Chinese activist reported released from detention

Julian Meldrum, Julian Meldrum
Published: 20 September 2002

Dr Wan Yan Hai, who was detained last month in Beijing as reported here, is reported to have been released and has spoken to his wife, Su Zhaosheng, from his apartment in the city. Dr Wan was detained on 24 August shortly before he was due to receive a human rights award in Canada, which was presented in his absence. His disappearance led to protests in several cities including New York, Paris and Hong Kong, and his wife has thanked everyone who took action to make the Chinese authorities aware of the level of concern for his welfare.

According to the BBC, Dr Wan has accepted an admonition from the authorities for breaking official secrecy rules. He admitted that he had broken the law in releasing an unpublished report that showed local officials in Henan Province had known for some years about the extent of the HIV disaster caused by malpractice in blood plasma collection. It is unclear whether he faces any further action.