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  • PrEP
    Partners launch phase 2 safety study of a long-acting injectable to prevent HIV
    PATH | 3 hours ago

    PATH, in collaboration with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN), has launched a new study to test the safety and acceptability of a long-acting injectable formulation of the proven antiretroviral drug rilpivirine (TMC278) as a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against HIV.

  • Cardiovascular disease
    HIV and Cardiovascular Risk: Early Statin Use May Help
    BETA blog | 8 hours ago

    People with HIV on antiretroviral therapy (ART) with controlled viral loads may benefit from using statins earlier than typically prescribed to control high cholesterol, according to two studies presented last week at CROI 2015.

  • Combatting stigma
    HIV & AIDS in the news: A guide for reporting in a new era of prevention & treatment
    GLAAD | 8 hours ago

    The reality of HIV and AIDS has evolved in the United States since it was first brought to public consciousness in the 1980s. While we have seen significant progress on prevention and treatment, public understanding lags and the unwarranted negative stigma associated with the disease continues to be an obstacle to eradication.

  • Immigration
    Nigel Farage And Steven Woolfe At Odds Over Ukip's Stance On Terminally Ill Immigrants
    Huffington Post | 05 March 2015

    Nigel Farage set out Ukip's "common sense" stance towards immigrants in an interview on Wednesday, saying: "We want people who haven't got a life threatening illness." Hours later, he restated his position in his keynote speech on the party's immigration policy, echoing his position last year to stop immigrants with HIV coming to Britain. However, Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe, who has previously said that he was interested in succeeding Farage as leader, insisted that the party would not "turn away" people with life-threatening illnesses like cancer.

  • Injecting drug users
    Here's One Simple Way We Can Change The Conversation About Drug Abuse
    Huffington Post | 05 March 2015

    The negative words we use to describe drug addiction -- "clean" vs. "dirty," "patient" vs. "addict" -- can drive some individuals away from the very help they so desperately need. To reduce that stigma, we need to start changing the language for people struggling with a disease. With that goal in mind, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has drafted a preliminary glossary of suggested language.

  • Injecting drug use
    Safe injection facilities: more than just a place to shoot drugs
    The Conversation | 05 March 2015

    After more than ten years of experimenting with safe injection facilities in other countries, what additional evidence do we need? Beyond reducing health care and social services costs, a SIF facilitates drug treatment, and can provide bridges to new social networks so that those most ravaged by addiction can become productive members of society.

  • Tuberculosis and HIV
    TB/HIV Research Frontiers Meeting in conjunction with the 22nd Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2015)
    World Health Organization | 05 March 2015

    The objective of the meeting was to discuss and promote high level scientific interchange on ideas and updates about ongoing clinical trials on empirical TB treatment for preventing early mortality in people living with HIV and assess their eventual impact on policy change. The meeting also discussed the prospect of using rifamycins for prevention of tuberculosis in resource limited settings with high TB and HIV prevalence.

  • Treatment interruptions
    Markers of Immune Exhaustion Predict Post-Treatment Control in HIV Patients
    The Body | 05 March 2015

    Biomarkers of immune exhaustion were associated with how long a patient was able to control HIV after treatment was interrupted, according to a study presented at CROI 2015.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Natco Pharma ties up with Gilead on hepatitis C drugs
    Reuters | 04 March 2015

    Natco, a mid-sized player in India's crowded pharmaceutical industry, is the latest generic drugmaker to team up with Gilead on Sovaldi, having previously attempted to block the U.S. firm from getting a patent for the breakthrough drug in India in the hope of producing a cheaper version on its own. In September, Gilead announced similar licensing deals with seven other generic drugmakers.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    HCV Drugs Costly but Cure Might Not Be
    MedPage Today | 04 March 2015

    Despite controversy over the cost of new hepatitis C (HCV) medications, they appear to be cheaper on a per-cure basis than earlier drugs, a researcher said here.

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