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    If you are ‘HIV positive’ this means that you have a virus called HIV in your body. It doesn’t mean that you are ill, or that...

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  • Kaposi's sarcoma

    Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) is an AIDS-defining cancer and was one of the first recognised HIV-related illnesses in the early 1980s. Unlike most cancers, which start...

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  • Introduction to HIV and AIDS

    An introduction to HIV and AIDS, including how HIV is transmitted and detected, the history of the epidemic and definitions of disease stages....

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  • Can We Say Goodbye to the Word AIDS?

    What do we lose by freeing ourselves from the word AIDS—or, what might we have to gain? It’s a question provoked by advances in HIV treatment and care and changes in the way that people live with and experience HIV and AIDS.

    06 May 2016 | BETA blog
  • New Thai-Taiwanese Syndrome Is Not AIDS 2.0

    The headlines are frightening: unrelated, otherwise healthy patients in Asia turning up with symptoms doctors associate with HIV infection. But though many questions remain about the new immunodeficiency, it’s not a harbinger of a global health calamity, says Kent Sepkowitz.

    28 August 2012 | Daily Beast
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