The 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2013) took place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA, 3rd-6th March 2013.

Conference highlights

'Functional' cure in a child

HIV persists but no signs of new virus production after 12 months off treatment.

Conference bulletins

In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

HIV risk in US gay men

Black gay men run higher risk of HIV infection despite fewer partners.

TB treatment

Once-weekly continuation phase TB treatment equals standard of care.

Hepatitis C treatment

Real-world data on use of telaprevir and boceprevir in people with HIV and hepatitis C co-infection.

Condom use

First estimate since 1989 of condom efficacy in preventing transmission of HIV during anal sex.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis

The VOICE trial's disappointing result poses big questions for PrEP.

Tweets from CROI 2013

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Cenicriviroc phase IIb study

Dual CCR5/CCR2 inhibitor has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-HIV effect.

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  • Can people with drug-resistant #HIV omit NRTIs when switching from a failing regimen? #CROI #CROI201307 Mar 2013 04:48
  • Here's the third of our #CROI bulletins. Among other things, news on #HIV, #TB and #HBV: #CROI201307 Mar 2013 03:25
  • Currently at #CROI2013 with poster. Thanks to all for participation and support.07 Mar 2013 12:48
  • Dually active antiretroviral therapy protects against hepatitis B infection #aids #hiv #hepB Mar 2013 06:40
  • Watching #CROI presentations, eating vegan pesto, and loving life #publichealth #nerd07 Mar 2013 03:55
  • I survived #CROI2013. Adding to the list of things that this former AIDS baby has done before turning 30. #thankyouscience #byebyegp12007 Mar 2013 01:11
  • A take home from #croi - rush for DAA now or wait for IFN-free therapy? Fibrosis assessment in #HIV #hepC co-infection crucial for decision.07 Mar 2013 12:38
  • One of the best presentations at #CROI2013. Beyrer on the global HIV in MSM epidemic Mar 2013 12:16
  • Behind the Miracle Cure a Broken System Lurks from @HIVPrevJustice #hiv #aids #croi2013 #policy #healthcare06 Mar 2013 11:01
  • Alexander Pym - last lecture of #CROI- talking about how to make effective XDR treatment #worldTBday - watch it at Mar 2013 10:58
  • Alexander Pym #CROI asks are we over treating for MDRTB???06 Mar 2013 10:47
  • Soumya Swaminthan at #CROI2013 excellent presentation on TB in children and women,in children.06 Mar 2013 10:37
  • #CROI Exciting research into point of care viral load testing and early infant diagnosis. @Jhpiego @mchipnet06 Mar 2013 10:04
  • At #CROI conference center, these carts are EVERYWHERE. With 8 hrs of presentations a day, they know what we need. Mar 2013 07:18
  • Continuing cotrimoxazole in children on ART reduces the risk of hospitalisation #CROI06 Mar 2013 03:57
  • If like me you didn't make it to Atlanta - this is pretty neat: #CROI06 Mar 2013 03:55
  • I've seen several intriguing posters at #CROI that deserve more attention than they usually get (there's so many)! Hard to sum in 140 chars.06 Mar 2013 04:21
  • Slight increase in transmitted drug resistance in the US. Especially for NNRTIs #CROI201306 Mar 2013 03:59
  • Worrying pattern seen elsewhere too MT @aidsmap_news: Black MSM run higher risk of HIV despite fewer partners #CROI06 Mar 2013 03:17
  • next lecture- substantial burden of non-AIDS cancers in PLHIV, from Pune India - Sheela Godbole #CROI06 Mar 2013 03:10
  • The second of our news summary bulletins from #CROI is now available online: #CROI2013 #HIV #HCV06 Mar 2013 02:45
  • Plenary this morning on attempting to cure HIV with gene modified stem cell transplants. #CROI201306 Mar 2013 02:32
  • from magic mountain to table mountain lecture just ended, sobering #CROI #worldTBday #tuberculosis video will be on Mar 2013 02:00
  • A.Diacon @ #CROI 2013: "Participants of MDR drug clinical trial need to be followed up up to 1 y following completion of study"06 Mar 2013 01:49
  • Black gay men run higher risk of HIV infection despite fewer partners #CROI06 Mar 2013 01:19
  • RT @DrFriedenCDC: CDC at #CROI: #HIV-infected adults with healthcare coverage are more likely to have their virus under control. http:// ...06 Mar 2013 12:52
  • Dual CCR5/CCR2 inhibitor cenicriviroc has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-HIV effect #CROI #CROI2013 #HIV06 Mar 2013 10:27
  • New NNRTI MK-1439 shows promise in early clinical trial #CROI06 Mar 2013 10:03
  • Today is a full #TB day at #CROI 2013 including a plenary talk, oral abstracts, poster sessions and a symposium.06 Mar 2013 09:06
  • Small risk of neurological birth defects due to efavirenz confirmed in French cohort #CROI06 Mar 2013 05:20
  • There was a good and necessary discussion today at #CROI2013 about making sure HIV sequence data is untraceable back to people.06 Mar 2013 05:00
  • HIV treatment for children is safe and highly effective without laboratory monitoring in large African trial #CROI06 Mar 2013 04:15
  • #CROI video and slides -- Tuesday, 3/05/2013 -- Mar 2013 03:12
  • New interview with @whitehouse Office of Natl AIDS Policy Director Dr. Colfax discussing HIV research at #CROI: Mar 2013 01:09
  • no magic bullet - building HIV prevention response for young women requires multiple levels of intervention - Sinead Delany-Moretilwe #CROI05 Mar 2013 10:16
  • The #CROI #HIV restriction factor discussion on TRIM5alpha has gotten quite feisty!05 Mar 2013 10:09
  • Gary Harper re: HIV behav & biomed synergy: "You can make the best HIV pill, but if I don't put it in my mouth, it won't work." #CROI201305 Mar 2013 09:52
  • Brilliant, beautiful plenary by Chris Beyrer on global #HIV epidemic in gay/bisex/otherMSM #CROI #CROI2013 Watch at Mar 2013 09:18
  • MSF at #CROI: "Viral load monitoring is still 1 of the best tools we have to stay one step ahead of the virus” #HIV05 Mar 2013 08:55
  • Great session on HIV, contraception and fertility intentions at #CROI @Jhpiego @mchipnet @AnnePfitzer05 Mar 2013 07:20
  • Julio Montaner at #CROI 'it's more than just money that keeps people from accessing care' #sdoh05 Mar 2013 07:12
  • exome sequencing of elite and rapid HIV progressors, results form the exploratory pilot of the UK HIV Genomics consortium #CROI @EricTopol05 Mar 2013 07:11
  • In 20 city CDC study, gay/bisexual men w/ HIV who were already aware of their infection increased from 56% in 2008 to 66% in 2011. #CROI05 Mar 2013 05:57
  • CDC at #CROI: #HIV prevalence in gay/bisexual men in 20 cities remained steady at <20% from 2008 to 201105 Mar 2013 05:39
  • Today's #CROI bulletin is now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian on our #CROI2013 pages: Mar 2013 05:51
  • Cenicriviroc data looks nice -- lowers LDL too, daily dosing #CROI05 Mar 2013 05:13
  • #CROI ARROW trial reports benefit of cotrimoxazole for HIV+ kids even when on ART--less malaria, fewer hospitalizations @Jhpiego @mchipnet05 Mar 2013 04:37
  • We're watching out for new developments getting unveiled at #croi2013, some interesting breakthroughs being announced05 Mar 2013 04:34
  • Bulletin électronique en français sur les nouvelles de #CROI2013: #VIH #CROI05 Mar 2013 04:08
  • 05 Mar 2013 03:40

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