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  • Nigel Farage and health tourism

    Dr Shaun Griffin, Executive Director of External Affairs at Terrence Higgins Trust, challenges Nigel Farage’s recent comments about HIV and health tourism.

    23 hours ago | Terrence Higgins Trust
  • Nicola Sturgeon Signs Open Letter Condemning Farage Over HIV Comments

    The leaders of the SNP, the Green party, and Plaid Cymru have signed an open letter organised by ACT UP London disputing claims made by Nigel Farage about HIV-positive immigrants.

    15 April 2015 | BuzzFeed
  • UKIP wrong about HIV data and health tourism, say campaigners

    HIV experts and campaigners have refuted claims by the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) that most people in the United Kingdom with a diagnosis of HIV are foreign nationals who come to the country as "health tourists" with the specific aim of exploiting the NHS.

    14 April 2015 | BHIVA / BMJ
  • UKIP's Carswell Not Being Drawn Into HIV Row

    Douglas Carswell - the son of a prominent HIV researcher - would not say if he backed Nigel Farage's controversial comments.

    14 April 2015 | Sky News
  • 'Show your passport to use the NHS', patients will be told under new guidelines

    Hospitals have been issued with guidelines from the Department of Health which explain that they have a “legal obligation” to ensure they identify anyone not entitled to free treatment.

    13 April 2015 | Daily Telegraph
  • General election 2015: UKIP candidate sorry for HIV tweet

    UKIP's candidate in a key general election seat has been forced to apologise after she appeared to question the cost to the NHS of treating British people who are HIV positive.

    10 April 2015 | BBC News
  • "I am one of those foreigners": living with HIV in the UK

    The statement by Ukip's leader Nigel Farage that the majority of people living with HIV in the UK are foreigners, who come here to access free NHS treatment, and who should not be let in, sends shivers down my spine. I was born in Italy, I moved to the UK in the late 80’s and happened to be diagnosed with HIV in 1997.

    08 April 2015 | Open Democracy
  • We Asked Foreign Born British HIV Patients About Nigel Farage's 'Health Tourist' Comments

    Has Nigel Farage got a point? Can a few thousand foreign born HIV patients be held responsible for the NHS's financial black hole? I went to meet some of these HIV positive "health tourists" to find out how their holidays are going and ask whether it would be cheaper for everyone if they they just went somewhere and died.

    07 April 2015 | Vice
  • Nigel Farage on the NHS: Half of voters agrees that HIV patients cost UK too much money

    Nigel Farage was last week slammed by a HIV-positive migrant for attacking the number of foreign nationals who receive treatment on the NHS. But a poll has since suggested that half of voters agree with the Ukip leader.

    07 April 2015 | The Independent
  • HIV-positive man slams Nigel Farage for 'deeply offensive' remarks

    Nigel Farage’s decision to use the TV debate to attack the number of foreign nationals receiving treatment for HIV has been attacked as “deeply offensive” by campaigners – including a Nigerian man whose life is being prolonged by the NHS. Bisi Alimi, 40, was diagnosed with HIV in 2004 but was unable to access treatment in Nigeria for fear of being revealed to be a homosexual. When he was outed in 2007 he came to the UK.

    07 April 2015 | Independent
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