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  • Epidemiology
    15% of gay men in the U.S. living with HIV, estimate researchers
    BETA blog | 24 June 2016

    Researchers at Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control recently released a report estimating the prevalence of HIV infections among men who have sex with men in the U.S.

  • Global health initiatives
    House subcommittee bill flat funds global HIV and TB
    Science Speaks | 23 June 2016

    In a year when global health leaders have projected a need to extend HIV and tuberculosis services to millions more people, a draft spending bill for the fiscal year beginning October 1 proposes keeping funding for global AIDS and tuberculosis programs and for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria exactly where it is.

  • Transgender people
    New Sex-positive Videos Showcase Transgender Health Issues
    BETA blog | 23 June 2016

    What are the sexual health decisions that transgender people face, and how do their decisions impact health and wellness? Decisions around PrEP, personal empowerment, dating and sex are explored in two new videos created in a partnership between Project Inform and Outshine NW. The videos were written, directed, facilitated and performed by transgender community members.

  • How HIV causes disease
    New study reveals how HIV enters cell nucleus
    Science Daily | 23 June 2016

    Scientists have solved a mystery that has long baffled HIV researchers: How does HIV manage to enter the nucleus of immune system cells? The discovery could lead to effective new drugs to treat HIV/AIDS.

  • Human rights
    Council LGBTI Conclusions are Trojan horse: legitimising homophobia
    EU Parliament Integroup on LGBT Rights | 22 June 2016

    Last Thursday, the Council of the European Union adopted its conclusions on LGBTI equality. It is the first time ever that the Council adopts a document addressing LGBTI equality. However, the document creates a potentially harmful novelty by including that in its activities on LGBTI equality the Commission should “fully respect . . . Member States’ national identities and constitutional traditions.”

  • Human rights
    All 28 EU member states reach consensus on LGBT rights for first time
    Pink News | 22 June 2016

    The 28 EU member states have reached a consensus on LGBT rights for the first time in European history. The Council of the European Union reached consensus on Friday on a Netherlands-backed agreement concerning women’s rights, gender equality and the protection of LGBTI people across the EU. For the first time ever, the 28 member states agreed at the Council to work against “any discrimination” against LGBT people, and to ramp up pan-European efforts on equality.

  • Confidentiality, consent and medical ethics
    Domestic Workers in Uganda Coerced Into HIV, STI Screenings
    Voice of America | 22 June 2016

    In Uganda, its common to bring women into households to help with chores such as cleaning, cooking and childcare. Yet many say that they have been coerced into undergoing screenings for HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Advocates say the testing is a harbinger of discrimination and even sexual exploitation.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    'It's Destroyed People's Lives': The Shocking Rise in Hepatitis C-Related Deaths
    VICE | 22 June 2016

    Hepatitis C is preventable and curable—but it now kills more Americans than any other disease. According to experts, stigma against intravenous drug users and sex workers may be to blame.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    What Do Gilead And Martin Shkreli Have In Common?
    Seeking Alpha | 22 June 2016

    The U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts issued Gilead a subpoena pursuant to donations to charities that help patients pay for drugs. Medicare prohibits drug makers from helping patients afford their copays. The investigation could result in a ban on donations to copay charities, a decline in Gilead's customer retention and/or a fall in revenue.

  • HIV and sex
    It gets better: Gay men aged over 65 have the happiest sex lives
    Gay Star News | 22 June 2016

    Gay and bi men aged over 65 are the happiest with their sex lives and, in general, satisfaction seems to grow with age. And there’s good news for anyone diagnosed with HIV too – you are just as likely to have a happy sex life as people who are HIV negative or don’t know their status. That’s according to the biggest sex survey of gay and bi men in England, out today.

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