltegravir, strains of HIV that can resist raltegravir have emerged in up to 60% of heavily treatment-experienced people, and up to 8% of participants who have never taken HIV drugs before. A study in France of patients who had virologial failure to HIV therapy while taking raltegravir has found that 61% had HIV that was still susceptible to all integrase inhibitors. In cases where HIV was resistant to raltegravir, 14% were also resistant to dolutegravir.

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