The 21st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2014) took place in Boston, USA, 3rd-6th March 2014.

Conference highlights

Treatment as prevention

No-one with an undetectable viral load, gay or heterosexual, transmits HIV in two years of PARTNER study.

Conference news

All our news reporting on the research presented at the conference.

Injectable PrEP

Monkey studies confirm viability of injectable HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drug.

Hep C treatment

Six-week oral treatment can cure hard-to-treat hepatitis C patients.

Maternal deaths

Maternal deaths due to HIV not declining despite PMTCT successes in South Africa.

HIV and HCV co-infection

Faldaprevir plus interferon and ribavirin cures hepatitis C in most people with HIV/HCV co-infection.

Conference bulletins

We published four free conference bulletins, in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

First-line HIV treatment

New NNRTI doravirine matches efavirenz for first-line HIV treatment.

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Tweets from CROI 2014

  • I wanted to get up and cheer when Guy Harling presented the ‘sugar-daddy’ findings at #CROI2014. Finally evidence to replace conjecture11 Mar 2014 10:54
  • Lots of interesting talks on HIV prevention at #CROI2014, webcasts available here: Mar 2014 03:27
  • All slides and webcasts from #CROI2014 now up at; lots to watch on treatment, HepC, ARV-based prevention, cure & more07 Mar 2014 01:27
  • Protected T-cells persist and proliferate in HIV gene therapy study #CROI201407 Mar 2014 01:27
  • Raltegravir has the edge over two protease inhibitors in three-drug comparison study #CROI201407 Mar 2014 11:52
  • The 'Boston patients' experience HIV rebound after stem cell transplants #CROI201407 Mar 2014 09:49
  • So a study presented at #CROI2014 found that 'sugar daddies’ are not really driving HIV. Wow. Now what must happen?07 Mar 2014 05:35
  • Younger women not at higher risk of HIV from relationships with older men, South African study finds #CROI201407 Mar 2014 04:10
  • Had a wonderful time at #CROI2014 ! Some great research and some great researchers! See you next year!07 Mar 2014 03:14
  • Self-testing encourages very high uptake of HIV testing in Malawi study #CROI201407 Mar 2014 02:07
  • Male life expectancy nine years shorter due to lower male uptake of HIV treatment in rural South Africa #CROI201407 Mar 2014 12:04
  • Great work by NYC Public Health on 2013 meningococcal outbreak in gay men: >23k vaccines; used social media; no cases x 1 yr. #CROI201406 Mar 2014 10:49
  • Well that was informative. Lots of HIV aspects I don't usually see, ending with anal Chlymydia LGV in MSM. #croi2014 Happy travels everyone06 Mar 2014 10:43
  • In final #CROI2014 session on The Road To Elimination: Preventing and Treating HIV Infection in Infants.06 Mar 2014 10:28
  • Title of the #CROI2014 session devoted to research toward the HIV cure was titled "Persistence." That may refer to us as much as the virus.06 Mar 2014 09:38
  • Women, not vectors! C Mnyani: “'We’ve emphasized #PMTCT but haven’t really emphasized saving mothers". #CROI2014 #HIV06 Mar 2014 09:24
  • High rates of COPD exacerbations in HIV patients #CROI201406 Mar 2014 07:28
  • Last day of #CROI2014. It has been very educational. Looking forward to next year.06 Mar 2014 04:55
  • What is the most exciting thing you've seen so far at #CROI2014 ? Extra points for obscurity. #AIDS06 Mar 2014 04:46
  • The evidence linking statins and diabetes is a "mess" Dr. McComsey #CROI201406 Mar 2014 04:25
  • Talks on vitamin D remind me I haven't been outdoors since Sunday... #conference @HynesBeacon #CROI201406 Mar 2014 03:53
  • “We put an emphasis on preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV but we haven’t really put an emphasis on saving the mothers” #CROI201406 Mar 2014 03:41
  • #HIV self testing is a great advance but will add to the difficulties of tracking the cascade of care #CROI201406 Mar 2014 03:38
  • Interesting PEPFAR talk. Biggest foreseable improvement in HIV pandemics fight will come from managing decisions?#CROI201406 Mar 2014 02:50
  • Dr. Stefano Bertozzi: Are there tipping points in HIV prevention? #plenary #CROI201406 Mar 2014 02:31
  • #CROI2014 Bertozzi: Inexcusable how long it has taken to review quality of care; not just pushing drugs but suppression and extending life.06 Mar 2014 02:27
  • S Bertozzi "What we want to buy [with aid money] is not people getting drugs, what we want to buy is extension of life." #croi201406 Mar 2014 02:26
  • Bertozzi plenary--should look at cost/(pt treated and suppressed) not number of people on art #CROI201406 Mar 2014 02:25
  • S. Bertozi discussing @PEPFAR at #CROI2014 : "Mozambique & Nigeria are the only original PEPFAR countries with no reduction in AIDS deaths"06 Mar 2014 02:13
  • Final plenary! Dr. Stefano Bertozzi on PEPFAR/Global Fund @ 10 Years: Past, Present, Future #CROI201406 Mar 2014 02:09
  • The second of our summary bulletins from #CROI2014 is on its way to subscribers now - you can find it online here: Mar 2014 01:42
  • Day 4 and 'sunny day at #CROI2014 PLenary on type I IFN, Persistence Oral Abstract session and Discussion on Bone Marrow Transplants. Enjoy!06 Mar 2014 01:34
  • A milestone year for #HIV & #HCV scientific journey. A lot of interesting talks at #CROI2014. Some exciting encouraging breakthroughs.06 Mar 2014 01:14
  • Raltegravir plus boosted darunavir shown to be safe and effective for first-line ART #CROI201406 Mar 2014 01:06
  • HIV attachment inhibitor BMS-663068 shows good safety and efficacy in phase 2b study #CROI201406 Mar 2014 01:06
  • Pourquoi aucun média "traditionnel" ne parle des résultats de l'étude #Partner? Cela permettrait de déstigmatiser les séropos #VIH #CROI201406 Mar 2014 06:36
  • Most NB news from #CROI2014 so far: Mar 2014 05:55
  • Susan Cu-Uvin led an interesting #CROI2014 session on reproductive hormones/HIV today. Her opening starts at 1:50.06 Mar 2014 04:44
  • Maternal deaths due to HIV not declining despite PMTCT successes in South Africa #CROI201406 Mar 2014 04:20
  • #croi2014 has been very HCV focused.06 Mar 2014 03:35
  • HIV incidence at record high in young gay black men in southern USA #CROI201406 Mar 2014 12:45
  • Interested in HIV research & wishing you were at #CROI2014? Lots of webcasts here: (though being here more fun!)06 Mar 2014 12:15
  • People with HIV more likely to die after diagnosis of many common cancers in US #CROI201406 Mar 2014 12:15
  • #CROI2014 Helleringer: target the right individual then prevention can have a big impact.05 Mar 2014 10:28
  • #CROI2014 Merck's new #HIV NNRTI gets a name: doravirine. Now, what's the holdup with naming AbbVie's #hepC drugs?05 Mar 2014 10:27
  • "A pity if we think ART is going to take care of everything"—Andrew Phillips' modelling reinforces role of condom use in MSM #CROI201405 Mar 2014 10:01
  • 10% increase in condomless (or PrEP-less) sex causes an enormous increase in transmission #croi2014 Phillips in UK05 Mar 2014 09:53
  • #CROI2014: Mississippi Baby Remains Free of #HIV [VIDEO]: Mar 2014 09:45
  • Who knew. MDR TB upregulates efflux pumps when exposed to rifampin which remove the active agent ofloxacin #CROI2014.05 Mar 2014 09:21
  • Great (and televised) overview of TB resistance - pretty pics, excellent speaker, clear explanations #CROI201405 Mar 2014 09:12

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