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  • Sexually transmitted infections
    Rare Ocular Syphilis Strikes Six, Blinding Two, in Washington State
    AIDSMeds | 6 hours ago

    Washington State health officials have reported a cluster of rare syphilis infections of the eyes — detected in six people, two of them stricken blind. Three are HIV-positive.

  • Injecting drug users
    Half the picture – beyond drug overdose as a cause of death in opioid using people
    DrugScope | 11 hours ago

    While overdoses remain the largest cause of death in opioid users there are other causes which providers, commissioners and policy makers need to be conscious of particularly amongst older drug users, including liver disease, smoking related diseases, homicide and suicide.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Hepatitis C drug access: Europe is the new Africa
    HIV i-Base | 11 hours ago

    The remarkably high cure rates being reported with the newest hepatitis C drugs are only likely to be used by a tiny percentage of people who need them.

  • Promoting HIV testing
    HIV testing yields diagnoses in Kenya but few seek care
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 11 hours ago

    A sweeping effort in a rural region of Kenya to test all adults for HIV discovered 1,300 new infections, but few of the newly diagnosed people pursued treatment, a study in the journal Lancet HIV reports. Three years after the home-based counseling and testing campaign only 15 percent of the newly diagnosed people had engaged in care for their infection.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Petition: Equitable access to HCV drugs
    Petitionbuzz | 11 hours ago

    We, the undersigned, are organizations of people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV), HIV, and our allies. We believe in equitable access to life-saving treatment for all who need it. We write to express our indignation over Gilead’s pricing and licensing policies for the HCV drug, sofosbuvir.

  • Health problems
    Herpes zoster incidence higher among patients with HIV
    Healio | 12 hours ago

    Despite declining significantly in the era of ART, the incidence of herpes zoster [shingles] among patients with HIV was still three times that of the general population, according to data published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    PREZCOBIX™ (darunavir/cobicistat) approved in the U.S. for the treatment of adults living with HIV-1
    Janssen press release | 12 hours ago

    Combined fixed-dose tablet of darunavir and cobicistat can help reduce number of pills in a combination antiretroviral treatment regimen.

  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Evotaz™ (atazanavir and cobicistat) for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults
    Bristol-Myers Squibb press release | 12 hours ago

    Evotaz is coformulated to be one pill, once-daily, combining the protease inhibitor atazanavir, which is marketed as Reyataz (atazanavir 200 mg/300 mg) capsules, and cobicistat, a pharmacokinetic enhancer marketed by Gilead Sciences, Inc.

  • HIV prevention policy
    Interview - Asia needs more cash, campaigns, law changes to end HIV epidemic - U.N
    Reuters | 29 January 2015

    The Asia-Pacific region will not meet the goal of ending the HIV epidemic in 15 years unless it changes laws and attitudes hostile to people living with HIV, the head of the United Nations agency on AIDS said on Wednesday.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Study Finds HIV Drugs Priced Out of Reach
    New York Times | 29 January 2015

    Drugs to treat H.I.V. and AIDS are being priced out of reach for many patients enrolled in insurance plans through the new health care exchanges, despite warnings that such practices are illegal under the Obama administration's health care law.

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