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  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    The HIV Treatment Pipeline
    Poz | 5 hours ago

    “Depending on when you test positive for HIV, you could be looking at up to eight decades of treatment,” says Tim Horn of Treatment Action Group. “We need drugs that are gentler, kinder, better and cheaper.”

  • History of HIV and AIDS
    Antiretrovirals: A Success Story
    Poz | 6 hours ago

    Celebrating 20 years of effective HIV treatment - how antiretrovirals have improved since 1996 and the developments we still need.

  • Recreational drug use
    What the Gay Men’s Sex Survey tells us about chemsex
    London Friend | 7 hours ago

    We especially welcome the survey findings as they include all-too rare data about the role of alcohol and drugs. Our work in our Antidote LGBT drug and alcohol service has been dominated by responding to chemsex needs in the past few years, but it’s been difficult to get a perspective on how widespread a problem it actually is. The Gay Men’s Sex Survey gives us some answers.

  • Telling people you have HIV
    At Sex Parties, PrEP Takes HIV Disclosure Off the Table
    BETA blog | 8 hours ago

    PrEP is changing the landscape of sex parties and other group sex events, helping to break down barriers between people who are positive and negative—and helping people who are HIV-negative stay that way.

  • PrEP
    Why We Should Pay for the Pill to Stop You Getting HIV
    Huffington Post | 27 June 2016

    Other events will be overshadowing today’s Gay Pride march in London, but one significant group on the parade is a bunch of HIV organisations and their fans marching, probably in blue, under the banner #United4PrEP - pre-exposure prophylaxis, the HIV pill to stop HIV.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Migration and maternity care - getting through the charging labyrinth
    Migrants' Rights Network | 27 June 2016

    Thousands of pounds in charges, complex rules and administrative errors mean many migrant women are missing essential maternity care. Maternity Action’s new advice service helps pregnant women get the care they need.

  • Epidemiology
    This interactive map shows where people with HIV live in the US — and it points to some distressing trends
    Business Insider | 27 June 2016

    The data comes from state and city health departments that collect this information on a local level, Dr. Patrick Sullivan, the project's lead researcher, told Business Insider. That way, it can be pulled into one, interactive map. "We use maps to find where a Starbucks is, or where to find a pharmacy, so people are really familiar with that interface," he said.

  • Structural factors
    More schooling reduces HIV risk. But by how much?
    PolitiFact | 27 June 2016

    There are any number of arguments for boosting the education of girls in poorer nations. A person who knows more, regardless of gender, tends to earn more. The children of mothers with more education often do better themselves. Senator Tim Kaine added another item to the list, claiming, "For every extra year that a girl stays in secondary school, her chance of getting infected with HIV/AIDS decreases by half."

  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    Gilead’s single tablet regimen Odefsey receives European marketing approval for HIV treatment
    PharmaBiz | 27 June 2016

    The European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Gilead Sciences' once-daily single tablet regimen (STR) Odefsey (emtricitabine 200 mg/rilpivirine 25 mg/tenofovir alafenamide 25 mg or R/F/TAF) for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in certain patients.

  • PrEP
    UK HIV charities make history in campaign for PrEP at Pride in London
    Gay Star News | 27 June 2016

    The biggest HIV, health and LGBTI sexual health charities united and marched together, for the first time, in their campaign to bring PrEP to the UK. The groups included Terrence Higgins Trust, National AIDS Trust, GMFA, METRO, 56 Dean Street, Positive East, Positive 21, Positively UK, London Friend Counselling, Naz, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Spectra, CliniQ, Barts Health NHS, HIV i-Base, and UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB).

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