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  • PrEP
    AIDS Healthcare Foundation Continues Anti-PrEP Rhetoric With New Ad
    South Florida Gay News | 4 hours ago

    Justin considers himself a “reformed bug chaser. I want to take care of myself now. Using PrEP isn’t for me to be a whore. It’s one of the valuable options out there to protect myself from HIV,” he said. But added, “I am still going to bareback.” He’s only been on the once a day blue pill for a couple of months. He admits that the first month he missed four to five of his doses. But said he was going to work on better adherence in the future by using sticky notes and setting alarms on his phone to remind him. South Florida Gay News caught up with him a month later when he said he had only missed one to two doses the second month.

  • Neurological and cognitive problems
    Could HIV make hearing worse?
    Medical News Today | 4 hours ago

    A new study has found that low- and high-frequency hearing is poorer in adults with the human immunodeficiency virus, compared with adults who do not have the disease. Although unexpected, similar hearing loss has previously been observed to be more likely in adults with diabetes mellitus. "It is possible that both HIV infection and diabetes, being systemic diseases, could affect the neural function of the cochlea," the authors suggest.

  • Hepatitis C transmission and prevention
    First of its kind HIV/hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection guide to help curb increasing prevalence and mortality in the UK launched
    56 Dean Street, via Medical News Today | 5 hours ago

    The ChemSex and hepatitis C: a discussion guide for HCPs has been developed by 56 Dean Street's David Stuart, who has a wealth of experience in providing drug addiction services to HIV/HCV co-infected MSM. The guide, endorsed by The Hepatitis C Trust, is based on over 500 conversations with MSM, aims to inform healthcare professionals and services providers across the UK around ChemSex (the use of recreational drugs for sex) and HIV/HCV co-infection to empower them to use the terminology that will most resonate with these at-risk groups, and to ensure they are being diagnosed and treated effectively.

  • Health services and systems
    US: Consumer Group Sues Aetna, Claiming Discrimination Against HIV Patients
    New York Times | 26 December 2014

    A consumer group has sued the health insurer Aetna, claiming that it discriminated against patients with H.I.V. when it required them to obtain medications exclusively through its own mail-order pharmacy.

  • PrEP
    Tenofovir-based HIV PrEP does not harm kidneys
    Medscape (requires free registration) | 26 December 2014

    Men and women without HIV infection who use tenofovir-based pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) develop significant but not clinically relevant declines in kidney function, according to the largest study to date to look at the issue.

  • Hepatitis C transmission and prevention
    More Evidence That HIV-Negative Gays Contract Hep C Via Sex
    AIDSMeds | 26 December 2014

    Increasing evidence suggests that hepatitis C transmits sexually among HIV-negative men who have sex with men, and not just among HIV-positive MSM.

  • Medical procedures and other blood-borne exposure
    F.D.A. Easing Ban on Gays, to Let Some Give Blood
    New York Times | 24 December 2014

    The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it would scrap a decades-old lifetime prohibition on blood donation by gay and bisexual men, a major stride toward ending what many had seen as a national policy of discrimination. However, the agency will continue to ban men who have had sex with a man in the last year, saying the barrier is necessary to keep the blood supply safe, a move that frustrated rights groups that were pushing for the ban to be removed entirely.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    Heterosexuals at High Risk for HIV Don't Test Enough
    Aidsmeds | 23 December 2014

    Heterosexuals engage in sex that puts them at risk for HIV, but do not get tested at high enough rates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its most recent National HIV Behavior Surveillance System (NHBS) report about high-risk heterosexuals, which focuses on data collected from individuals in a series of major metropolitan areas.

  • How transmission occurs
    Cell-associated HIV mucosal transmission: The neglected pathway
    Medical News Today | 23 December 2014

    Dr. Deborah Anderson from Boston University School of Medicine and her colleagues are challenging dogma about the transmission of HIV. Most research has focused on infection by free viral particles, while this group proposes that HIV is also transmitted by infected cells. While inside cells, HIV is protected from antibodies and other antiviral factors. Anderson chides fellow researchers for not using cell-associated HIV in their transmission models: "The failure of several recent vaccine and microbicide clinical trials to prevent HIV transmission may be due in part to this oversight." . The Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID) has devoted their December supplement to this important and understudied topic.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Even with New AbbVie Drug, Many Hepatitis C Patients Are Being Turned Away from Treatment
    Hepatitis C News | 23 December 2014

    Even with New AbbVie Drug, Many Hepatitis C Patients Are Being Turned Away from Treatment. Doctors, insurance companies, and even governments have cried foul over high prices the new medications Sovaldi, Harvoni, and now Viekira Pak. Sick people aren’t getting the treatments they need due to insurance denials and other roadblocks.

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