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To take care of your health, you need to consider a range of health issues, not just HIV. An active and healthy lifestyle will reduce your risk of having other health conditions on top of HIV.

How are psoriasis and HIV related?

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HIV / AIDS News From Medical News Today
18 January 2019

Four Skills You Need to Successfully Manage Your HIV

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Huffington Post Canada
24 January 2016

Life as an Elite HIV Controller

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BETA blog
24 June 2015

'This is what it's really like to live with HIV'

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Daily Telegraph
10 April 2015

Aging with HIV and AIDS: A growing social issue

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26 June 2014

Health apps run into privacy snags

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Financial Times
4 September 2013

HIV defines me, whether I like it or not

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Living with HIV (blog)
29 July 2013

Popular HIV magazine show back on SABC 1

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Ground Up
27 March 2013

HIV patients to get new services for long-term health

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Pink Paper
16 September 2010