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  • I am surviving only on 25 per cent of my liver today: Amitabh Bachchan

    Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan made a startling revelation about surviving only on 25 per cent of his liver today having lost the rest 75 percent to the deadly Hepatitis B virus. Speaking at the launch of media campaign for on Hepatitis, Amitabh Bachchan recollected how he contracted the disease.

    18 hours ago | The Indian Express
  • HIV Drugs Provide Added Benefit of Protecting Against Hepatitis B Virus

    A cohort study involving 2,400 men who have sex with men has shown that men with HIV who were treated effectively with HIV therapy — defined as no detectable HIV virus in the blood — were the least likely (80 percent less likely) to get infected with HBV over a median follow-up of approximately 9.5 years, compared with men with HIV who were not on HIV therapy or men who had detectable HIV virus while on HIV therapy.

    13 October 2015 | Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • ContraVir Reports New Data demonstrating CMX157 to be 60-Fold More Potent Against Hepatitis B Virus than Gilead's Viread®

    The Company believes CMX157's lipid-conjugate design clearly differentiates it from tenofovir DF. ContraVir plans to file an investigational new drug (IND) application for CMX157 to treat HBV before year-end 2015. CMX157 benefits from earlier human studies in volunteers under an IND for HIV. ContraVir is focused on a quick evaluation of CMX157 in a Phase 2 clinical study in patients with hepatitis B which it plans to begin in 2016.

    06 October 2015 | Contravir press release
  • After Curing Hepatitis C, Gilead Works to Vanquish More Viruses

    Gilead Sciences Inc., basking in the success of its cure for hepatitis C, is setting ambitious goals to vanquish two other major viral scourges: HIV and hepatitis B.

    19 August 2015 | Bloomberg
  • China progresses in hepatitis B vaccination, more treatment effort urged

    China has won praises from WHO after reaching its goal to control hepatitis B infection among children through immunization ahead of schedule, but more effort is urged for its adult patients.

    27 July 2015 | Xinhua
  • Drug Resistance Common Among European Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B

    Rates of lamivudine resistance are high among patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) infection across Europe, with many patients developing cross-resistance to entecavir, according to a new report.

    14 July 2015 | Medscape
  • Hepatitis B and C - An Action Plan for Saving Lives in Europe

    Last year, leading experts, institutions, patient organisations and pharmaceutical industry representatives met and agreed that the major recommendations produced between 2011 and 2014 should be compiled into one comprehensive document, to make it easier for policy makers, decision makers, civil society organisations and healthcare institutions to tackle viral hepatitis effectively.

    20 May 2015 | European Liver Patients Association
  • Starved T cells allow hepatitis B to silently infect liver

    Hepatitis B stimulates processes that deprive the body’s immune cells of key nutrients that they need to function, finds new UCL-led research funded by the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust. The work helps to explain why the immune system cannot control hepatitis B virus infection once it becomes established in the liver, and offers a target for potential curative treatments down the line.

    14 May 2015 | University College London press release
  • Cancer drug shows promise as cure for hepatitis B

    A potential cure for hepatitis B virus infections has been found with a promising new treatment proving 100 per cent successful in eliminating the infection in preclinical models. Australian patients are now the first in the world to have access to the potential treatment -- a combination of an antiviral drug and an anti-cancer drug -- which is in phase 1/2a clinical trials.

    21 April 2015 | Science Daily
  • Arrowhead initiates phase 2b trial for potential HBV drug

    After receiving a clinical hold from the FDA earlier this year, Arrowhead Research Corporation has now been approved by the FDA to begin a multiple-dose phase 2b clinical study of ARC-520 for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection, according to a news release from the drug maker.

    14 April 2015 | Healio Hepatology
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