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  • Circumcision
    Kenya: Circumcision Secretariat Closes
    AllAfrica | 14 hours ago

    The secretariat that coordinated all voluntary medical male circumcision in Kenya the last six years has closed. It was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but other funders have not come forward. The closure of the secretariat is likely to slow down the momentum of circumcision in Kenya.

  • PrEP
    AHF's PrEP ad sparks controversy
    Bay Area Reporter | 14 hours ago

    A new ad campaign from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has kicked off another round of controversy about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, better known as PrEP. AHF argues that the scientific evidence does not support widespread use of Truvada for prevention, while proponents say it is more effective than condoms, which most gay men do not use all the time.

  • TB treatment
    What does new drug PaMZ mean for TB and HIV treatment?
    The Guardian | 16 hours ago

    The development of PaMZ has been hailed as a breakthrough. But what do the experts think?

  • Cardiovascular disease
    Having HIV Means Heart Health Medications May Be Overlooked
    AIDSMeds | 16 hours ago

    People with HIV treated at a major university are less likely to receive medications to support heart health than those who do not have HIV.

  • Vaccines
    Potentially protective immune response in children found new analysis of old HIV vaccine trials
    Medical News Today | 16 hours ago

    Applying the benefit of hindsight, researchers at Duke Medicine have reanalyzed the findings of two historic pediatric HIV vaccine trials with encouraging results.

  • Injecting drug use
    Healthcare workers worry injecting heroin is on increase in South Africa
    Groundup | 16 hours ago

    Health workers in Cape Town have warned of a possible increase in drug overdoses and the spread of infectious diseases, including HIV, if the use of needles to inject drugs increases. This comes as health workers have noticed drug users turning away from smoking towards injecting. In response, the TB/HIV Care Association (THCA) in Observatory are preparing to educate needle using drug users on the safe use of needles. Whereas once hardcore addicts chose to smoke their 'unga' on tinfoil and people who “spiked” the drug were shunned and looked down upon, this is no longer the rule.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Rapist from Northampton who infected woman with HIV has gone on the run
    Northampton Chronicle & Echo | 16 hours ago

    A convicted rapist from Northampton who knowingly infected a woman with HIV is being hunted by police after he failed to appear for his trial. Brian Tatenda Shayanowako, aged 54, of Lower Adelaide Street, Semilong, Northampton, was convicted by jury and sentenced in his absence of one count of rape after failing to appear for his trial, which concluded on Friday at Aylesbury Crown Court. Det Con Charlotte McDonald said: “We do not seek to criminalise those who live with HIV and we work closely with our partner agencies to ensure people are appropriately supported. However this was a case in which someone has admitted recklessly transmitting HIV to another person."

  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission
    Malawi First Country to Put HIV Positive Pregnant Women On ARVs
    AllAfrica | 16 hours ago

    President Arthur Peter Mutharika says Malawi was the first country to adopt a policy of putting all HIV positive pregnant and breast feeding women on anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs regardless of their CD4 Count.

  • Drug-resistant TB
    Acquired rifampicin resistance more likely in HIV-coinfected patients
    Healio | 16 hours ago

    Patients with HIV and tuberculosis were more likely to develop acquired rifampicin resistance when treated with a thrice-weekly tuberculosis treatment compared with patients not coinfected with HIV, according to researchers from the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis in India. The rate of bacteriologic failure was 4% among patients without HIV. Among patients with HIV, the rates were 9% for those not receiving ART and 5% for those receiving ART.

  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    Aiming For HIV's Weak Spot - The new generation of gp120 entry inhibitors
    C&EN - Chemical and Engineering News | 17 hours ago

    A small molecule (green) binds within a cavity on the HIV protein gp120. Amino acid residues that contribute only to binding affinity are colored blue, and those that contribute strongly to binding as well as the protein's conformational change are ...

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