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If you’re worried you might have HIV, or if you have been diagnosed with HIV, it can really help to talk to someone about your situation.

As well as doctors and other medical professionals, there are lots of community organisations that offer information, support and advice.

You can use our e-atlas to find different types of support, as well as medical services.

Finding local services in the UK

If you’re looking for somewhere to have an HIV test, or for an HIV clinic for treatment and care, remember that you can go to any NHS clinic, it doesn’t have to be the one nearest to you.

However, if you are looking for services such as advice or counselling, there may be ‘catchment areas’, which means you have to live in the area that organisation covers. If you’re not sure, it’s best just to ask – if an organisation can’t help you, they will probably know of another organisation that can.

We are based in the UK and have lots of information on UK services.

You can look for local services using the e-atlas section of this website.

The UK’s largest HIV charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust, has a national helpline you can call for confidential support and information. Their advisers can also help you find services in the UK. THT Direct’s telephone number is 0808 802 1221.


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