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  • Religion and faith
    London: Catholic HIV conference 'a major success'
    Independent Catholic News | 22 hours ago

    More than 100 clergy, HIV sector professionals and individual Christians attended ‘Love Tenderly Act Justly: Stories of HIV and Christianity Today’ at St Martins in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London last Saturday, 25 October.

  • Recreational drug use
    Michelle Thornber-Dunwell, the Mother of Vauxhall
    QX | 22 hours ago

    She took in lost boys when she owned her Tanning Shop, and now she writes to educate doctors on drugs.

  • PrEP
    PrEPline Provides Clinicians With Advice On New HIV Prevention Tool | 31 October 2014

    A new telephone consultation service was launched earlier this month to provide free, expert advice to clinicians across the United States about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

  • PrEP
    Model Explains Why HIV Prevention Dosing Differs by Sex
    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) press release | 31 October 2014

    A mathematical model developed by NIH grantees predicts that women must take the antiretroviral medication Truvada daily to prevent HIV infection via vaginal sex, whereas just two doses per week can protect men from HIV infection via anal sex. This finding helps explain why two large clinical trials testing HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, in women failed to show efficacy

  • Transmission and prevention
    Drugs and tourism combine to raise HIV risk in Caribbean
    Futurity: Research News | 31 October 2014

    A study in a sex tourism resort in the Dominican Republic suggests three themes: (1) local demand shifts drug routes to tourism areas, (2) drugs shape local economies, and (3) drug use facilitates HIV risk behaviors in tourism areas.

  • Confidentiality, consent and medical ethics
    Russia: Lawmakers, medics urge compulsory treatment of tuberculosis
    TASS | 31 October 2014

    Is it right to resort to compulsion to cure a sick person? Russian legislator Alexander Kravets is going to initiate a legal act which, if adopted, will empower medics to send tuberculosis patients who refuse to receive medical aid to hospitals for compulsory treatment without waiting for a court ruling. “On the excuse of human rights protection people infected with the tubercle bacillus are free to go wherever they want without any medical supervision,” says Kravets.

  • Sex workers
    Indonesian brothel closures hit HIV prevention
    IRIN Plus News | 31 October 2014

    Brothel closures in Indonesian cities could put sex workers in danger and hamper HIV prevention efforts, say health experts and outreach workers.

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Pat Robertson, Medical Expert: 'The Towels Might Have AIDS'
    Poz | 31 October 2014

    On a recent episode of The 700 Club, television's premier destination for religious bigotry since 1966, Robertson advised a viewer that while the chances of contracting Ebola in Kenya are slim, travelers should beware of AIDS-ridden towels. What? Yes.

  • HIV treatment
    How Will Generic Drugs Affect HIV Treatment in the U.S.?
    The Body | 31 October 2014

    In the U.S., in that many of the antiretroviral drugs that are commonly used today are approaching their patent expirations. So we can begin to conceptualize the use of generics in the U.S. and the potential cost savings. An Interview With Treatment Action Group's Tim Horn.

  • Experiences of stigma
    New Zealand: Survey shows HIV stigma remains rife
    Gay NZ | 31 October 2014

    New research shows that while most people are educated about HIV transmission, stigma is rampant, with nearly a quarter of New Zealanders surveyed saying they would be uncomfortable being friends with someone with HIV.

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