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    HIV vaccine researchers are still looking for a vaccine that would offer a significant degree of protection against HIV infection....

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    The promise of an effective HIV vaccine has always been just over the horizon, but more than 20 years after the identification of HIV, vaccines...

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  • UK academic: HIV vaccine research 'to reach defining moment' by 2020

    A leading academic predicts the next six years will determine whether developing an effective HIV vaccine is within the grasp of scientists.

    05 April 2014 |
  • Crowdfunded free HIV vaccine: as unlikely as it sounds

    Are the claims of a research start-up that is seeking to crowd-fund HIV vaccine research credible?

    17 February 2014 | Wired
  • Crowd-funded HIV vaccine project sparks debate

    The Immunity Project is an initiative to crowd-source money to make a new HIV vaccine. However many scientists are sceptical: "It seems like they’re going straight to the public and making appeals to emotion because they don’t have the scientific background to establish themselves in the research community," says virologist Abbie Smith at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

    11 February 2014 | Nature
  • Is an AIDS Cure Hiding in the Blood of 'Elite Controllers?'

    Some people contract HIV and never get sick. These people are called “controllers,” and studying them has long been a focus for researchers seeking a cure for the disease. Now, an ambitious plan called The Immunity Project has released a white paper outlining how they plan to create an HIV vaccine—free for the entire world population—based on the computerized analysis of blood from HIV controllers.

    10 February 2014 | Healthline
  • Durable end to AIDS will require HIV vaccine development

    Anthony Fauci argues that while broader global access to antiretroviral therapies and wider implementation of proven HIV prevention strategies could potentially control and perhaps end the HIV/AIDS pandemic, a safe and at least moderately effective HIV vaccine is needed to reach this goal more expeditiously and in a more sustainable way.

    06 February 2014 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • Tricky Protein May Help HIV Vaccine Development

    Researchers at Duke University have mapped the structure of a key part of the HIV envelope protein, the gp41 membrane proximal external region (MPER), the spot where some of the most effective antibodies found in HIV patients bind and disable the virus. The discovery will aid vaccine research.

    14 January 2014 | Duke University press release
  • Iowa Professor Resigns After Falsifying HIV Vaccine Research

    Dong-Pyou Han, PhD, an assistant professor of biomedical sciences at Iowa State University, has resigned after admitting he tampered with HIV vaccine research, the Des Moines Register reports

    30 December 2013 | Poz magazine news
  • NIH launches trial of investigational genital herpes vaccine

    Researchers have launched an early-stage clinical trial of an investigational vaccine designed to prevent genital herpes disease. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, is sponsoring the Phase I trial, which is being conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Md.

    09 November 2013 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • Rift widens over structure of HIV’s molecular anchor

    Studies of a potential vaccine target bolster claims that an earlier paper was flawed.

    05 November 2013 | Nature
  • Analysis: How to prepare for an HIV/AIDS vaccine?

    Increased attention to the delivery of HIV prevention and treatment programmes is needed to prepare communities for a potential roll-out of a vaccine, which will most probably be partially-effective, experts say.

    24 October 2013 | IRIN
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