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  • Tackling HIV stigma in the health service

    The Positive Voices survey shows the experience of stigma is clearly still a reality for many with HIV, even within the health service, where we should expect a better understanding of the condition. As a GP trainee, I am particularly concerned with how stigma may present in general practice.

    03 December 2018 | The King's Fund
  • Asylum seekers in Britain unable to access healthcare

    Cost and fears about how they will be treated, or consequences for their immigration status, are preventing people seeking or refused asylum from using health services, a new report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission has found, prompting a call for greater separation of the immigration and healthcare systems.

    30 November 2018 | Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Is the end in sight for HIV? by Matthew Hodson, Executive Director of NAM/aidsmap

    Matthew Hodson, Executive Director of NAM/aidsmap, explains the many advances in HIV prevention and asks whether the end of HIV is in sight?

    30 November 2018 | boyz
  • Drop in new diagnoses shows the importance of HIV testing in ending HIV

    Matthew Hodson says the UK can celebrate its latest HIV statistics but country must keep up its momentum - and you can play your part.

    30 November 2018 | Gay Star News
  • UK smashes targets for reducing transmission of HIV

    As our community comes together to mark World AIDS Day, there’s some good news from the UK on HIV prevention. Public Health England have released their annual update on the UK’s progress towards ending the HIV epidemic. This report reflects the analysis of the data that has been collected to the end of 2017, and it demonstrates that the combination prevention strategies being implemented across the UK are really working.

    30 November 2018 | Means Happy
  • NHS denied treatment for migrants who can’t afford upfront charges

    Treatment deemed urgent or “immediately necessary” is meant to still be carried out regardless of ability to pay. However, the Guardian has learned of a patient with an advanced form of blood cancer who was denied urgent chemotherapy after the hospital demanded upfront payment.

    14 November 2018 | The Guardian
  • NAT calls for restoration of public health funding if Government is to realise its ambitions for prevention

    Kat Smithson, Director of Policy and Campaigns at NAT (National AIDS Trust) said: “We welcome the Secretary of State's aim to renew the focus on prevention within our health and care system." However, "The ambition of this strategy cannot be reconciled with the £700 million cut to the local public health grant in this spending review period."

    05 November 2018 | NAT
  • PrEP: NHS 'must urgently offer' HIV breakthrough nationwide as study shows infections cut 25% in a year

    'Unacceptable' that PrEP provision in England is capped when there are no limits in other UK nations, National Aids Trust chief says

    22 October 2018 | The Independent
  • My PrEP Story: Will

    As the IMPACT Trial hits its first anniversary, PrEPster co-founder Will Nutland says that the waiting needs to stop: full implementation of PrEP must become a priority.

    12 October 2018 | Prepster
  • New report: HIV and Integrated Care – Can STPs deliver?

    Effective healthcare must begin with the needs of the individual patient (whole person care) rather than with the convenience of the separate elements of the healthcare system. It has to be integrated and joined up. Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) have been tasked by the NHS with improving the integration of services and care around the individual patient and local populations. NAT set out to establish whether STPs can deliver improved integrated care for people living with HIV.

    09 October 2018 | NAT
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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

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