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  • Hepatitis C treatment
    12 Feb 2016: My day of reckoning
    Hep Magazine | 12 February 2016

    "In the flash of an eye my 12 weeks on hepatitis C treatment was over, virtually without incident, and I was cured. And then the Australian Government announced that we would all have access, without any restriction based on treatment history, liver disease progression or substance use history. I am so grateful to have had access to this treatment before others who are in a similar position, but I am even more the pleased that 2016 will be the year that so many people in Australia and elsewhere are finally cured of hepatitis C."

  • PrEP
    A False-Positive HIV Test Result Turned Me Into a PrEP Evangelist
    The Body | 11 February 2016

    For some, a false-positive HIV test is miraculous news. For me, a false-positive test while on PrEP and discussions with two longtime HIV activists transformed me into Miami's biggest PrEP promoter.

  • Starting treatment
    Dumbing down HIV treatment hurts everybody
    Positive Lite | 11 February 2016

    Bob Leahy says there is so much faulty information on what being on treatment means and when to start that it is hurting us all. But there are solutions which can successfully balance patient rights with the benefits of starting treatment early.

  • Health services and systems
    Progress report on promises made to improve South Africa’s health services
    The Conversation | 11 February 2016

    Over the last three years South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has made several promises to improve health care in his annual state of the nation address. This includes fighting TB, improving life expectancy and reducing maternal, infant and under five mortality. Health and Medicine Editor Candice Bailey asked a panel of academics to assess whether the promises have been kept.

  • Finance and funding
    Bono, HIV/AIDS and public opinion: Correcting the record
    PolitiFact | 11 February 2016

    Bono said that the "public thinks AIDS is done -- it’s not done." There's an obvious bit of rhetorical flourish in Bono's comments, but independent polling does show that the public sees AIDS as less of a threat both at home and overseas than it once did. However, people still rank it rather high on the global health agenda and believe America should continue to help developing nations deal with it.

  • PrEP
    'I Was Offered PrEP at a Party and Told I Was Good for the Weekend'
    Poz magazine news | 11 February 2016

    The #AskTheHIVDoc duo return with videos that answer PrEP questions. Plus, a no-cost PrEP clinic launches in Atlanta.

  • HIV and criminal law
    High court hears test case about Godfrey Zaburoni's intent to transmit HIV
    The Guardian | 11 February 2016

    Lawyers for acrobat, who is appealing his conviction of intentionally transmitting HIV, argue lies and non-disclosure about HIV status does not prove criminal intent.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Pharma company Viiv’s attempt to secure patents for key HIV drugs dolutegravir and cabotegravir opposed in India
    Médecins Sans Frontières | 11 February 2016

    People living with HIV have opposed patent applications in India for two important HIV medicines, dolutegravir and cabotegravir. Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF) supports these ‘patent oppositions,’ which have been filed to challenge an attempt by ViiV Healthcare (a joint venture by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline) to obtain monopoly rights in India while several of its patent claims are questionable according to Indian patentability criteria.

  • Young people
    Nicky Morgan: making PSHE statutory would do little to tackle the subject's problems
    TES | 11 February 2016

    The minister will not prioritise making sex and relationships education statutory in all schools – despite a major campaign by MPs. Nicky Morgan believes that making personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) compulsory would do little to tackle “the most pressing problems” with the subject.

  • Young people
    Government rejects calls for statutory PSHE and SRE: comment from NAT
    NAT | 11 February 2016

    Today, the Government announced it won’t be following the recommendation of the Education Select Committee by making PSHE and SRE compulsory in all schools despite repeated calls from MPs, teachers and health organisations. This means it will continue to be delivered according to the whims of individual head teachers rather than the needs of young people.

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