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  • The search for a cure
    Gene therapy goes global: Portable device could make future cancer, HIV cures affordable
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center | 21 October 2016

    A tabletop device that enables medical staff to genetically manipulate a patient’s blood to deliver potential new therapies for cancer, HIV and other diseases would eliminate the need for multimillion-dollar “clean rooms,” making gene therapy more possible for even the poorest of countries.

  • PrEP
    Norway to provide free HIV-preventing PrEP drugs to at-risk gay men
    Pink News | 21 October 2016

    Norway has this week become the second country in Europe to make PrEP available, announcing that PrEP drugs will be available free of charge to at-risk groups via its National Health Scheme. According to HIV Norway, Minister for Health and Social Care Bent Høie announced the move, making Norway the first country in Europe to make the drug completely free for users (French users have to pay a small and largely reimbursible upfront fee.)

  • Experiences of stigma
    NHS Under Pressure To Explain “Homophobic” Response To HIV Drug Ruling
    BuzzFeed | 21 October 2016

    NHS England is facing calls from leading HIV charities and a Conservative MP to explain why it heavily edited a press statement on a court ruling about an HIV prevention drug to include lines that have been described as “homophobic” and “irresponsible”.

  • The search for a cure
    HIV active in tissues of patients who were treated, study shows
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 20 October 2016

    UCSF researchers have found in autopsy tissue samples of patients treated with antiretrovirals that the virus evolved and migrated among tissues similar to the way it did in patients who had never received antiretroviral treatment, despite the fact that the treated patients had undetectable levels of virus in their blood.

  • Infectiousness and treatment as prevention
    Large increases in HIV suppression needed to reduce new infections in critical population
    National Institutes of Health | 20 October 2016

    Achieving moderate reduction of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM) will depend on significantly increasing the percentage of HIV-infected MSM whose viral load is suppressed to undetectable levels, according to a new mathematical model based on data from Baltimore. Access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy are key to sustained HIV suppression, which dramatically reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to others.

  • Finance and funding
    A Decade of Flat Funding Could Imperil Progress of the HIV Prevention Research Pipeline
    Resource Tracking for HIV Prevention R&D Working Group | 20 October 2016

    A new report released today at the second HIV Research for Prevention Conference in Chicago documents 2015 funding, highlighting a decade of flat funding and its potential impact on continued innovation in the HIV prevention research and development (R&D) field.

  • Achieving the 90-90-90 target
    To get to zero HIV infections, San Francisco needs to help the homeless
    BETA blog | 19 October 2016

    Reaching the goal of zero HIV infections by 2020—a goal experts say the city is poised to accomplish—will mean figuring out how to support some of our city’s highest needs cases: people who are homeless or marginally housed.

  • Circumcision
    Using market research for long-term sustainability of VMMC in Zimbabwe and Zambia
    UNAIDS | 19 October 2016

    Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) provides at least a 60% protective effect against HIV infection for men. While service delivery for VMMC has improved and taken to scale, uptake has plateaued. PSI Zimbabwe and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation worked with IPSOS, a market research firm, to investigate how to map and better understand the associations men and boys have with VMMC, to adapt to who now presents for information on VMMC and update their programming to fit new audiences.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    Treat pharma as a utility, and 10 other ways states can lower drug prices
    STAT | 19 October 2016

    As prescription drug costs continue to squeeze state budgets, a group of state health policy makers is offering some novel — and also some familiar — suggestions for coping. These include regulating the pharmaceutical industry as a utility, allowing states to operate as pharmacy benefit managers and waiving some provisions of the Medicaid program.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    7 Insurers Alleged To Have Discriminated Against HIV Patients
    NPR | 19 October 2016

    The Affordable Care Act prohibits insurers from discriminating against people with serious illnesses, but some marketplace plans sidestep that taboo by making the drugs that people with HIV need unavailable or unaffordable, complaints filed recently with the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights allege.

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