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  • HIV prevention policy
    Nick Clegg: Tories to blame for blocking mandatory sex education
    Pink News | 2 hours ago

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has blamed his coalition partners for stopping plans for statutory sex and relationship education.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Aetna to Lower Costs for Most HIV Drugs After Complaint
    Bloomberg | 6 hours ago

    Aetna Inc. has agreed to reduce out-of-pocket payments for most HIV and AIDS medicines after pressure from an advocacy group, revising coverage that had some patients paying $1,000 a month for the drugs.

  • TB services
    Ukraine: Concurrent treatment for HIV/TB co-infection breaks up “deadly alliance”
    Science Speaks | 6 hours ago

    USAID funded MEASURE Evaluation to initiate an impact evaluation in Ukraine for two TB programmatic priorities: Improving integration of TB and HIV services to reduce mortality through early diagnosis and treatment for co-infected patients; and providing social support services to improve TB treatment adherence.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Brazil: HIV-specific criminal law introduced amid media frenzy and moral panic over ‘barebacking’ gay subculture
    HIV Justice Network | 6 hours ago

    On April 2nd 2015, a simply worded amendment to Article 1 of Law No. 8072 of July 25, 1990 – covering ‘heinous crimes’ – will be presented to the Brazilian Parliament by the populist Congressman, Pompeo de Mattos.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Kenya: Court nullifies section outlawing reckless spread of HIV
    Standard | 6 hours ago

    The High Court has declared unconstitutional a section of the HIV and Aids Prevention and Control Act that sought to criminalise reckless spreading of the disease.

  • Condoms and lubricant
    Activists Protest Denial of Condoms to Africa’s High-Risk Groups
    Inter Press Service | 6 hours ago

    With restrictions blocking the distribution of condoms in schools and prisons in Africa, health experts say the continent’s opportunity to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS in line with the U.N. Millennium Development Goals may be squandered.

  • How transmission occurs
    Menopause linked to decreased anti-HIV activity
    2 Minute Medicine | 6 hours ago

    Postmenopausal women’s cervicovaginal fluid had lower anti-HIV-1 activity than premenopausal women. Timing of menstrual cycle and hormonal contraception were not associated with differences in activity against HSV or HIV.

  • Hepatitis C transmission and prevention
    World first trials for hepatitis C wonder drug in Sydney's maximum security jails
    Sydney Morning Herald | 7 hours ago

    Two of NSW's maximum security jails are the location for a world-first trial of a new wonder drug that could stop the spread of the blood-borne disease hepatitis C through the prison populations.

  • Injecting drug use
    Needle exchange Is allowed after HIV outbreak in an Indiana county
    New York Times | 28 March 2015

    An outbreak of HIV in southeastern Indiana prompted the governor on Thursday to declare a public health emergency as officials worked to stop the spread of the virus that causes AIDS. The governor authorized a short-term exchange program that would provide drug users with access to sterile needles so that contaminated needles were less likely to be shared. Gov. Mike Pence, a Republican, has long opposed such programs. But he said that the outbreak, which was first identified in late January, had reached epidemic proportions, justifying the action. “This is all hands on deck,” Mr. Pence said. “This is a very serious situation.”

  • PrEP
    Sheena McCormack: helping to prepare the world for PrEP
    The Lancet | 28 March 2015

    As a clinician who has witnessed the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic since the 1980s, Sheena McCormack is enthusiastic about her latest project, the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) PROUD study. As lead investigator, she has been investigating the effect of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to protect against HIV infection in high-risk men who have sex with men (MSM). PROUD has shown that PrEP reduces new HIV infections by 86%.

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