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  • A National Nurse-led Audit of the Standards for Psychological Support for Adults Living with HIV

    NHIVNA is delighted to announce its first audit, which is a national clinical audit of psychological support and emotional well-being among adults with HIV infection in the UK.

    23 May 2016 | National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA)
  • Older people with HIV face different long-term health challenges

    Canadian researchers collaborated on a massive data analysis project that collected health-related information from more than one million people, a small fraction of whom (less than 1%) had HIV. Overall, HIV-positive people had “more co-infections but fewer chronic diseases” compared to HIV-negative people. Furthermore, they found that HIV-positive people were generally more likely to have experienced “depression and social isolation and the use of psychotropic medicines.”

    24 March 2016 | CATIE
  • Adherence State of Mind

    Tom Hayes writes: "As someone with near flawless adherence for the last four years I was shocked when I recently fell off the rails. It seems none of us are perfect."

    18 February 2016 | Beyond Positive
  • New web resource for sexual health, mental health and drug use

    A website providing the LGBTI community with information on drug use as well as sexual and mental health will be launched in Melbourne this week. The website describes a large number of drugs, how they are ingested and what the effects are, both short term and long term.

    24 November 2015 | Gay News Network
  • "I think about killing myself every day" - young gay men and suicide

    Jake, 26 says: "I was amazed to find out that the number one killer of young gay men was not HIV, it’s suicide, but yet it seems all the gay community talks about is HIV and STIs. You want to talk about stigma? Try telling someone you are depressed and suicidal."

    10 September 2015 | GMFA
  • People with HIV Suffer from Depression Caused by Shame, Trauma, Substance Abuse

    From women who need to address past trauma to young people addicted to street drugs, all people with HIV need support to fight depression. HIV is still a jarring enough diagnosis to plunge a patient into depression. With a chronic condition like HIV, depression can fuel additional problems, such as failure to take life-saving antiretroviral medications. In a day and age when the disease is manageable, it pains mental health professionals to see HIV-positive patients in the depths of depression. When depression is paired with HIV, the two diseases can feed off of one another.

    08 September 2015 |
  • High rate of mental health issues found among some PEP users

    Researchers in Boston found that people who sought PEP had a high rate of mental health issues. The Boston team strongly encourages healthcare providers who prescribe PEP to screen and treat potential patients for mental health issues.

    26 August 2015 | CATIE
  • Chemsex in the city - it’s every gay man for himself

    Addressing HIV in our communities, starts with brotherhood, caring about our lovers’ well-being, looking out for each other, not just the individual looking out for himself.

    05 August 2015 | GMFA
  • Schizophrenia and HIV—Study underscores serious issues associated with dual diagnoses

    Several studies have found that some people with HIV are more likely to have mental health issues compared to HIV-negative people. Most of these studies have focused on mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

    19 July 2015 | CATIE
  • Québec researchers call for interventions to support HIV-positive mothers

    A team of researchers at several universities and clinics in Montreal conducted a study to explore issues related to healthcare access and mental health among HIV-positive mothers. In detailed interviews with 100 mothers, the researchers uncovered several issues that affected the women’s mental health. The team made recommendations for doctors, nurses and other care providers, which, if implemented, could greatly improve the mental health and wellbeing of HIV-positive women who have children.

    14 April 2015 | CATIE
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