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  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
    China Grapples With HIV Cases Among Gay Men, but Stigma Runs Deep
    Wall Street Journal | 23 hours ago

    Surge in infections worries health authorities and prompts soul-searching in conservative society.

  • Tuberculosis and HIV
    New TB report shows continuing decline in cases in England
    Public Health England | 28 September 2016

    New 2015 data shows evidence of positive start to the early implementation of the TB Strategy with cases down by a third since 2011 peak.

  • Young people
    UNC Receives $18 Million to Combine Tech & Health
    University of North Carolina Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases | 28 September 2016

    "iTech will be home to six studies with each study using technology to address a barrier to the HIV care continuum,” said Hightow-Weidman. “For youth at risk of becoming infected with HIV, we will develop apps that list HIV testing sites and medical providers who prescribe pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP to prevent HIV. For youth who test positive for the virus, we will develop electronic health interventions to engage them in care and improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy.”

  • Human rights
    Human rights—critical to ending the AIDS epidemic
    UNAIDS | 28 September 2016

    At a meeting to discuss human rights and the 2016 Political declaration on Ending AIDS, panellists underscored the urgent need to protect services for women, girls, people with disabilities, migrants and displaced people.

  • Tuberculosis and HIV
    Professor Stephen Lawn
    LSHTM TB Centre | 28 September 2016

    Steve Lawn, who made major contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis among populations affected by HIV/AIDS, and to reducing the burden of HIV-associated TB, has died at the age of 50. His pioneering work has resulted in over 250 publications including many influential papers particularly on rapid diagnostic screening for TB, and making important contributions to World Health Organization guidelines.

  • Safer sex
    The CDC’s Gay Dance Video about HIV is Flat Out Fabulous
    My Fabulous Disease | 27 September 2016

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has produced a music video that joyfully educates gay men about HIV prevention options. And it is foot-stomping fabulous. See

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    The key question on the Clinton Foundation is whether it saved lives. The answer is clearly yes
    Vox | 27 September 2016

    After reviewing foundation documents and talking to numerous people in the philanthropy and global health sectors familiar with its work, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Clinton Foundation is a real charitable enterprise that did enormous good. Its projects are of varying effectiveness, but its work is supported by credible, discriminating funders, and the foundation has least one huge accomplishment under its belt — an HIV/AIDS program that saved an untold number of lives.

  • TB treatment
    Kenya to roll out child-friendly tuberculosis medicines nationwide
    UNITAID | 27 September 2016

    TB medicines specially adapted for children have been available since 2015, as a result of the UNITAID-funded STEP-TB project. In 2013 UNITAID committed 16.72 million dollars towards the implementation of the STEP-TB project, which brought together TB Alliance, and other partners to develop the first formulations of TB medicines that meets dosage guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010.

  • Vaccines
    Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies pave the way for vaccine
    Medical Xpress | 27 September 2016

    A small number of people infected with HIV produce antibodies with an amazing effect: Not only are the antibodies directed against the own virus strain, but also against different sub-types of HIV that circulate worldwide. Researchers from the University of Zurich and University Hospital Zurich now reveal which factors are responsible for the human body forming such broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies, thereby opening new avenues for the development of an HIV vaccine.

  • Women
    Five Things Providers Said About PrEP at a Family Planning Conference
    The Body Pro | 27 September 2016

    Getting PrEP information in front of family planning providers could make a big difference in women's access to the HIV prevention tool. Right now, 60% of women access primary care through family planning providers, yet only about 4% of family planning providers have ever prescribed PrEP.

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