Ensuring that people living with HIV receive effective HIV treatment makes a major contribution to HIV prevention. People who are taking HIV treatment and have an undetectable viral load do not pass HIV on to their sexual partners.

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  • Canada Becomes First Country To Endorse U=U

    In recognition of World AIDS day, the Honorable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Canada’s Minister of Health, officially endorsed the Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) campaign.

    07 December 2018 | HIV Plus Mag
  • Attorney General of Canada to issue Directive Regarding Prosecutions of HIV Non-Disclosure Cases

    The Directive to be issued by the Attorney General of Canada will reflect the most recent scientific evidence related to the risks of sexual transmission of HIV, as reviewed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as the applicable criminal law as clarified by the Supreme Court of Canada. The Directive will state that, in HIV non-disclosure cases, the Director shall not prosecute where the person living with HIV has maintained a suppressed viral load (i.e. under 200 copies of the virus per millilitre of blood) because there is no realistic possibility of transmission.

    03 December 2018 | Government of Canada
  • Canada: Justice Department issues new guidelines on prosecution for non-disclosure of HIV status

    Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has welcomed new moves issued by the federal government to limit what it calls unjust prosecutions of people with HIV.

    03 December 2018 | CBC
  • BHIVA encourages universal promotion of Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U)

    We encourage clinics to display and provide information on the use of ART to maintain an undetectable viral load as a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV. We also advise explaining the scientific evidence behind U=U, emphasising the importance of excellent adherence to ART and highlighting that U=U is dependent on maintaining a sustained undetectable viral load.

    01 December 2018 | British HIV Association
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle: Why I decided to go public about being HIV positive

    Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle revealed he was HIV positive in a speech to the House of Commons. This is what he said.

    01 December 2018 | New Statesman
  • Is the end in sight for HIV? by Matthew Hodson, Executive Director of NAM/aidsmap

    Matthew Hodson, Executive Director of NAM/aidsmap, explains the many advances in HIV prevention and asks whether the end of HIV is in sight?

    30 November 2018 | boyz
  • Drop in new diagnoses shows the importance of HIV testing in ending HIV

    Matthew Hodson says the UK can celebrate its latest HIV statistics but country must keep up its momentum - and you can play your part.

    30 November 2018 | Gay Star News
  • Switzerland: Historic drop in reported HIV cases in 2017

    HIV is on the decline in Switzerland, according to the latest figures of the health ministry, with only 445 new cases reported in 2017. That's a 16% decrease relative to 2016. The Federal Office of Public Health credits increased screening among at-risk groups through targeted campaigns and earlier treatment of HIV-positive individuals for the achievement of this historic low.

    19 November 2018 | swissinfo.ch
  • Why U=U does not cover breastfeeding

    Cases of HIV transmission have already been reported when mothers are on ART with undetectable viral load, notably in the PROMISE trial. Latest results presented at AIDS 2018 reported that 2/8 cases when transmission occurred form breastfeeding were in women whose most recent viral load was <40 copies/mL.

    11 November 2018 | HIV i-Base
  • Becoming a parent should not be denied to HIV positive gay and bisexual men

    If a man cannot pass HIV onto another man during sex because his viral load is undetectable, then it follows that his sperm would not pass HIV to a surrogate or child should he wish to conceive in this way. Even as a well informed HIV activist, this is an aspect of the U=U debate which I had not come across before in the context of same-sex couples.

    17 October 2018 | Gay Times
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