NAM is the official provider of online scientific reporting at the 7th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2013), which will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 30th June-3rd July 2013.

Conference highlights

Stem cell transplants

Two stem cell transplant recipients now controlling HIV off treatment.

Conference bulletins

In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

Drug policy and public health

Experts discuss role of drug policy in HIV, hepatitis and TB epidemics.

Reducing the HIV reservoir

Treatment at a CD4 count above 500 reduces the HIV reservoir.

HIV treatment for children

Children with HIV need earlier diagnosis and new drug combinations.

HIV cure research

A symposium at IAS 2013 looked at current and future HIV cure research.

HIV and ageing

Management of age-related conditions is 'the future of HIV care'.

Tweets from IAS 2013

We're collecting some of the tweets from the conference.

New WHO guidance

WHO issues new HIV recommendations.

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  • IAS 2013 was great. Brazil, Trinidad, Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, and the USA keen to dialogue more about GBV prevention. Now it's #hometime04 Jul 2013 01:51
  • And a big thank you to everyone who's been sharing #IAS2013 news. We really love to see it reaching a wide audience, being read and debated!05 Jul 2013 11:46
  • The #IAS2013 theme that interested me the most - the rapid expansion of HIV treatment as prevention in China, SE Asia Jul 2013 10:54
  • First-line antiretroviral therapy has improved over time, meta-analysis shows #IAS201305 Jul 2013 09:18
  • Here's our fourth news bulletin from the IAS conference – there will be one more next week: #IAS2013 #HIV04 Jul 2013 07:34
  • Well done #IAS2013- 5,220 participants,127 countries, 2131 abstracts, 12298 Facebook fans, 2287+ tweets Jul 2013 06:25
  • Intervention with cash lottery prizes cuts HIV infection by 39% in young women in Lesotho #IAS201304 Jul 2013 03:02
  • Ambitious plans for treatment as prevention in Asia, but challenges remain #IAS201304 Jul 2013 03:02
  • Dolutegravir superior to raltegravir for treatment-experienced people with HIV #IAS201304 Jul 2013 02:02
  • #IAS2013 Reduced efavirenz dose suppresses HIV as well as standard dose Jul 2013 01:57
  • Anyone else is having post #IAS2013 syndrome? I know I do.04 Jul 2013 12:12
  • Pics from @_IAS2013 are on our Facebook page: @iasociety #HIV04 Jul 2013 12:03
  • Francoise Barre-Sinoussi condems compulsary #HIV testing in Greec at #IAS2013 closing session. @ProfWetpaint Jul 2013 08:55
  • #IAS2013 Toutes les dernieres nouvelles Jul 2013 08:46
  • PrEP appears safe for use in conception, but may not be necessary if partner is taking treatment #IAS201304 Jul 2013 07:56
  • Bangkok PrEP study finds PrEP efficacy is related to drug exposure #IAS201304 Jul 2013 07:56
  • Study supports WHO recommendations for second-line HIV therapy in resource-limited countries #IAS201304 Jul 2013 07:56
  • TB at #IAS2013: See rapporteurs report on #TB at Jul 2013 06:51
  • I am still in #KL. #ias2013 is over. Bravo #Malaysia for the amazing work and infrastructure.04 Jul 2013 04:26
  • Last night was a nice conclusion to one of the most exciting events I’ve participated so far. Thanks for the great experience, #IAS2013. :’)04 Jul 2013 12:39
  • #IAS2013 session WEAB01 abstracts +slides -- Reach for the Top: Can We Perfect Current ART? #HIV Jul 2013 03:41
  • Proud to be a supporter of #IAS2013. Check out this year's conference stats: Jul 2013 07:10
  • #IAS2013 WEPL01Wednesday Plenary Session webcast and slides #HIV Jul 2013 05:04
  • Generally, #IAS2013 has been overflowing with HIV cure-related discussion and research. A true cure remains a ways off, but buzz is way up.03 Jul 2013 04:20
  • It's been an HIV-curetastic week at #IAS2013. Earlier this week, we saw a report of a newly reported "functional cure" in a man in his 60s.03 Jul 2013 04:16
  • #IAS2013 Another French study, with chronic #HIV patients => seems to confirm importance of early treatment, even with high CD4 2/303 Jul 2013 03:29
  • ARK Mozambique found SMS messages can help keep #HIV patients in urban areas in treatment, keeping them healthy #IAS2013 #mHealth03 Jul 2013 02:49
  • First-ever community-randomised combination prevention trial produces modest drop in HIV incidence, big... #IAS201303 Jul 2013 02:42
  • Our third news bulletin from the @_IAS2013 conference is out now: #IAS2013 #HIV03 Jul 2013 02:40
  • In 2011, 56% of pregnant women w/ #HIV received the most effective drug regimens (as recommended by WHO) to PMTCT of the virus #IAS201303 Jul 2013 01:06
  • Barre-Sinoussi, president, of #ias, has just denounced the #Greek government for its decree on forced #hiv testing of sex workers. #IAS201303 Jul 2013 12:33
  • #IAS2013: F Barré-Sinoussi: urges #Greek govt to rethink reintroduction of mandatory #HIV testing & detention of sex workers03 Jul 2013 12:33
  • Greece makes discriminatory, ill-informed, and harmful decision to implement mandatory testing and detainment of FSW. @_IAS2013 #IAS201303 Jul 2013 12:33
  • #IAS2013: F Barré-Sinoussi: There will be no end to the #HIV epidemic without advancing human rights in parallel03 Jul 2013 12:32
  • #IAS2013: R Hamzah: Don’t want to live in a world where only work for #transgender people is sex work #HIV03 Jul 2013 12:21
  • Two stem cell transplant recipients now controlling HIV off treatment #IAS201303 Jul 2013 12:08
  • Story on #BostonPatients filling the "airwaves" #IAS2013 #HIV...03 Jul 2013 12:08
  • Andrew Hill: #Patent & #TPPA trade deals are one of the barriers to access fair cost of #ARV. #HIV #IAS201303 Jul 2013 10:25
  • 03 Jul 2013 09:36
  • @WHO rep argues that we don't need randomized trials to see what works in #HIV service integration. Local evidence, common sense #IAS201303 Jul 2013 09:06
  • How can most-at-risk populations be encouraged to seek HIV testing? #IAS201303 Jul 2013 08:06
  • Kick, kill, contain – researchers examine three possible steps in a cure for HIV #IAS201303 Jul 2013 08:06
  • Nice report from @AIDSmap on our session with @DNDI_HQ and @UNITAID on Monday at #IAS2013 Jul 2013 07:57
  • Joseph Doyle addressed the problem whether the use of ART has an impact of unprotected sex, STI transmissions and IVDU behaviour. #IAS201303 Jul 2013 07:17
  • Chelsea&Westminster report on real-world naive/switch ETR use adds to our knowledge of safety, efficacy, tolerability #IAS201303 Jul 2013 06:47
  • Boyd: MI risk incidences increases with prolonged #ARV exposure over time #IAS201303 Jul 2013 06:45
  • Mark Boyd speaking on #cardiovascular complication in #HIV infected individuals #IAS201303 Jul 2013 06:32
  • Pleased to see social stigma dialogues this morning at the International AIDS conference. #ias201303 Jul 2013 06:30
  • See Paul Munyao Munsa's poster on electronic medical records in HIV care & treatment in exhibition hall at #ias2013.03 Jul 2013 06:29
  • Don't miss out today: JIAS workshop on #scientific writing & #publishing at the #IAS2013 Conference on in #Malaysia. Jul 2013 06:19

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