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  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Statement of UNAIDS on news reports of a new HIV strain in the Philippines
    UNAIDS Asia-Pacific | 1 hour ago

    UNAIDS is concerned that media reports which make reference to HIV research in the Philippines are being interpreted as saying that there is a new and untreatable strain of the virus in the country. There is no new strain of HIV which has been found in the Philippines.

  • People and personal stories
    AIDS Researcher Top Candidate to Lead the C.D.C.
    New York Times | 19 March 2018

    Dr. Robert R. Redfield, a founder of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, is the leading candidate to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Global health initiatives
    UN official questions ethics of sexual misconduct victims in bizarre speech
    The Guardian | 19 March 2018

    UNAids chief takes aim at harassment whistleblowers and praises outgoing deputy accused of assault for taking the ‘high road’: Michel Sidibé, the director of UNAids, has attacked whistleblowers who raised concerns about the handling of a recent sexual harassment and assault case, apparently suggesting they lacked ethics and morals. Sidibé made disparaging remarks about employees who have spoken out, while praising as “courageous” the decision of his deputy, Luiz Loures, to step down following an unsubstantiated allegation of sexual harassment and assault.

  • People and personal stories
    The Kirby Institute mourns the passing of Kirby Institute Director, Professor David Cooper, AO
    Kirby Institute, UNSW | 19 March 2018

    Professor Cooper was internationally renowned, initiating ground-breaking, collaborative infectious disease research that has saved countless lives in Australia, and throughout the world. He was among the first responders when the HIV epidemic reached Australia in the early 1980s, and the inaugural director of the research centre, founded in 1986, that grew to become the Kirby Institute and established Australia’s ongoing global leadership in the fight against the global HIV epidemic.

  • People and personal stories
    Kirby Institute Director Professor David Cooper, AO, passes away
    Kirby Institute, UNSW | 19 March 2018

    The Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney is mourning the loss of our Director, Scientia Professor David Cooper, who passed away on Sunday afternoon after a short illness.

  • Hepatitis C transmission and prevention
    Hepatitis C Is More Common In Vietnam Vets, But Nobody Is Sure Why
    WUNC | 16 March 2018

    Some veterans say they contracted hepatitis from the "jet gun" that was used to immunize them in the Vietnam era, but researchers haven't proven that link.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Study: Shorter hepatitis C treatment effective in black patients | 16 March 2018

    An eight-week treatment regimen for hepatitis C is just as effective as the recommended 12 weeks in African-American patients, according to a Harvard study.

  • The search for a cure
    Gene Regulation May Overpower Hidden HIV Reserves
    Specialty Pharmacy Times | 16 March 2018

    New research published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests that an epigenetic mechanism that controls gene expression may draw HIV out of hiding and make it vulnerable to ART.

  • HIV and criminal law
    New Toolkit Supports Advocates in Using Media to Fight for HIV Justice
    HIV Justice Network | 15 March 2018

    When it comes to the widely misunderstood, complex issue of HIV criminalisation, media can be a powerful tool–or a blunt-force weapon. The purpose of a new critical media toolkit is to inform and equip global grassroots advocates who are engaged in media response to HIV criminalisation–and to demystify the practice of working with, and through, media to change the conversation around criminalisation.

  • PrEP
    Four Models of PrEP Service Provision to Enhance Access and Uptake
    The Body Pro | 15 March 2018

    In an article recently published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS), Kenneth Mayer, M.D., of the Fenway Institute and his co-authors analyzed the current state of PrEP implementation in the U.S. With attention to PrEP delivery in diverse settings and a concern for reducing health disparities, Mayer highlighted four evolving models to enhance PrEP access and uptake.

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