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Your body

Roger Pebody

Your body is about exercise, diet and other health issues for people with HIV.

This booklet is part of a range of publications produced to support you in living well with HIV. Most of these publications are designed to be suitable for you whatever your race, nationality, gender or sexuality. This project has been made possible as part of the Pan-London HIV Prevention Programme.

It is a Terrence Higgins Trust publication, produced by NAM.

A booklet with advice on a healthy diet, getting more exercise, stopping smoking, getting better rest and sleep and avoiding infections.

  • Introduction

    People with HIV often used to say that we would die of HIV anyway, so it wouldn’t matter how much we smoked, ate or drank....

  • Food and diet

    Good nutrition is a key part of living healthily. It can help you maintain a healthy bodyweight and reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart...

  • Exercise

    Regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for everybody. It can improve your appearance and increase your life expectancy. It’s good for...

  • Stopping smoking

    Smoking is the biggest single cause of illness and death in the UK. It contributes to cancers, heart disease and stroke. It’s also a particular...

  • Rest and sleep

    Rest and sleep are essential for our physical and mental health. When we don’t get enough, it puts a strain on the immune system. We’re...

  • Avoiding infections

    HIV attacks the immune system, which means that our bodies may find it difficult to fight off everyday bugs and infections. This is especially true...

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