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  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
    Facing Prosecution for Challenging HIV Policies in Tanzania
    Human Rights Watch LGBT | 15 hours ago

    When Sibongile Ndashe, a South African feminist lawyer, got on a plane to travel to Tanzania to convene a meeting of human rights lawyers and activists, she knew she might come under the scrutiny of Tanzanian authorities. But what she did not expect was for Tanzanian police to raid the October 17 workshop at the Peacock Hotel and arrest her and 12 of her colleagues for “promoting homosexuality.”  

  • Microbicides
    DAIDS Boss Muses on the Future of HIV Prevention Research
    AVAC | 18 hours ago

    Below are some of Dr. Dieffenbach’s rather intentionally provocative ideas about specific HIV prevention research candidates—challenges and promises, and the questions they may raise for the next clinical trial research network structure.

  • HIV prevention policy
    Hate, discrimination lead to rise of HIV in Russia, experts say
    Deutsche Welle | 20 hours ago

    "Homophobia and a negative view of drug addicts, as well as the obscure legal status of prostitutes, have all led to the fact that Russia uses less than half of all of the methods that have been scientifically proven to prevent the spread of HIV around the world," Vadim Pokrovskiy, head of the Russian Federal AIDS Center, said.

  • HIV and sex
    Consent and the gay community
    GMFA | 20 hours ago

    When was the last time you were groped in a bar? Did you tell him it wasn’t acceptable or did you just let it go? According to our survey, 62% of you have been touched or groped in a bar or club without your express permission. And, unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Global health initiatives
    AIDS—learning from history (and human beings)
    The Lancet | 20 hours ago

    After 400 pages of exhaustive (and occasionally exhausting) remembering, Michael Merson and Stephen Inrig conclude their “useful history” (The AIDS Pandemic: Searching for a Global Response, 2017) with seven lessons.

  • Immunisations
    EMIS updating GP alert wrongly stating HIV patients should stop taking medicines
    Pulse | 20 hours ago

    GPs and practice nurses are wrongfully being told to advise patients with HIV to stop taking their medication after receiving the flu jab. EMIS Health is urgently working to update a its systems after users highlighted the problem, which it said was due to ‘ambiguity’ in available clinical guidance.

  • Experiences of stigma
    Senior South Yorkshire Police officer cleared over HIV test comments
    The Star | 20 hours ago

    The controversy centered on comments made by Zuleika Payne, chair of the South Yorkshire branch of the Police Federation, about South Yorkshire Police's decision to introduce controversial spit guards. She said some colleagues had to undergo HIV tests after being spat at by suspects who were in the process of being arrested.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    Patients suffering injuries in low & middle-income countries have higher prevalence of HIV
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 20 hours ago

    Patients suffering injuries in low and middle-income countries have a higher prevalence of HIV than baseline populations. Given the fact that injuries most commonly occur in young adults, a population that is difficult to access for HIV services, opportunities to develop integrated HIV engagement strategies in injury care settings may exist.

  • Neurological and cognitive problems
    Cognitive Impairment Risk Rises With Increasing Age of People With HIV
    Poz | 21 hours ago

    Researchers identified this advancing risk after controlling for expected cognitive decline based on age.

  • Tuberculosis and HIV
    Advocates to seek TB funding targets at 2018 high-level meeting
    Devex | 22 hours ago

    Global tuberculosis experts want to see numerical funding targets for combating the epidemic set at the first United Nations high-level meeting on the disease next year. Experts want to set additional targets for 2020 and 2025.

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