The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2015) took place in Seattle, USA, 23rd-26th February 2015.

Conference highlights


Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) stops 86% of HIV infections in PROUD study.

Conference bulletins

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Hepatitis and HIV

Two interferon-free regimens show high HCV cure rates for people with HIV and HCV co-infection.

PrEP: Ipergay

Pre-exposure prophylaxis also stops 86% of HIV infections in Ipergay study.

HIV treatment in Africa

Starting treatment with CD4 above 500 reduces risk of serious illness & death by 44%, African trial shows.

Drug-resistant TB

XDR-TB in South Africa is largely spread person-to-person, not by failure of drug treatment.

Mother-to-child transmission

Seven-country study shows triple-drug combination superior for preventing infant HIV infection.

Conference news

Catch up on the research presented at the conference.

HIV drug in development

HIV maturation inhibitor BMS-955176 looks promising in early study.

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Tweets from CROI 2015

  • Our third summary news bulletin from #CROI2015 is online now (planning one more next week): Feb 2015 03:28
  • Two interferon-free regimens show high HCV cure rates for people with HIV and HCV co-infection #CROI201527 Feb 2015 01:07
  • It's been a great #CROI2015 everyone! Learned a lot, talked to great people, and hope to see everyone next year in Boston! :)27 Feb 2015 01:44
  • Goodbye #CROI2015 til next year, but plenty more #HIV & #hepC news coverage coming in the days ahead27 Feb 2015 02:15
  • #CROI2015 Tracy Swan: There's a deep & abiding bias against treating people who use drugs that is no longer acceptable #hepC27 Feb 2015 02:04
  • Marion Peters on U.S. HCV drug Rx: "You can talk all you like about your favorite drug, but it'll be what the insurer tells you." #CROI201527 Feb 2015 01:57
  • Abstracts and posters from #CROI2015 are now available to everyone (previously just for conference delegates): Feb 2015 09:45
  • Instead of a twitter embargo,let's have a please-dont-block-the-screen-with-your-giant-tablet-to-take-pictures embargo #CROI201527 Feb 2015 01:49
  • 27 Feb 2015 01:19
  • No HIV transmissions from HIV-positive partner seen in Australian gay couples study #CROI201527 Feb 2015 01:10
  • US PEPFAR abstinence and faithfulness funding had no impact on sexual behaviour in Africa #CROI201527 Feb 2015 01:10
  • The final sessions of #CROI2015 are underway. I'm in the one on "new frontiers and controversies" in HCV - my third HCV session of the week.27 Feb 2015 12:07
  • Partners Demonstration proj results show potential impact of combining #HIV prevention options to slow #HIV epidemic #AIDSFreeGen #CROI201526 Feb 2015 10:10
  • No impact by @PEPFAR on abstinence and faithfulness despite spending billions suggesting funds could be better spent elsewhere #CROI201526 Feb 2015 10:09
  • Naggie: We need to recruit more black patients into trials before concluding they have equally good responses in HCV trials. #CROI201526 Feb 2015 09:54
  • ART scale-up in a South African community freed up hospital capacity, thereby improving efficiency of health care utilization #CROI201526 Feb 2015 09:47
  • Grace McComsey at #CROI2015 reminds audience that body fat issues - particularly lipohypertrophy - is still a big deal for many ppl w/ HIV.26 Feb 2015 09:00
  • PEPFAR has spent 1.3 billion dollars on abstinence and faithfulness campaigns with no impact on sexual risk behaviour. #croi201526 Feb 2015 08:17
  • TAF data still looks nice, not sure there was much we didn't already know #croi2015 $gild26 Feb 2015 08:04
  • Tenofovir alafenamide equally effective but safer for kidneys and bones than current formulation #CROI201527 Feb 2015 09:48
  • Translations of our 2nd #CROI2015 bulletin are online in French, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish (Russian to follow!): Feb 2015 07:36
  • #CROI2015 Hepatitis C session title is "Mission Accomplished" -- but not really until the cost comes down. #HepC26 Feb 2015 05:59
  • Treating lung disease in kids with #HIV #pediatricHIV would allow them to “keep up with their friends in soccer” - Engi Attia #CROI201526 Feb 2015 05:33
  • FCowan-Eliminating sexual violence could avert 17-20% HIV infect. Decriminalizing sex work could avert 33-46% HIV infects. #CROI201526 Feb 2015 05:27
  • Frances Cowan #CROI2015 plenary: community empowerment is the gel that holds effective sex-worker prevention together26 Feb 2015 05:18
  • Should all HIV+ ppl take statin? REPRIEVE study will randomize “low CHD risk” HIV+ ppl to pitavastatin vs placebo #CROI201526 Feb 2015 05:05
  • #CROI2015: Weekend Off Treatment Work Well for Some Young People with #HIV [VIDEO]: Feb 2015 05:03
  • Grinspoon: statins affect both traditional and nontraditional CHD risk factors in HIV #CROI201526 Feb 2015 05:01
  • LRT: The only "catch" to that portal is that slide presentations made up roughly 10% of all the studies presented at #CROI2015.26 Feb 2015 04:58
  • Following #CROI2015 from afar? In Seattle but missed something? Audio, slides and video are available here: Feb 2015 04:55
  • RElion-Financial incentives increased engagement in care (more regulr attend) & viral supression, did not increase linkage to care #CROI201526 Feb 2015 04:30
  • Catching up with research presented at #CROI2015? Our second summary bulletin is now online here: Feb 2015 03:34
  • Presentation by Dr. Barlow-Mosha: 92% of children remaining in follow up in #P1060 have virologic control (<400 cps/mL) #CROI2015 #webcast26 Feb 2015 03:22
  • My messages from #CROI2015 3. A lot of mention of the goal of 90-90-90 for #HIV care26 Feb 2015 03:04
  • From @gnpplus, New study on PrEP offers hope but a rights-based approach must be central: #CROI201526 Feb 2015 02:44
  • Partners Demo project among serodiscordant couples showed delivering #PrEP 4 #HIV neg & ART 4 #HIV pos ⇩ infection risk by 96% #CROI201526 Feb 2015 01:52
  • Poor kidney function in patients with HIV predicts neurocognitive decline with undetectable viral load. #CROI2015 @GMHC26 Feb 2015 01:25
  • Stopping cotrimoxazole during ART raises risk of bacterial illness, malaria, Ugandan trial shows: #CROI201526 Feb 2015 11:17
  • HIV maturation inhibitor BMS-955176 looks promising in early study #CROI201526 Feb 2015 09:52
  • Watch webcast of Di Gibb's plenary on Preventing and Managing Paediatric HIV #CROI2015 Feb 2015 08:55
  • Starting HIV treatment at CD4 count above 500 reduces the risk of serious illness and death by 44%,… #CROI201526 Feb 2015 08:18
  • Combining PrEP and ART could almost eliminate HIV infection, east African study finds #CROI201526 Feb 2015 07:07
  • XDR-TB in South Africa is largely spread person-to-person, not by failure of drug treatment #CROI201526 Feb 2015 06:34
  • The ANRS TEMPRANO results have been released - very important findings #HIV #ART #IPT #CROI2015 Feb 2015 06:04
  • BMS 955176 (Maturation inhibitor) AI468002 - dosing ranging study 1.7 log drop in HIV VL at 40 mg #CROI201526 Feb 2015 01:58
  • RElion- "Limitations of TasP are limits of humanity: stigma, delivery models, integration of biomedical prevention, & resources" #CROI201526 Feb 2015 01:52
  • #CervicalCancer progression demonstrated over 1 year among HIV-positive women despite high CD4 and viral suppression. #CROI201526 Feb 2015 01:33
  • So I am gathering from all these many #croi2015 presentations that HCV drugs work real good. I may be wrong though26 Feb 2015 01:31
  • Before anyone else asks, NA-ACCORD ABC/MI results are virtually the same as D:A:D's, reported in 2008. Will people believe it now? #CROI201526 Feb 2015 01:29
  • Temprano shows that immediate ART significantly reduces risk of severe HIV morbidity and mortality-even with baseline CD4 >500. #CROI201526 Feb 2015 01:02

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