The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) took place in Durban, South Africa from 18 to 22 July 2016.

Conference highlights

Treatment as prevention

Still no transmissions seen from people with an undetectable viral load in PARTNER study.

Conference bulletins

All our conference bulletins, available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Delivery of care

Reducing clinic visits can support retention in HIV care, African studies show.

Access to PrEP

PrEP researchers now focusing on the best ways to get PrEP to people who need it.


World’s largest study of HIV self-testing gets off the ground.

The 90-90-90 target

Progress towards 90-90-90 targets is promising, but funding is the critical step, says UNAIDS leader.

Viral load

Viral load pilot study shows roll-out will depend on an educated workforce.

Community testing

SEARCH study exceeds 90-90-90 targets after 2 years of 'test and treat' for HIV in rural East Africa.

Paediatric HIV

New strategy aims to end AIDS in children by 2020.

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Tweets from AIDS 2016

  • Incoming @iasociety President @LindaGailBekker calls for a renewed focus on Youth, Research and Resources #AIDS2016 #ClosingCeremony22 Jul 2016 04:28
  • Announcing the #AIDS2018 logo competition: #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 04:27
  • Can hardly believe #AIDS2016 is over. The work will continue. Humbled - and ready to put knowledge and passion to work to #EndHIVforHer22 Jul 2016 04:26
  • "Too often we label key population, hard to reach, but the truth is we do not try very hard to reach them."-@MichelSidibe @UNAIDS #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 04:09
  • Accelerating the AIDS response in #LMICs could avert 28 million #HIV infections and 21million AIDS-related deaths from 2015-2030! #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 04:07
  • #AIDS2016 Motsoaledi "please say no to complacency" @TAC @HealthZA @SA_AIDSCOUNCIL22 Jul 2016 03:58
  • #AIDS2016 Motsoaledi: To achieve ambitious targets adopted, we can't afford to be complacent22 Jul 2016 03:55
  • "We need multi-sector approaches to support young women." -Dr Aaron Motsaledi @HealthZA at closing of @AIDS_conference #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:55
  • "We can’t #endAIDS if we don’t do more to #endTB as well. These two diseases are two sides of the same coin.” SA MoH Motsoaledi #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:55
  • Keeping social goals in mind: "Without #inclusion & #humanrights, no amount of scientific progress can end #AIDS." @eltonofficial #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:51
  • Without strong community participation we will never win the war against HIV & TB - Motsoaledi #sabcnews #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:49
  • #AIDS2016 Bekker: HIV is fundamentally a political issue22 Jul 2016 03:41
  • #AIDS2016 closing statements: #HIV access and equality will not be realized unless we pay more than lip service to #humanrights22 Jul 2016 03:41
  • "Whether people live or die...will depend on how donors respond to the call to support the @GlobalFund" -Linda-Gail Bekker #WhyNow #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:40
  • #AIDS2016 closing statements: It's critical that the next @POTUS commits to support and expand @PEPFAR 's global work to eliminate #HIV22 Jul 2016 03:39
  • .@LindaGailBekker at #AIDS2016 dreams of a prevention measure that would let women in Africa take control of their sexuality22 Jul 2016 03:36
  • The work is not done: "during the 5 days of this conference 15.000 died due to hiv and 20.000 due to TB" - Linda Gail-Becker #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:35
  • "We need to help and support our front line team. A big shout out to our nurses and our community care workers" - @LindaGailBekker #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:33
  • #AIDS2016 Bekker says the challenge now is to take the energy from this conference and turn it into action - the work is not done.22 Jul 2016 03:30
  • Chris Beyrer: We're reminded that despite the great diversity of the #HIV/#AIDS epidemic, we're all in this fight together #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 03:28
  • Beyrer: Lets take these compelling findings on #HIV #PrEP and make Durban #AIDS2016 the start of the PrEP acess era22 Jul 2016 03:23
  • #AIDS2016 closing statement: Over 15,000 participants at the conference in #Durban this year. Just wow. It really has been an amazing week22 Jul 2016 03:17
  • The biggest challenge facing #AIDS2016 is the relentless spread of #HIV, especially among young women: Olive Shisana22 Jul 2016 03:14
  • #AIDS2016 why does no one in AIDS mention the C word? Corruption a political determinant of AIDS. .@iasociety @UNAIDS @HealthZA22 Jul 2016 03:13
  • RT @HIVandHepatitis: Shisana: Thanks to all the activists who keep turning up the pressure for progress, all who march for social justice #…22 Jul 2016 03:11
  • Final plenary: Need to heed the call for social justice. Reinvigorate the movement to end HIV. Cannot be achieved without activism #aids201622 Jul 2016 03:08
  • Reminder Charlize Theron speech: "HIV not just transmitted by sex,but also by sexism, racism, poverty& discrimination" #AIDS2016 Rapporteurs22 Jul 2016 02:38
  • 22 Jul 2016 02:27
  • #AIDS2016 final plenary: HIV not just about scientists and politicians, it's about people who know what works, what doesn't at ground level22 Jul 2016 02:15
  • No silver bullets: complex contexts require intersectional approaches to address HIV stigma and reduce risk. #AIDS2016 Rapporteurs22 Jul 2016 02:13
  • During #AIDS2016 conference gay men say: Prep Prep Prep sex workers say: Decrim Decrim Decrim22 Jul 2016 01:53
  • Moved by the presentation related to afro-american transgender women in the US. In memory of Sharmus Outlaw. Opens our mind. #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 01:40
  • People who use drugs have been largely ignored at #AIDS2016. @TBHIVCare @OpenSociety #leftbehind #harmreduction22 Jul 2016 01:25
  • From the 1st of June, 6 of our South African #BlueBoxClinics have started offering #PrEP to sex workers. #BeUs #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 01:15
  • SEARCH study exceeds 90-90-90 targets after 2 years of 'test and treat' for HIV in rural East Africa: #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 01:14
  • #AIDS2016 is over.What a wk meeting awesome pple doing awesome wrk.Much to reflect,much more to do.More power to everyone n till next time!22 Jul 2016 01:10
  • La région d'Afrique de l'Ouest et du centre concentrait 45 % du nombre global d'enfants vivant avec le #VIH en 2014. #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 01:01
  • Chris Beyrer (@ChrisBeyrer): “Now is really the time to start the PrEP access era”: #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 12:41
  • #AIDS2016 Motsoaledi says we need a vaccine for HIV and a better vaccine for TB - noting that the current one is 95-years-old22 Jul 2016 12:41
  • Et parmi ces enfants, neuf sur dix n'ont pas accès à un traitement antirétroviral. 90 % d'entre eux. Et vont mourir sans. #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 01:03
  • Crouch: #PrEP builds better relationships w/ #HIV+ partners -- HIV status doesn't matter anymore when it comes to love & dating #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 10:55
  • Serge Eholié on why frequent CD4 counts are not needed: "We treat the virus, not CD4". Access to viral load far more important. #AIDS201622 Jul 2016 08:12
  • RT @RogerPebody: S Eholié: WHO annonces ´Treat All' guidelines and official policies change. But no African countries actually implement in…22 Jul 2016 07:58
  • All our #AIDS2016 news bulletins so far are available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish: Jul 2016 07:54
  • Kerrigan: LATTE-2 participants thought the pain of injections was well worth it not to have to take daily pills for #HIV treatment #ACT201621 Jul 2016 04:35
  • "Stigma and discrimination at any age is an obstacle we must address" @janephilpott #AIDS2016 #AIDS2016Can20 Jul 2016 05:51
  • RT @theaidsalliance: MH- 'v little has changed on gender ineq or sex work or drug users. U R safe here at #aids2016, but a mile down the rd…20 Jul 2016 05:48
  • MH-'it's not about funding, it's about legitimacy and blurring... CS blurring into gov't blurring in to UNAIDS,' #aids2016 #adaptorfall20 Jul 2016 05:43
  • Great session on HIV & substance abuse. Wondering about role of poorly managed pain & non-medical tx for these multi-morbidities #AIDS201620 Jul 2016 05:28
  • Shaking my body, warming up before I jump on stage...I turn around and Elton John behind me 😮😮😮 #AidsConference #Aids201620 Jul 2016 05:05

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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

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