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  • Combatting stigma
    56 DEAN STREET – why I’m angry
    Greg Owen blog | 17 hours ago

    "Pause a moment and ask exactly what we should be angry about. We should be disappointed with Dean Street that this happened but not angry. Instead allocate your anger where it ought to be. Be angry that we still live in a world were a person living with HIV should even have to be frightened that others might find out about their positive status. The others from right across the board…employers to family to friends to lovers to allies and to enemies. Be angry about this."

  • Confidentiality, consent and medical ethics
    London clinic accidentally reveals HIV status of 780 patients
    The Guardian | 22 hours ago

    The 56 Dean Street clinic apologises after sending newsletter disclosing names and email addresses of patients with HIV.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    People living with hepatitis C in Canada want more information about living well and getting treatment
    CATIE | 23 hours ago

    A substantial proportion of respondents reported very low levels of hepatitis C knowledge generally and hepatitis C treatment knowledge specifically.

  • UK health services
    Public Health Dangers
    Blenheim / Daily Telegraph | 23 hours ago

    The following letter, supported by a range of HIV charities, has been published in the Daily Telegraph. The letter to the editors warning on the impact of public health cuts, and calling for investment in public health in the Spending Review in order to secure the future of the NHS.

  • PrEP
    HIV research and advocacy groups release recommendations on uptake and expansion of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in California
    Project Inform press release | 02 September 2015

    Though the use of PrEP has recently begun to rise among those at risk of HIV infection, it is still being used by very few who need it most, and access to culturally competent PrEP services still lags behind.

  • PrEP
    Large Study of PrEP Use in Clinical Practice Shows No New HIV Infections
    Kaiser Permanente press release | 02 September 2015

    In one of the first and largest published evaluations of the use of preexposure prophylaxis (known as PrEP) to prevent HIV infection in a clinical practice setting, researchers at Kaiser Permanente found no new HIV infections among patients during more than 2.5 years of observation. The study was published today in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

  • Africans in the UK
    Rachel is composed, confident – and unable to tell anyone she is HIV-positive
    The Guardian | 02 September 2015

    I work as an HIV clinician in south-east London, an area with the highest prevalence of HIV in the UK. The stories I hear from patients demonstrate the ongoing misconceptions, stigma and fear that can accompany a HIV diagnosis in the black minority and ethnic (BME) community.

  • Hepatitis C
    More than 200,000 Brits chronically infected with HCV
    Nursing in Practice | 02 September 2015

    Around 214,000 individuals are chronically infected with hepatitis C (HCV) in the UK, national estimates from Public Health England (PHE) suggest.

  • Hepatitis C
    New data shows relentless rise in hepatitis deaths
    World Hepatitis Summit press release | 02 September 2015

    World leaders meet in Scotland to discuss urgent response and move towards elimination of 7th biggest global killer. Worldwide, viral hepatitis kills more than 1.4 million people a year, 4000 people a day, and more than 400 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis B or C.

  • PrEP
    It’s time to drop gay Atlanta’s barriers to PrEP
    Project Q Atlanta | 01 September 2015

    PrEP, prophylactic treatment that prevents HIV infection, should be made accessible to every single person in the U.S. who is at risk for HIV infection. This should be the primary goal of gay activism in the next decade. There are certainly many other valid goals for ASOs, and they should be lauded for their successes. There is more to AIDS activism than simply viral load and PrEP adherence. But if the CDC prediction of half of us getting infected is accurate, nothing will seem more important 28 years from now than preventing these cases from happening in the first place. Our community’s disgrace this century will be its failure to embrace the greatest bridge to an HIV vaccine we’ve ever encountered.

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