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  • PrEP
    New York Governor Announces PrEP Assistance Program
    HIVPlusMag | 2 hours ago

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week a new pre-exposure prophylaxis assistance program that proponents say will help to end the AIDS epidemic in the state by 2020. The country's first-of-its-kind program will help at-risk groups, including gay and bi men and transgender women, obtain testing, medication, and counseling.

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Maligned Study on Gay Unions Is Shaking Trust
    New York Times | 2 hours ago

    In 2012, as same-sex marriage advocates were working to build support in California, Michael LaCour, a political science researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, asked a critical question: Can canvassers with a personal stake in an issue — in this case, gay men and women — actually sway voters’ opinions in a lasting way? Last week, their finding that gay canvassers were in fact powerfully persuasive with people who had voted against same-sex marriage — published in December in Science, one of the world’s leading scientific journals — collapsed amid accusations that Mr. LaCour had misrepresented his study methods and lacked the evidence to back up his findings.

  • Global health initiatives
    WHO Advances Research and Development Financing Effort; Global R&D Observatory To Launch In January
    Intellectual Property Watch | 3 hours ago

    World Health Organization members in committee this week took note of a report by the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination (CEWG), which was set up to find ways to fund research on diseases afflicting poor populations which have little market incentive for the private sector. The report included a proposal for a voluntary pooled fund that would focus on the development of effective and affordable health technologies for such neglected diseases.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    World Health Assembly: Experts discuss delinking drug R&D costs from pricing to make them affordable
    Intellectual Property Watch | 3 hours ago

    The problem of drug prices eating up national health budgetscame up at the annual World Health Assembly, which took place from 18-26 May. Last week, a panel of experts discussed the merits of lowering those prices by delinking research and development costs from pricing.

  • Finance and funding
    NHS England accused of interference over hepatitis C drug
    Channel 4 News | 3 hours ago

    Officials at NHS England have been accused of interfering in a process to decide whether a drug which can cure Hepatitis C should be made available to patients on the health service.

  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    EMA Panel Recommends Evotaz for Adults With HIV-1
    Medscape | 3 hours ago

    The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended granting marketing authorization for atazanavir/cobicistat (Evotaz, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma EEIG) for the treatment of adults with HIV-1 infection and no known mutations associated with atazanavir resistance

  • Tuberculosis and HIV
    Dust, TB and HIV: the ugly face of mining in South Africa
    The Guardian | 3 hours ago

    Two of the greatest philanthropic organisations in the world, responsible for saving countless lives through scientific research and healthcare programmes, are heavily invested in fossil fuel industries that have profound impacts on the health of local communities and cause climate change. Nowhere is this paradox more acute than in South Africa, a country with the biggest HIV caseload in the world and an economy founded on mining.

  • Epidemiology and behaviour
    Africa's health centre at the frontline of HIV research
    The Guardian | 3 hours ago

    The Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies sits in the HIV capital of the world. The sleek modern building, rising out of an otherwise rustic setting near Mtubatuba in South Africa, attracts world-class researchers looking to wage war against the resilient virus.

  • Combatting stigma
    HIV-positive vicar overwhelmed by response to video
    The Guardian | 4 hours ago

    The Rev Hayley Young of Hampshire creates video using words on sheets of cardboard to explain illness to congregation.

  • Injecting drug use
    While Russia grapples with HIV epidemic, Moscow's addicts share their filthy needles
    The Guardian | 4 hours ago

    Infection rates are set to hit three million, but drug use and unsafe sex - the main causes - are rife.

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