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  • Hepatitis C treatment
    The 2017 Hepatitis C Community Summit – a key step on the road to elimination
    BMC Blogs Network (blog) | 4 hours ago

    In the lead-up to the annual International Liver Congress (ILC) in Amsterdam, Eberhard Schatz of the Correlation Network writes about the Hepatitis C Community Summit that will be held in Amsterdam on the 18-19th of April to focus on community-related initiatives and their key role in the hepatitis C elimination movement. Read more about the Summit and register here.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Gilead hepatitis C drug patent faces European challenge
    Reuters | 4 hours ago

    International groups representing doctors and patients have launched a fresh challenge to the patent on Gilead Sciences' hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir at the European Patent Office in order to increase access to the treatment.

  • Testing policies and guidelines
    HIV testing should be seen as routine practice, says NICE in new draft quality standard
    NICE | 6 hours ago

    Millions of people could be offered HIV tests during routine appointments as outlined by NICE.

  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)
    How many Americans are Gay?
    Time | 7 hours ago

    As the LGBT population moves into its full and equal place in public life, many people are asking an old question with new urgency: just how many LGBT Americans are there? After centuries in the shadows, many experts believe that we need a full accounting of the nation’s LGBT population and how they live for legal, economic and health reasons. Now, for the first time, a group of experts from 21 federal agencies are working on a project to figure out how to do just that. The results could pave the way for first-ever surveys of America’s sexual orientations and gender identities and influence everything from local laws to military policy to health care.

  • PrEP
    Victoria slams Australian federal government for inaction on PrEP
    Star Observer | 10 hours ago

    The Victorian Government has announced it will provide additional funding towards the state’s pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) trial to give nearly 4,000 people access to the HIV prevention pill. Victoria called on the federal government to take action and provide additional funding for high-risk people to access PrEP now. However, these calls were not responded to.

  • Access to medicines and treatment
    Pharma could take NHS England to court over new delaying tactics
    PharmaPhorum | 10 hours ago

    Pharma and patient groups are dismayed by new cost-capping and delaying measures, which they say will further restrict access to new medicines in England.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    Industry links with patient organisations
    BMJ | 10 hours ago

    A healthy relationship is possible if based on integrity, independence, accountability, and transparency.

  • People who inject drugs
    HIV and Hepatitis C are No Longer the Most Serious Infectious Threats to People Who Inject Drugs
    NEJM blogs | 10 hours ago

    Endocarditis and other invasive bacterial infections are not nearly as feared as HIV and HCV, despite the fact that the former are far more immediately life threatening and way more difficult to treat.

  • Finance and funding
    Meet The People Fighting To Save One Of The Last Remaining HIV Care Centres
    BuzzFeed | 11 hours ago

    The Sussex Beacon in Brighton has been caring for the sick and dying since 1992. But cuts threaten its future. For how much longer can it survive? BuzzFeed News investigates.

  • PrEP
    Frame PrEP as part of a ‘healthy sex life’ for better adherence
    BETA blog | 11 hours ago

    Brief, empowering messaging around pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can lead to better medication adherence, new research has found. When PrEP counselors framed PrEP as part of a healthy sex life, new PrEP clients were significantly more likely to have high levels of adherence to the medication. This was true even among demographics that typically struggle with adherence including young people and people of color.

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