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  • Access to medicines and treatment
    UNAIDS and partners launch initiative to improve HIV diagnostics
    UNAIDS | 2 hours ago

    The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has joined with global and regional partners to launch the Diagnostics Access Initiative which calls for improving laboratory capacity to ensure that all people living with HIV can be linked to effective, high-quality HIV treatment services.

  • Sex workers
    AIDS 2014: The Lancet Launches Special Issue on HIV and Sex Work
    Science Speaks | 2 hours ago

    A remarkable and unprecedented collaboration between scientists and community leaders, the special issue of The Lancet on HIV and sex workers was launched at a special symposium in Melbourne on Tuesday. This effort marks the first Lancet special issue that has included a community person as a guest editor and each of the papers in the issue has a sex worker as a co-author.

  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission
    Bill Clinton, former US president, tells conference AIDS-free generation is in reach
    ABC News | 2 hours ago

    Mr Clinton said one of the biggest challenges the international community faces was the early detection of HIV.

  • The search for a cure
    Latest HIV purge claims prompt calls for more caution
    New Scientist | 18 hours ago

    HIV has been undetectable for more than three years in the blood of two Australian bone-marrow recipients. But recent relapses of other patients who had no detectable virus have dampened optimism about how long the effects last before the virus bounces back.

  • TB services
    From Rhetoric to Reality: An Analysis of Efforts to Scale Up The Response to TB-HIV
    ACTION | 18 hours ago

    A new research report from ACTION global health shows that joint TB-HIV activities are neglected by HIV programs and overwhelmingly carried out by TB programs, and that global guidelines to address TB-HIV have not been prioritized by leading donors and affected countries.

  • Injecting drug use
    IDU and HIV in the Middle East: a brief window of opportunity?
    BMJ Group blogs | 19 hours ago

    Pakistan saw rocketing levels of HIV (from near 0% to 23% in six months) following introduction of the infection into IDU populations. Low prevalence countries, including those about which we know little, may have only a brief “window of opportunity” before they experience a comparable explosion of HIV among their own IDU populations.

  • Sex workers
    Decriminalization of sex work could reduce HIV infections
    Washington Post | 22 July 2014

    The decriminalization of sex work could significantly decrease global HIV infections among female sex workers, leading to a reduction of at least a third in three countries examined by researchers, according to a new study.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    High prices hinder access to newer HIV drugs and optimal tests that ensure treatment is working
    MSF | 22 July 2014

    High prices continue to represent a major barrier to affordable access of both new HIV medicines and viral load testing -- which is the best way to monitor whether treatment is working -- according to two reports released today by international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

  • HIV prevention policy
    Getting to Zero – Good Intentions Coming to Naught?
    InterPress Service | 21 July 2014

    Reflecting on the slogan zero new HIV infections, zero HIV-related discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    AIDS 2014: A new target for HIV treatment from UNAIDS
    Science Speaks | 21 July 2014

    Against the backdrop of a large screen photo of AIDS researcher Joep Lange, who died in Malaysian Airlines 17 crash last week, a high level panel Sunday discussed the UNAIDS new target for HIV treatment — 30 million by 2030.

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