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Your next steps

Roger Pebody

Your next steps is a guide for people who have just found out they have HIV.

This booklet is part of a range of publications produced to support you in living well with HIV. Most of these publications are designed to be suitable for you whatever your race, nationality, gender or sexuality. This project has been made possible as part of the Pan-London HIV Prevention Programme.

It is a Terrence Higgins Trust publication, produced by NAM.

A booklet with information for people who’ve just found out they have HIV.

  • Introduction

    This booklet is for you if you’ve just found out you have HIV. You might also find it helpful if you’ve known for a while,...

  • Health issues

    If you are “HIV positive” this means that you have a virus called HIV in your body.It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ill, or...

  • Clinics & support

    Most of us have our HIV monitored and treated at a specialist hospital clinic. We are usually treated as outpatients - in other words, we...

  • Sex

    Having HIV can affect our feelings about sex in many different ways. For some, it can make us anxious about passing HIV on, or we...

  • Life goes on

    If you’ve just been told you have HIV, you may be feeling upset or confused. You may want to share that with other people. But...

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