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  • Promoting HIV testing
    Making a difference in your organisation: Why workplace HIV testing makes sense
    Martyn Loukes | 2 hours ago

    In November 2015 I proudly launched the UK’s largest workplace testing event at Transport for London (TfL).Bringing the testing to people de-stigmatised getting tested, a work environment was actually preferable to a medical one as strange as that might seem.

  • Cardiovascular disease
    HIV-infected adults with depression have increased risk for heart attack
    Eurekalert Medicine & Health | 4 hours ago

    Among more than 26,000 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected adults, those with major depressive disorder (MDD) were more likely to experience a heart attack than those without MDD, according to a study published online by JAMA Cardiology.

  • Telling people you have HIV
    Scott Agnew review – intimate standup set tackles HIV diagnosis
    The Guardian | 4 hours ago

    At this year’s Edinburgh fringe the lines between comedy, therapy and healing have been smudged – explicitly so in Glaswegian comic Scott Agnew’s show. It traces Agnew’s sex life and his being diagnosed as HIV positive last year.

  • Lipodystrophy
    Two Experts Discuss HIV, Abdominal Fat and Body Shape Changes
    The Body | 24 August 2016

    Watch's HIV and Aging Expert Nelson Vergel interview Dr. Stephen Grinspoon, Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Director of a Program in Nutritional Metabolism at Massachusetts General Hospital about the causes of body shape changes in HIV -- and most importantly, what you can do about them.

  • Treatment guidelines
    Tanzania: ARVs Now for Any CD4 Count
    AllAfrica | 24 August 2016

    People living with HIV would from October start anti-retroviral treatment straightaway given any CD4 cell count upon testing, the government has announced.

  • Health monitoring in resource-limited settings
    HIV effort let down by test shortages, says WHO
    BBC Health | 24 August 2016

    A shortage of HIV testing could undermine global efforts to diagnose and treat people with the infection, warn experts from the World Health Organization.

  • How HIV causes disease
    Mutational tug of war over HIV's disease-inducing potential
    Eurekalert Medicine & Health | 24 August 2016

    A study from Emory AIDS researchers shows how the expected disease severity when someone is newly infected by HIV reflects a balance between the virus' invisibility to the host's immune system and its ability to reproduce.

  • Sexually transmitted infections
    Tackling Shigella in gay and bisexual men
    Public Health England | 23 August 2016

    It’s worrying to see new figures showing a sustained increase in cases of Shigella likely to have been sexually-acquired between men who have sex with men (MSM).

  • Harm reduction
    Hysteria about drugs and harm minimisation. It's always the same old story
    The Guardian | 23 August 2016

    "No matter how impressive the evidence of benefits, or how weak the evidence of serious side effects or how badly a strategy is needed, new harm reduction strategies are always greeted the same way: with relentless hostility. Debates about harm reduction always follow the same pattern. Hysterical fears are confidently asserted as if proven beyond doubt while potential benefits, often based on considerable research and experience, are dismissed or ignored."

  • People and personal stories
    Having Sex With Poz Men Helped Kick My Fear of HIV
    The Advocate | 23 August 2016

    The fear of contracting HIV has run my life for what feels like forever, and I’m not willing to let it control me any longer.

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