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  • Progress report on promises made to improve South Africa’s health services

    Over the last three years South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has made several promises to improve health care in his annual state of the nation address. This includes fighting TB, improving life expectancy and reducing maternal, infant and under five mortality. Health and Medicine Editor Candice Bailey asked a panel of academics to assess whether the promises have been kept.

    11 February 2016 | The Conversation
  • New Report and Monitoring Tool: HIV, HCV, TB and Harm Reduction in Prisons

    A new report from Harm Reduction International identifies some of the most important human rights and public health standards relating to HIV, HCV and TB in prisons, and the vital role of harm reduction provision in ensuring them.

    10 February 2016 | Harm Reduction International
  • Southern African mining sector to receive $140m for anti-TB initiatives

    The World Bank is set to release the first tranche of its $120-million contribution to the fight against tuberculosis (TB) in Southern Africa’s mining sector during the first quarter of this year.

    20 January 2016 | Mining Weekly
  • European Union Joint Action on HIV and Co - infection Prevention and Harm Reduction launched

    On 14-15 January 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania, the European Union Joint Action on HIV and Co-infection Prevention and Harm Reduction (HA-REACT) held its first Partnership Forum to kick off activities. HA-REACT addresses existing gaps in the prevention of HIV and other co-infections, especially tuberculosis (TB) and viral hepatitis, among people who inject drugs (PWID).

    18 January 2016 | Manual Items
  • NICE publishes new guideline to better tackle tuberculosis

    NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence of England – published guidance on how to better treat and prevent tuberculosis. England has more TB cases than any other country in Western Europe.

    15 January 2016 | NICE press release
  • Unlikely perk of prison life: Free, speedy TB treatment

    South African jails are making notable strides in screening for, and curing, tuberculosis.

    12 January 2016 | Mail & Guardian
  • Protesters demand BRICS triple TB research funding

    More than 300 former tuberculosis (TB) patients, activists and health experts have demanded that countries like China, Brazil and India increase TB research funding as the bacteria continues to hundreds of thousands of their citizens in the ground each year.

    12 January 2016 | Health-e
  • TB community borrowing a page from HIV/AIDS

    The Lung Meeting has morphed into the type of gathering that international HIV/AIDS meetings pioneered, where advocacy and community building are as much a part of the agenda as scientific presentations. “The conference used to be nothing like this,” said Lucica Ditiu, who heads the Stop TB Partnership, a nongovernmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. “Being in South Africa, where there’s leadership and a community movement, it’s positioning TB for the first time in the same conversation as HIV.”

    12 January 2016 | Science
  • The Red Arrow – A Symbol to Unite Us Against TB

    Today, we’re pleased to share the Red Arrow – a symbol for our solidarity towards a world without TB. The arrow represents our unwavering commitment to move forward with the mission until we reach the finish line to End TB.

    07 December 2015 | Stop TB Partnership
  • TB Alliance and Partners Announce World’s First Availability of Appropriate, Child-friendly TB Medicines in Correct Doses

    TB Alliance and its partners announced today the availability of child-friendly tuberculosis (TB) medicines in the correct doses. The improved treatments are the first to meet the dosage guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010. They are dispersible and palatable, simple to administer and affordable. The availability of these products is a result of a project largely funded by UNITAID.

    03 December 2015 | TB Alliance
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