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  • Recreational drug use
    Having a moral panic about chemsex? Here’s why it’s not as bad as you think
    The Independent | 1 hour ago

    There’s no clear evidence to connect the rise in HIV infection to gay sex parties fuelled by drugs – and it can help groups of men to bond.

  • UK health services
    Spending Review 2015: Our reaction
    National AIDS Trust | 2 hours ago

    Further cuts to public health mean severe deterioration of sexual health and drug services.

  • Women
    UNAIDS calls on countries to put the health and rights of women and girls at the centre of efforts to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030
    UNAIDS | 5 hours ago

    On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, UNAIDS is urging countries to put women and girls at the centre of efforts to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

  • Human rights
    Human Dignity Trust launches Criminalisation in the Commonwealth 2015 report
    Human Dignity Trust | 5 hours ago

    Ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015 in Malta (27-29 November), the Human Dignity Trust, in association with the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, has prepared an expansive report on the extent and the pernicious consequences of the criminalisation of homosexuality within the Commonwealth.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    60% of patients can be left without treatment because of the budget cuts
    Patients of Ukraine | 5 hours ago

    About fifty seriously ill patients gathered in front of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine building to prevent reduction of budget expenditures for medicine procurement in 2016. Patients with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, oncological and orphan diseases demanded from the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko to allocate the sum of money required by the Ministry of Health to satisfy the basic treatment needs of severely ill patients.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    Martin Shkreli walks back on pledge to lower price of HIV drug Daraprim
    The Guardian | 5 hours ago

    Shkreli’s company Turing Pharmaceuticals announced on Wednesday that it would provide volume discounts of its drug Daraprim to hospitals, but it appears that the company’s $750-a-pill price tag still stands.

  • The search for a cure
    Closing the loop on an HIV escape mechanism
    Eurekalert Medicine & Health | 5 hours ago

    A collaborative six-university research team finds that the motion of a specific protein in a human cell regulates whether HIV will infect other cells. The finding may lead to promising new ways to thwart the virus that causes AIDS.

  • Promoting HIV testing
    Home-sampling can help tackle increasing rates of HIV infection
    Public Health England | 25 November 2015

    In order to realise the full benefits of testing for HIV, we need to improve access to testing outside of traditional clinics, reaching out to those who may not usually engage with their local sexual health service.

  • Hepatitis C transmission and prevention
    The True Hepatitis C Prevalence in the United States: It's Higher Than What's Usually Reported
    Huffington Post | 25 November 2015

    For years, Edlin and others have been saying that the NHANES data underestimate hepatitis C prevalence. Rather than the 3.6 million people in the U.S, who are hep C-antibody positive and 2.7 million who are infected, Edlin et al. estimate that there are 4.6 million hep C-antibody positive people in the U.S. with 3.5 million infections.

  • PrEP
    1 In 4 Gay Men Should Take The Pill That Prevents HIV, CDC Says
    BuzzFeed News | 25 November 2015

    Truvada prevents HIV, but only 21,000 people are taking the once-a-day pill. On Tuesday, federal health experts said that if we really want to stop the AIDS epidemic, that number should be more than 1.2 million.

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