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  • Bone problems
    Aging HIV population face complicated rheumatologic care
    Healio | 2 hours ago

    As the national population of patients who are HIV-positive continues to age, rheumatologists will be increasingly called on to manage routine care for crystal disease, osteoarthritis, soft tissue rheumatism and other conditions, according to Leonard Calabrese, DO, of the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Harm reduction
    What Happens When a Syringe Exchange Is Shut Down
    Filter | 2 hours ago

    HIV infections are surging in Cabell County, West Virginia. On April 4, 2019, the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health (WVBPH) issued a health advisory regarding a spike in new diagnoses of people who inject drugs (PWID) such that the county is likely to exceed twice the number of new diagnoses that had been previously predicted. But the outbreak did not blindside the region. After all, just a county over, the Kanawha-Charleston County syringe service program (SSP) closed last year after Charleston Mayor Danny Jones led an assault on the program, calling it a “needle mill.”

  • Medical procedures and other blood-borne exposure
    Medical Investigation: How Did 494 Children In One Pakistani City Get HIV?
    NPR | 2 hours ago

    Dr. Minhaj Kidwai believes that the outbreak is a result of "contaminated syringes, syringes that are reused for injections in children, unscreened blood transfusions and reuse of dextrose and saline drips."

  • Opportunistic infections
    A considerable percentage of deaths in HIV patients are due to cryptococcal infections
    Eurekalert Inf Dis | 2 hours ago

    Cryptococcal meningitis causes about one in ten HIV-related deaths, according to a study of autopsies performed in Mozambique and Brazil.

  • Women
    Many Women on HIV Treatment Are at Risk of Developing a Detectable Viral Load
    Poz | 2 hours ago

    An ongoing study finds that considerable challenges in such women’s lives may compromise their adherence to antiretrovirals.

  • Global health initiatives
    UNAIDS launches Health Innovation Exchange to connect innovations in health to country needs and investments
    UNAIDS press release | 21 May 2019

    UNAIDS and partners have launched a new initiative to leverage the potential of innovations to improve the health of all. The Health Innovation Exchange will link innovators to investors and innovations to implementers. Launched on the sidelines of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, the initiative aims to support global efforts to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • HIV testing programmes
    Churches can help increase HIV testing in South African men
    Avert | 21 May 2019

    Religious leaders can play a critical role in reaching hard-to-reach groups with HIV testing, including men and first-time testers.

  • Ageing and HIV
    The forgotten generation?
    Positive Living | 21 May 2019

    Modern advancements such as U=U have redefined what it means to live with HIV. But, as Ross Duffin reports, for the long-term survivors the lived reality is not so rosy.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    Medicare decides against tighter management of HIV drugs
    BioPharma Dive | 21 May 2019

    The Department of Health and Human Services will continue barring Medicare Part D plans from applying the drug utilization management tools prior authorization and step therapy for beneficiaries taking HIV antiretroviral drugs. A rule proposed in November 2018 would have permitted such practices. Gilead voiced opposition to the original proposal, saying physicians need to have the flexibility to prescribe the right medicines for patients.

  • Finance and funding
    The lipstick that has raised $500m for charity
    Irish Times | 21 May 2019

    Viva Glam was a Mac counter mainstay that set it apart from other big brands. The first Viva Glam lipstick launched in 1994 at the height of the HIV/Aids epidemic, with the drag queen RuPaul as its face. Decades before cause marketing became a form of reputational currency for beauty brands, Mac was quietly donating 100 per cent of the retail price – less VAT – of Viva Glam products to HIV/Aids causes globally.

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