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  • UK health services
    Late diagnosis of HIV blamed on Coalition's health reforms
    The Independent | 29 September 2014

    Health experts are reporting disturbing increases in the number of people being diagnosed late with the HIV virus in England. They warn that healthcare reforms, which, they say, have "fragmented" a previously "seamless sexual health service", may be a major reason for the delays, and have called for an investigation.

  • Testing policies and guidelines
    HIV testing and black Africans in the UK
    GP online | 29 September 2014

    Dr Iain Reeves and Dr Richard Ma discuss the role of HIV testing in black Africans in the UK.

  • Adherence
    Polypharmacy Hinders HIV Drug Adherence
    Pharmacy Times | 29 September 2014

    Among HIV-positive patients, concurrent use of medications is associated with nonadherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART), according to research published in the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy.

  • Health monitoring in resource-limited settings
    Landmark HIV diagnostic access program will save $150m and help achieve new global goals on HIV
    UNAIDs press release | 29 September 2014

    Roche today announced a major Global Access Program to sharply lower the price of HIV viral load tests in low- and middle-income countries. This new initiative creates a ceiling price of US$ 9.40 per test, and will reduce Roche’s average price by more than 40% in low- and middle-income countries. When fully implemented, the Global Access Program is projected to save more than US$ 150 million in costs over the next five years.

  • The search for a cure
    How did the 'Berlin patient' rid himself of HIV?
    Science | 29 September 2014

    Researchers are closer to unraveling the mystery of how Timothy Ray Brown, the only human cured of HIV, defeated the virus, according to a new study. Although the work doesn’t provide a definitive answer, it rules out one possible explanation.

  • Transmission and prevention
    Gay and Bisexual Men See HIV as the Top Health Issue Facing Their Community, But Majorities Are Not Personally Worried About Getting Infected & Not Getting Tested Regularly
    Kaiser Family Foundation press release | 29 September 2014

    More than thirty years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and at a time when infections among gay and bisexual men are on the rise in the U.S., a new national survey of gay and bisexual men by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) finds that though HIV/AIDS is named as the number one health issue facing their population, a majority (56%) are not personally concerned about becoming infected, and relatively few report having been tested recently.

  • Infectiousness and treatment as prevention
    Only half of gay and bisexual men diagnosed with HIV received care and treatment in 2010
    CDC press release | 29 September 2014

    Among gay and bisexual men in the United States who have been diagnosed with HIV, only half are receiving care and treatment for their infection, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And just 42 percent have achieved viral suppression – meaning their virus is under control at a level that helps keep them healthy and also greatly reduces their risk of transmitting HIV to others.

  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    After Patient's Death, Study Shows HCV Drug Cardiotoxic in 14 of 34 Treated Patients
    Medscape (requires registration) | 29 September 2014

    The development of BMS-986094 (Bristol-Myers Squibb), a nucleotide-polymerase inhibitor for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) infection, was terminated back in August 2012, but a new retrospective review analyzing adverse events provides an in-depth look at the cardiotoxicity associated with the investigational agent. The findings may have profound implications for other drugs in late-stage testing or others approved for use.

  • Drug-resistant TB
    Minsk has extremely high levels of drug-resistant TB, a study in Belarus reveals
    TB Europe Coalition | 29 September 2014

    Multidrug-resistant (MDR)-TB was found in 35.3% (95% CI 27.7–42.8) of new patients and 76.5% (95% CI 66.1–86.8) of those previously treated. Overall, nearly one in two patients enrolled had MDR-TB. Extensively drug-resistant TB was reported in 15 of the 107 MDR-TB patients (14.0%, 95% CI 7.3–20.7). The findings of this survey in Minsk city are alarming and represent the highest proportions of MDR-TB ever recorded in the world.

  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    Patent landscape for hepatitis issued by WHO
    Intellectual Property Watch | 29 September 2014

    The World Health Organization has published an analysis of the patent situation for new hepatitis treatments, and a call for possible pharmaceutical products for prequalification.

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