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  • Treatment guidelines
    START findings highlight treatment divide
    Science Speaks | 4 hours ago

    The START data show that basing treatment initiation on immune cell count is a form of rationing. But whether, how soon, and even how the findings will change clinical practice is another question.

  • Global health initiatives
    The HIV 'emergency' isn't over, says PEPFAR chief
    Devex | 4 hours ago

    Ambassador Deborah Birx, U.S. global AIDS coordinator and director of the largest initiative to combat a single disease, talks data, PEPFAR's future and the AIDS emergency we still face in this video interview.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Australia: Victoria repeals section 19A to reduce HIV stigma in law
    Sydney Star Observer | 6 hours ago

    THE repeal of Section 19A of the Victorian Crimes Act, specifically criminalising the transmission of HIV, has passed the upper house of the Victorian Parliament with bipartisan and cross-bench support. The only law of its kind in Australia, and while 19A has never successfully been used to convict, it has widely been considered to contribute to the stigma experienced by people living with HIV.

  • PrEP
    PrEP in the eyes of a young Thai gay man
    APCOM | 10 hours ago

    To take PrEP or not to take PrEP? That is the question; the question that’s trending among gay men, me included, who are still learning about the breakthrough medication.

  • HIV and sex
    UK male rape charity Survivors UK has state funding slashed to zero despite 120% rise in men seeking help
    The Independent | 10 hours ago

    Survivors UK, which has received £70,000 a year from the Ministry of Justice for the past four years to fund its counselling services, is now being placed under significant pressure at a time when tackling rape, sexual violence and child sexual abuse has become a key focus for the police and the government following the revelations of Jimmy Savile’s years of abuse.

  • TB diagnosis
    Large-scale study underscores value of routine Xpert testing on TB, MDR TB case finding
    Science Speaks | 11 hours ago

    A study of more than 100,000 patients with suspected tuberculosis at 18 sites across India showed that routine testing using Xpert molecular technology rather than the most commonly used — and oldest — diagnostic tool of examining a sputum smear under a microscope, increased detection of TB by 39 percent and led to five times the rate of detecting resistance to a TB treatment medicine.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Motsoaledi refutes claims South Africa faces drug shortages
    Mail & Guardian | 11 hours ago

    The health minister says the media portrays the department as failing to provide drugs for patients, but supply is also subject to business decisions.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Consumers Sue Anthem for Denying Coverage for a Hepatitis C Drug
    Wall Street Journal | 12 hours ago

    The controversy over the new crop of hepatitis C treatments has taken yet another turn as consumers are starting to file lawsuits against insurers that deny them access to the medicines. Over the past two weeks, two different women alleged that Anthem Blue Cross refused to pay for the Harvoni treatment sold by Gilead Sciences because it was not deemed “medically necessary.”

  • Starting treatment
    UNAIDS welcomes further evidence that starting antiretroviral therapy early saves lives
    UNAIDS | 12 hours ago

    “Every person living with HIV should have immediate access to life-saving antiretroviral therapy,” said Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS. “Delaying access to HIV treatment under any pretext is denying the right to health.”

  • Starting treatment
    i-Base Q&A on the START study results
    HIV i-Base | 12 hours ago

    On 27 May 2015, early results showed that the early treatment group did better. One of the surprises is that even at very high CD4 counts, treatment reduces the risk of HIV related illnesses.

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