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  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Drugmakers warn Greek medicine supply "may be in jeopardy"
    Reuters | 14 hours ago

    Drugmakers said on Monday they would continue to ship medicines to Greece in coming weeks, despite mounting unpaid bills, but warned supplies could be in jeopardy if Europe did not take emergency action.

  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission
    Cuba stamps out mother-to-child HIV
    BBC Health | 14 hours ago

    Cuba has successfully eliminated mother-to-child transmission of both HIV and syphilis, the World Health Organization says.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    National study finds life-threatening barriers in access to breakthrough drugs
    Eurekalert | 30 June 2015

    Most states violate federal Medicaid law because they deny coverage for sofosbuvir, a new and highly effective treatment to cure hepatitis C, according to Lynn E. Taylor, M.D., director of The Miriam Hospital's HIV/Viral Hepatitis Coinfection Program. Taylor's team of researchers examined Medicaid policies for hepatitis C virus treatment using sofosbuvir and found that most should change policy to improve access to the treatment.

  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    FDA is Sued by Advocacy Groups That Want Gilead Hepatitis C Trial Data
    Wall Street Journal (blog) | 29 June 2015

    Specifically, the groups hope to learn about different responses that different patients experienced during clinical trials. Tracy Swan of Treatment Action Group points to relapses in a Harvoni clinical trial that occurred only among African-Americans. The groups also want to perform an independent analysis of poor prognostic factors among people who were not cured in order to identify a patient profile.

  • Microbicides
    Researchers complete ASPIRE Phase III trial of vaginal ring for HIV prevention in women
    Eurekalert Medicine & Health | 29 June 2015

    In a first for HIV prevention, researchers have completed follow-up of participants in a pivotal Phase III trial that tested a vaginal ring for preventing HIV in women. The ring, which contains the ARV dapivirine, is meant to be worn for a month at a time. More than 2,600 African women took part in ASPIRE, one of two Phase III trials designed to support potential licensure of the ring. Results are expected early 2016.

  • Finance and funding
    Launch of innovative HIV prevention fund
    Public Health England press release | 29 June 2015

    Public Health England is encouraging all voluntary organisations to apply for national funding to enable innovative HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) projects across England.

  • Structural factors
    More secondary schooling reduces HIV risk
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 29 June 2015

    Longer secondary schooling substantially reduces the risk of HIV infection -- especially for girls -- and could be a very cost-effective way to halt the spread of the virus, according to researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In a study in Botswana, researchers found that, for each additional year of secondary school, students lowered their risk of HIV infection by 8 percentage points about a decade later, from 25 percent to about 17 percent infected.

  • HIV prevention policy
    What Preventing HIV in Babies Can Tell Us about Preventing HIV in Adults
    BETA blog | 29 June 2015

    Between 1991 and 2010, a massively successful public health strategy reduced the number of babies born in the U.S. with HIV from over 1500 in a year to just over 150. Those engaged in the fight against HIV should look to and learn from the successes and experiences of perinatal HIV transmission prevention efforts.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Adding ribavirin to Harvoni for hepatitis C increases side effects but not efficacy | 29 June 2015

    Combining sofosbuvir/ledipasvir (Harvoni) with ribavirin was associated with a greater likelihood of adverse events and laboratory abnormalities, but did not significantly increase the chances of sustained response for genotype 1 chronic hepatitis patients compared to sofosbuvir/ledipasvir alone.

  • PrEP
    Pride in London: NHS to come under pressure to provide 'miracle' HIV prevention pill
    The Independent | 27 June 2015

    Campaigners from the Terrence Higgins Trust will carry placards calling on the Government to have pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) made freely available on the NHS as an HIV prevention strategy for gay men.

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