The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2017) took place in Seattle, USA from 13-16 February 2017.

Conference highlights

New York

When science, community and political will come together, we can end the epidemic, says New York commissioner.

Conference bulletins

Our conference bulletins are available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


Unique case of PrEP failure without drug resistance reported from Amsterdam.

Hepatitis C

New HCV infections among gay men with HIV drop by half after DAA roll-out in Netherlands.

The Rakai cohort

A benign circle: how a combination of factors has reduced HIV infections in one of the hardest-hit parts of Africa.

Mental health

Better depression care could improve outcomes for HIV treatment programmes.

New HIV drug

Integrase inhibitor bictegravir matches dolutegravir for first-line HIV treatment.

HIV vaccine research

Spanish vaccine induces viral control off ART in nearly 40% of recipients.

PrEP and STIs

STI rates in PrEP users very high, but evidence that PrEP increases them is inconclusive.

aidsmap news from CROI 2017

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Tweets from CROI 2017

  • MT @AniShakari: Gap in life expectancy for #HIV+ vs HIV- ppl at 9 yrs w/ access to care in US. #Croi2017 #smoking17 Feb 2017 03:30
  • 'Turning the corner on the #HIV epidemic in #Zimbabwe, #Malawi, and #Zambia' #CROI2017 #Croi201717 Feb 2017 03:15
  • Shannon Hader's #CROI2017 talk was excellent! Talking about youth bulge in a positive way (unlike Durban) is encouraging for #HIV response.17 Feb 2017 02:24
  • ICYMI: @DrDemetre most excellent plenary at #CROI2017. If you can make it there, ending the HIV epidemic in NYC. Feb 2017 02:22
  • Countries have the choice to lead and implement #HIV policies that can harness the power of the next generation. Shannon Hader #CROI201717 Feb 2017 02:16
  • Although it's better to share the successes at #Croi2017 we also need to discuss regions and countries that need mo… Feb 2017 10:07
  • Thanks to the BHIVA/MSD scholarship - feeling inspired and great opportunity to hear fantastic #hivresearch ! #BHIVA #Croi201717 Feb 2017 02:02
  • #Croi2017 has ended. Dr Flexner( long-acting drugs hottest area in #HIV ART )and @jrarribas ( simple ART: more complex than though@)17 Feb 2017 05:31
  • I honestly don't know what we should be doing to put Eastern Europe back on the map of #HIV response. My region is dying. #Croi201717 Feb 2017 04:47
  • #Croi2017 can we leverage HIV platforms of care for cervical CA prevention & care in SSA?17 Feb 2017 01:02
  • Flexner: long-acting drugs (like @GileadSciences capsid inhibitors) are hottest area in #HIV antiretroviral therapy right now #CROI201717 Feb 2017 12:37
  • Flexner tackling 5 popularly held myths on LA-ART. The first is that people with chronic illness prefer pills over injections. #CROI201717 Feb 2017 12:34
  • Unique case of PrEP failure without drug resistance reported from Amsterdam #CROI201717 Feb 2017 12:26
  • Zim-Chic study shows for first time copper IUD increases HIV target cells. Implications for ECHO trial? #croi201716 Feb 2017 11:07
  • Some new #HIV drugs in early development: GS-P1 protease, GS-9822 integrase, MK-8591 NRTTI, GS-9131 NRTI, PRO140 mAb #CROI201716 Feb 2017 09:52
  • Stopping smoking cuts the risk of some cancers quickly in people with HIV #CROI201717 Feb 2017 08:49
  • Great to see smoking cessation data presented at #CROI - some webecasts to check out tomorrow I think! #CROI2017 #tobacco #smoking #HIV16 Feb 2017 08:58
  • Smoking, total cholesterol and hypertension are the biggest drivers of heart attack among HIV+ folks, Keri Althoff says at #CROI2017. /116 Feb 2017 08:23
  • How fun! The Undetectables- a comic book-w/superheroes-that promotes achieving an undetectable viral load #CROI2017 @housingworks #NYCDHMH16 Feb 2017 07:47
  • Traditional CVD risk modification still most important to reduce heart attack risk in #HIV+. #CROI201716 Feb 2017 07:20
  • This #CROI2017 session on inflammation, cardiovascular risk and aging is like a clogged artery bulging with useful findings. In a good way.16 Feb 2017 07:13
  • Timothy Brown is 10 years HIV free and still no cure, but I'm in awe of all the researchers at #Croi2017 still tirelessly working towards it16 Feb 2017 07:03
  • Bart Rijnders: #HIV+ gay men in Netherlands very eager to receive #hepC treatment because they don't want to be infectious #CROI201716 Feb 2017 06:45
  • #Croi2017 abst 111, peer navigation improved retention in HIV care over 12 mo in South Africa.16 Feb 2017 06:29
  • #CROI2017 desperately needs Oral Sessions focused on #Transgender ppl. Most impacted ppl excluded. @IAS_USA @TransEquality @wpath @iasociety16 Feb 2017 06:20
  • Increasing incident rates of #hcv among HIV + MSM in San Diego. Higher risk among meth users and/or IDU. #Croi2017 #ucsdmed16 Feb 2017 06:18
  • Natasha Martin: Need rapid #hepC diagnosis, treatment & behavioral risk reduction to reduce #HCV infection among #HIV+ gay men #CROI201716 Feb 2017 06:13
  • HCV reinfection rate for HIV+ MSM in San Diego 2.9/100py, in pts tx'ed with IFN-containing regimens, lower than European cohorts #Croi201716 Feb 2017 06:11
  • Demetre Daskalakis sharing impressive progress in ending the AIDS epidemic #CROI2017. Community leaders and scientists can make a difference16 Feb 2017 05:38
  • Great plenary talk by @DrDemetre at #CROI2017! Fantastic work to end AIDS in NYC. Transforming std clinics & increased focus on meth users.16 Feb 2017 05:18
  • Inspiring talk @DrDemetre on ending HIV/ promoting "playsure". London could learn a lot as many key components at risk in my city. #Croi201716 Feb 2017 05:06
  • yay! @DrDemetre aced it, great talk on ending the HIV epidemic with love ❤ (and with sexual pleasure 😉) #PrEP #CROI2017 #newyork #NYC16 Feb 2017 05:04
  • 74% of persons living with HIV in #NCY are virally suppressed. That. Is. Huge. #croi2017 @DrDemetre16 Feb 2017 04:55
  • #Croi2017 @DrDemetre notes that >80% of new diagnoses of HIV in NYC are in people living in poverty. Heath equity a must to end HIV.16 Feb 2017 04:46
  • Interesting to hear Sharon Hillier at #croi2017 say 21 days for #PrEP protection for vaginal sex is probably over-cautious & mention 7 days16 Feb 2017 04:46
  • @DrDemetre shows there were ZERO mother-to-child HIV transmissions in #NYC in 2015. AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT! #croi201716 Feb 2017 04:44
  • Science + Community + political will = #EndAIDSNY2020 says @DrDemetre in his #Croi2017 plenary talk16 Feb 2017 04:34
  • It began in the street @DrDemetre #Croi201716 Feb 2017 04:33
  • First up this morning Demetre Daskalakis—If you can make it there: ending the #HIV epidemic in New York #CROI201716 Feb 2017 04:30
  • "The kick in the kick and kill HIV"cure" strategy is no longer relevant" Dr. Gert van Zyl, Stelenbosh University #CROI201716 Feb 2017 03:49
  • Our second #CROI2017 news summary bulletin is available online now: Feb 2017 03:20
  • New HIV infections fall in the US, but demographic and geographic disparities persist #CROI201716 Feb 2017 11:21
  • Most interesting & provocative presentation today #Croi2017 was @jmmolinaparis Doxycycline for STI PrEP. Would you do recommend it?16 Feb 2017 05:55
  • New study at #Croi2017 : Prednisone (40 mg/d-2wks then 20 mg/d-2wks) reduced TB-IRIS by 30% with no excess risk of infection or malignancy.16 Feb 2017 04:09
  • John Ward @CDCgov: #hepC deaths now exceed deaths from #HIV & all other infectious diseases reported to CDC #CROI201716 Feb 2017 01:12
  • Love the statistic that more people have access to SMS than have access to a toothbrush! Richard Lester, #Croi201716 Feb 2017 01:23
  • #Croi2017 in2016 >90% of Kenyan population had mobile phones & >50% internet access. Healthcare delivery can be improved with technology16 Feb 2017 01:12
  • Exploiting technologies for health: In 2014, the number of mobile phones exceeded the number of people on the Earth. R Lester. #CROI201716 Feb 2017 01:10
  • Treatment or watchful waiting for cervical abnormalities in women with HIV? #CROI201716 Feb 2017 08:32
  • #Croi2017 data is useless if no one is looking at it and even more worthless if no one is acting on it16 Feb 2017 12:58

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