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  • Injecting drug use
    Needle exchange Is allowed after HIV outbreak in an Indiana county
    New York Times | 28 March 2015

    An outbreak of HIV in southeastern Indiana prompted the governor on Thursday to declare a public health emergency as officials worked to stop the spread of the virus that causes AIDS. The governor authorized a short-term exchange program that would provide drug users with access to sterile needles so that contaminated needles were less likely to be shared. Gov. Mike Pence, a Republican, has long opposed such programs. But he said that the outbreak, which was first identified in late January, had reached epidemic proportions, justifying the action. “This is all hands on deck,” Mr. Pence said. “This is a very serious situation.”

  • PrEP
    Sheena McCormack: helping to prepare the world for PrEP
    The Lancet | 28 March 2015

    As a clinician who has witnessed the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic since the 1980s, Sheena McCormack is enthusiastic about her latest project, the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) PROUD study. As lead investigator, she has been investigating the effect of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to protect against HIV infection in high-risk men who have sex with men (MSM). PROUD has shown that PrEP reduces new HIV infections by 86%.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Guidance on overseas visitors hospital charging regulations
    Department of Health | 27 March 2015

    Guidance for NHS bodies in carrying out their duties under the NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations 2015 to make and recover charges for NHS hospital treatment from chargeable overseas visitors. It also includes guidance to safeguard the health of those not entitled to free hospital treatment and new guidance on sharing information on NHS debtors to subject them to immigration sanctions.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    Online dating not just about ‘hooking up’ for Aussie gay and bisexual men
    Kirby Institute press release | 27 March 2015

    Use of the internet to meet partners has become so ubiquitous among gay men that comparisons between men who use online dating methods to meet partners and those who do not have become less meaningful.

  • Combatting stigma
    'Looking,' a Show With an HIV-Positive Character, Is Canceled
    Poz magazine news | 27 March 2015

    HBO has canceled the gay TV series 'Looking,' which followed a group of gay men in San Francisco, including the HIV-positive Eddie.

  • Neurological and cognitive problems
    HIV can spread early, evolve in patients' brains
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 27 March 2015

    HIV can genetically evolve and independently replicate in patients' brains early in the illness process, an analysis of cerebral spinal fluid has found. Prompt diagnosis and treatment with antiretroviral therapy should reduce the risk that the virus could find refuge and cause damage in the brain, where some medications are less effective -- potentially enabling it to re-emerge, even after it is suppressed in the periphery, say researchers.

  • Global health initiatives
    UNAIDS holds virtual consultation for its 2016–2021 Strategy
    UNAIDS | 26 March 2015

    UNAIDS is holding its first round of virtual consultations to develop its 2016–2021 Strategy. From 23 March to 2 April, the consultation process will be open to everyone to share information, ideas and experiences on how to accelerate rights-based, evidence-informed action to Fast-Track the AIDS response.

  • Epidemiology
    Indiana governor to declare health emergency in HIV epidemic
    Indianapolis Star | 26 March 2015

    Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday morning is expected to reveal details of an emergency plan to address an HIV epidemic in southeastern Indiana linked to intravenous drug use. But it's not clear whether he will give the green light for clean needle exchange.

  • Activism
    Larry Kramer: 'Genocide Is Being Inflicted on Gay People'
    The Advocate | 26 March 2015

    The HIV activist gave an impassioned speech calling for a cure for the virus at a Gay Men's Health Crisis gala.

  • Medical procedures and other blood-borne exposure
    Blood scandal victims condemn Penrose inquiry
    Scotsman | 26 March 2015

    Victims of the contaminated blood scandal have reacted angrily to the findings of a long-awaited inquiry, branding the report a “waste of time and money”.

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