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  • HIV prevention policy
    Interview - Asia needs more cash, campaigns, law changes to end HIV epidemic - U.N
    Reuters | 22 hours ago

    The Asia-Pacific region will not meet the goal of ending the HIV epidemic in 15 years unless it changes laws and attitudes hostile to people living with HIV, the head of the United Nations agency on AIDS said on Wednesday.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Study Finds HIV Drugs Priced Out of Reach
    New York Times | 22 hours ago

    Drugs to treat H.I.V. and AIDS are being priced out of reach for many patients enrolled in insurance plans through the new health care exchanges, despite warnings that such practices are illegal under the Obama administration's health care law.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Russia may face shortage of anti-AIDS drugs in 2015
    EATG | 22 hours ago

    Russia may face a shortage of anti-AIDS drugs in 2015 due to the current complex situation in the national economy and devaluation of the rouble, according to recent statements of Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Russian Federal Research and Methodological Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS.

  • Transmission and prevention
    European Advocates Engage with Biomedical Prevention
    AVAC | 28 January 2015

    The European AIDS Treatment Group and AVAC organized an unprecedented three-day workshop: New Developments in HIV Prevention. See for more. In addition to comprehensive updates on product pipelines across the prevention research landscape, the group discussed the anticipation of the first data from European oral PrEP trials and the implications for PrEP access in Europe.

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Déjà Vu – Claims of HIV Cures and Re-Treading Old Ground
    Nigeria Health Watch | 28 January 2015

    A few days ago while in Abuja, I was surprised to hear the news presenter announce that a Federal High Court had “lifted the ban” on Dr Abalaka’s “vaccine” against HIV. I was struck by a number of things – an abiding discomfort at the quality of reporting on science and health matters in the Nigerian media; a sense of guilt that, in failing to tell our stories, younger Nigerians are at risk of repeating missteps of the past; and a fear that many, misled by the news item, may put their lives at risk.

  • Viral load
    An HIV Doctor Tells You If Undetectable Really Is the New Negative
    The Body | 28 January 2015

    Does being undetectable change the way you talk about your HIV status? Can a person who is undetectable stop worrying about transmitting HIV? Joel Gallant, an HIV doctor at Southwest CARE Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico gives his view.

  • Neurological and cognitive problems
    Antiretroviral Neurotoxicity May Cause Cognitive Problems
    The Body Pro | 28 January 2015

    As many as 50% of those on combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) suffer from mild to moderate cognitive dysfunction. Antiretroviral medications themselves may be partly to blame for such neurocognitive problems, suggests a recent review of previous studies. But the authors of this review do not recommend that antiretroviral treatment be stopped.

  • Behaviour change interventions
    Condom advert – HIV prevention or infidelity promotion?
    Key Correspondents | 27 January 2015

    Controversy over an advert on condom use to prevent HIV among married couples led by a cross section of Kenyan religious leaders has left many HIV activists astonished at the ‘denial of reality’.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Military justice?
    Positive Lite | 27 January 2015

    An extraordinary example of HIV criminalization gone awry in the States. Bob Leahy talks to Lt. Colonel Ken Pinkela, court martialed and sentenced to a jail term for allegedly exposing another officer to HIV, when no sexual contact occurred, says Pinkela.

  • Relationships and feelings
    How to Talk to Your Partner About Using PrEP
    HIV Plus | 27 January 2015

    Talking about PrEP with your partner can open up a can of worms. Here's how to make the conversation as smooth as possible.

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