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  • Testing policies and guidelines
    Northern Ireland Health Minister announces consultation on HIV self-testing kits
    Pink News | 1 hour ago

    Northern Ireland Health Minister Jim Wells has announced a consultation on removing the ban on HIV self-testing kits in the province. The ban was lifted in England, Wales and Scotland in April this year.

  • Conception
    Magnetic Love and Making Healthy Babies - Carolina's story
    My PrEP Experience (blog) | 2 hours ago

    Carolina describes her use of pre-exposure prophylaxis in order to have a baby with her HIV-positive partner.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Thai patients to receive free HIV drugs, regardless of CD4 count
    Bangkok Post | 6 hours ago

    The Thai Public Health Ministry has started distributing free antiretroviral drugs to all HIV patients in a move to expand treatment coverage and place them under the state's monitoring system. Previously, HIV patients would receive the drugs only if their number of CD4 cells — which mark the presence of HIV antibodies — decreased to 350, compared with 500 in normal people. From Wednesday, all HIV patients would have access to the drugs without the need for a CD4 count, Deputy Public Health Minister Somsak Chunharas said on Wednesday.

  • Microbicides
    Advocates Applaud Launch of MTN-017, World’s First Phase II Rectal Microbicide Study
    IRMA | 6 hours ago

    IRMA applauds the launch of the world’s first-ever Phase II rectal microbicide trial. The Microbicide Trial Network’s study, called MTN-017, will test a reduced glycerin formulation of tenofovir gel applied rectally. Volunteers consisting of gay men, other men who have sex with men, and transgender women will participate in the study at sites in the United States and in Thailand, South Africa, and Peru.

  • Human rights
    Morocco's quiet revolution over AIDS and human rights
    Aidspan | 6 hours ago

    Morocco's human rights landscape is evolving for a number of reasons, many of which could have a positive effect on the way the country responds to its HIV epidemic. The right to access health services, the right to respect for human dignity, the right to discretion and privacy: all are becoming normative in the traditionally conservative Kingdom, which was among the only countries in the region that did not experience any upheaval during the Arab Spring.

  • Treatment for women
    Is A Study Of HIV Treatment For Mothers In Africa Unethical?
    Health Affairs (blog) | 6 hours ago

    A global health controversy erupted this summer when the prominent scientific journal Nature ran an article entitled “HIV trial attacked.” Within, commentators squared off over whether a huge ongoing study provides suboptimal and thus unethical treatment options to mothers with HIV in the developing world.

  • The search for a cure
    Research Toward a Cure Trials
    Treatment Action Group | 6 hours ago

    A listing of clinical trials and observational studies related to the research effort to cure HIV infection, mainly derived from the online registry.

  • PrEP
    Would an HIV-preventing drug change your world?
    BBC World Have Your Say (audio) | 23 hours ago

    BBC World Service phone-in discussion on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Contributors include Michael Weinstein (AIDS Healthcare Foundation), Helen Rees (Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute), Garry Brough (Terrence Higgins Trust), David Campos (San Francisco Board of Supervisors) and PrEP users.

  • Starting treatment
    Why I Refused, Then Later Embraced, HIV Treatment | 01 October 2014

    "On good days, adhering to my pill is a positive affirmation of my life, an exercise in self-love. On bad days, it's just a pill I need to swallow, not terribly bitter but as mildly annoying as having to shave or tie my shoelaces every day. It's yet another thing to add to my list of things, but I do it anyway." Josh Kruger on his ambiguous relationship to HIV treatment.

  • Religion and faith
    The Impact of Faith-Based Organisations on Public Health and Social Capital
    Faith Action | 01 October 2014

    As a network of faith-based organisations, FaithAction knows that there are many faith groups up and down the country doing health-related work in their communities. However, the value of this work is in danger of not being recognised, both by the groups themselves and by policymakers, in large part because there is a lack of evidence around what is taking place and its effectiveness.

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