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  • Harm reduction
    Innovation Born of Necessity - Drug Consumption Rooms in Spain
    Drug Reporter / YouTube | 1 hour ago

    Interview with Óscar Parés Franquero on drug consumption rooms in Barcelona.

  • History of HIV and AIDS
    The Women Who Fought AIDS: 'It Was Never Not Our Battle'
    Broadly | 1 hour ago

    AIDS is perceived as a "gay man's disease," but lesbians were deeply committed to fighting it as well.

  • Clinical trials
    Psychologists Welcome Analysis Casting Doubt on Their Work
    New York Times | 2 hours ago

    The field of psychology sustained a damaging blow Thursday: A new analysis found that only 36 percent of findings from almost 100 studies in the top three psychology journals held up when the original experiments were rigorously redone.

  • How HIV causes disease
    Infection with multiple HIV-1 variants leads to poorer clinical outcomes
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 2 hours ago

    HIV-1 infection with multiple founder variants points to poorer clinical outcomes than infection with a single variant, according to a paper published today in Nature Medicine. In the study researchers analyzed large sample sets from two important HIV vaccine efficacy trials -- the Step HIV vaccine clinical trial (HVTN 502) and RV144, the landmark vaccine clinical trial conducted in Thailand -- to evaluate whether genetic characteristics of the founder viral populations could influence markers of clinical outcomes.

  • Relationships and feelings
    5 HIV-Positive Men Give Advice to Their Former Selves
    The Advocate | 2 hours ago

    Here are words of wisdom on surviving and thriving for those newly diagnosed with HIV.

  • Travel
    Singapore Softens Ban on HIV-Positive Visitors
    ABC News | 2 hours ago

    Singapore said Monday it has lifted a two-decade ban on HIV-infected people from entering the country, but will limit their stay to a maximum of three months.

  • Injecting drug use
    Glasgow in grip of "unusual" HIV outbreak as the number of new cases soar
    Glasgow Evening Times | 2 hours ago

    Glasgow is in the grip of a HIV outbreak after the number of new cases through drug injection more than trebled in a year. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde usually sees about 10 cases of HIV through drug injection each year. But since the start of this year there have already been 36 cases identified.

  • UK health services
    Who has to pay?
    NAT | 28 August 2015

    How NHS overseas visitors charges apply to migrants and asylum seekers in England.

  • Adherence
    The Silent Struggle of HIV Treatment Adherence
    The Body | 28 August 2015

    Long-acting antiretroviral medications has the potential to help many people with HIV who face adherence barriers to better health. But that does not mean that it will be a panacea for all adherence issues.

  • TB services
    Anti-smoking Strategies Critical to TB and HIV Care
    VOA News | 28 August 2015

    A new study calls for urgent action to integrate anti-smoking strategies into the care of people being treated for tuberculosis and HIV.

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