The 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017), organised by the International AIDS Society, is taking place in Paris, France, from 23-26 July 2017.

Conference highlights

Treatment as prevention

Swaziland: new infections halved in five years as HIV treatment scales up.

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Treatment as prevention

International study of gay couples reports no transmissions from an HIV-positive partner on treatment.


London gonorrhoea rates fall, and HIV rates falling in Australia as more join PrEP demo.

Advanced HIV

WHO recommends package of tests, treatment and prevention for 'urgent need' people with HIV with low CD4 counts.

Injectable antiretrovirals

Long-acting cabotegravir + rilpivirine injection shows good results at 96 weeks.

HIV testing

High uptake of HIV self testing by female sex workers in African countries.

Opportunistic infections

Improved treatment for cryptococcal meningitis in HIV could save thousands of lives – if generic drug becomes available.

90-90-90 target

World on track to reach the 90-90-90 targets for HIV treatment by 2020.

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Tweets from IAS 2017

  • International study of gay couples reports no transmissions from an #HIV-positive partner on treatment #IAS201725 Jul 2017 02:28
  • "When #keypopulations are ignored or stigmatized, #HIV spreads." - @LindaGailBekker #IAS2017 @iasociety @DTHF_SA25 Jul 2017 02:01
  • 12000 insertive sex msm, 0 transmissions in couples, 3 from outside, tasp and varying degrees of prep #IAS201725 Jul 2017 01:43
  • Dr. Gotham: $90 per person can be new ceiling price for treating #HIV, #TB, #HCV & #HBV. #IAS2017 @HIVpxresearch @IAS_conference25 Jul 2017 01:42
  • #IAS2017: AIDS-related deaths comprise 54% of overall inpatient deaths in Nsanje hospital, #Malawi. Of these 29% occur within first 48 hours25 Jul 2017 01:15
  • New @WHO guidance says start #HIV treatment within 7 days of diagnosis - & at once if patient is willing. #IAS2017 Jul 2017 01:13
  • #IAS2017 #MSF calls for the wide implementation of new WHO guidelines for advanced HIV and strengthened hospital-based care.25 Jul 2017 12:42
  • French #PrEP Ipergay trial found 29% of participants report at least one occasion of #Chemsex, also associated with high risk sex. #IAS201725 Jul 2017 01:03
  • #IAS2017 #MSF: While increased access to ART has led to reduced deaths, these gains have been limited for those people with advanced HIV.25 Jul 2017 12:39
  • "La situation du #Sida en Europe de l'est est catastrophique, on peut le dire" Michel #Kazatchkine #ONU #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:36
  • New integrase inhibitor bictegravir works well for first-line HIV treatment Jul 2017 07:51
  • Great conference in a great city! @IAS_conference #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:28
  • You need to be able to tell your provider that you are gay and you have sex differently - Ifeanyi Orazulike #KeyPops #stigma #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:24
  • @deanjpeacock: programs exist to get #men engaged in #HIV services. How do we get sustained investments?. @SonkeTogether #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:23
  • Integrase inhibitors not causing higher rates of adverse birth outcomes, Botswana and French studies show #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:16
  • #AmbBirx: "The next 24 months need to be about ensuring everyone has equitable access" to #HIV services." #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:14
  • @PEPFAR's Deb Birx: We must show impact of HIV investment but ALSO counter-factuals (what'd have happened without HIV investment) #IAS201725 Jul 2017 12:00
  • "We know what govts need to do to support communities to be successful with HIV. Must address structural barriers.” #AmbBirx #IAS201725 Jul 2017 11:53
  • New guidance says start HIV treatment within 7 days of diagnosis - but is everyone ready? #IAS201725 Jul 2017 11:43
  • #PHIA data show awareness of HIV status lower among young people #IAS201725 Jul 2017 11:40
  • "One of the first things HIV showed us was really how interdependent our world’s health is.” @Kazatchkine #IAS2017 #IntegratedDev25 Jul 2017 11:30
  • Hepatitis C treatment is effective and feasible in Africa Jul 2017 07:51
  • Study done in 20 high #HIV/TB burden countries showed that stock outs of commodities (e.g. HIV test, ART, IPT) hamper progress. #IAS201724 Jul 2017 02:48
  • Dr. Birx @PEPFAR : Critical key in #HIV response is not only universal ARV access, but also universal #ViralLoad testing #IAS2017 #UequalsU24 Jul 2017 02:47
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis works: how do we successfully implement it in low resource settings? #IAS2017 @vuglobalhealth24 Jul 2017 02:39
  • "With #HIV self-testing we are reaching key populations - who otherwise may not come for a test" - Karin Hatzold of @PSIimpact #ias201724 Jul 2017 02:36
  • High uptake of HIV self testing by female sex workers in African countries Jul 2017 05:07
  • Fauci: #UequalsU only applies if you are U -- not just about being on treatment, but about being #HIV undetectable #IAS201724 Jul 2017 02:36
  • Swaziland MOH announces 46% drop in HIV incidence, virally suppressed up from 35% to 73%- credits expanded nat'l treatment. #pepfar #ias201724 Jul 2017 02:12
  • V Delpech @PHE_uk - The term #migrants should be banned, as it is such an heterogeneous group & it has no #medical meaning #IAS2017 #HIV24 Jul 2017 01:57
  • brilliant session on inflammation, even packed in the breakout area #IAS201724 Jul 2017 01:44
  • South African child has controlled HIV off treatment for 8.5 years Jul 2017 06:27
  • Phanuphak: collaboration is important, but the most important person is the policy maker: mayor, regional governor, even President #IAS201724 Jul 2017 01:43
  • Maria Prins suggests that zero new HIV infections is a realistic and imminent target for Amsterdam. #IAS201724 Jul 2017 01:30
  • Evidence at #IAS2017 of need to combat hardship in migrant communities to help combat HIV.24 Jul 2017 12:58
  • Next question concerns healthcare system in the US and how this impacts upon individuals living with HIV #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:44
  • "It's still very early in this administration - there are opportunities to grown, opportunities to do better" Gregorio Millett #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:45
  • "I think, when governments fail you, you need to resist and change them" Solange Baptiste #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:48
  • Big success story at #IAS2017 is the halving of new #HIV infections in #Swaziland due to expanded treatment access: Jul 2017 12:46
  • Swaziland: new infections halved in five years as HIV treatment scales up Jul 2017 10:40
  • We need to talk more about #mental health & #HIV prevention, treatment and care. #IAS2017 @IAS_conference24 Jul 2017 12:43
  • @carolinesabin Lucid and insightful as usual, on confounding in cohort studies, which artificially inflate rates of comorbidities #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:42
  • Less frequent clinic visits for HIV care: fine tuning needed Jul 2017 06:27
  • UNAIDS @MichelSidibe identifies city leadership as key force to tackle #HIV @SadiqKhan @londoncouncils @NHSEnglandLDN @PHE_London #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:42
  • Focus on cities - Fast Track cities bring the targets of 90:90:90 into clarity in the fight against HIV/AIDS #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:40
  • “We either move forward or move back.There is no static in the fight against #HIV@LindaGailBekker #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:38
  • HIV cuts aren't only concern, US has also implemented expanded #globalgagrule - @Clubinski #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:34
  • Improved treatment for cryptococcal meningitis in HIV could save thousands of lives – if generic drug becomes… Jul 2017 05:54
  • Donors expect to find ready-made CBOs. But the reality is that technical & financial investment is still needed! #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:22
  • "The progress we have made have been remarkable and we cannot afford to let it slip away" Gregorio Millett @amfAR #IAS201724 Jul 2017 12:17

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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

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