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  • Exploring possible treatment options after virological failure with raltegravir

    In general, the integrase ihibitors raltegravir and dolutegravir have potent anti-HIV activity and have relatively few interactions with other drugs. However in clinical trials of raltegravir, strains of HIV that can resist raltegravir have emerged in up to 60% of heavily treatment-experienced people, and up to 8% of participants who have never taken HIV drugs before. A study in France of patients who had virologial failure to HIV therapy while taking raltegravir has found that 61% had HIV that was still susceptible to all integrase inhibitors. In cases where HIV was resistant to raltegravir, 14% were also resistant to dolutegravir.

    21 January 2015 | CATIE
  • Janssen to Stop Offering "Virtual Phenotype" Testing, and Musings on Progress

    As is plainly obvious to anyone doing HIV care, the incidence of new patients with the sort of HIV drug resistance for which the test was developed has plummeted. There simply aren't many new patients out there who have multiple mutations, especially in the PI-drug class, and who will need the computational black-box firepower provided by a vircoTYPE.

    27 November 2013 | The BodyPRO
  • Second- and Third-Line ART Cost 24% and 41% More Than First Line in US

    Second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) costs 24% more per year than first-line therapy in the United States, and third-line therapy costs 41% more than first-line therapy, according to a large insurance claims-based analysis.

    17 September 2013 | NATAP
  • No Dose Adjustment With Etravirine Plus ATV/r in Treatment Experienced: Randomized Trial

    After 48 weeks of the randomized TEACH trial, virologic responses were equivalent when antiretroviral-experienced people took standard-dose etravirine with 300/100 or 400/100 mg of atazanavir/ritonavir daily.

    22 July 2013 | NATAP
  • Third-line ARVs could widen treatment gap in Zimbabwe

    HIV/AIDS activists in Zimbabwe have welcomed the government's move to address the problem of HIV drug resistance by introducing third-line antiretroviral drug (ARVs). But it remains unclear how the cash-strapped government will finance this, as procuring the drugs will invariably be expensive and could divert resources away from other HIV treatment efforts.

    12 March 2013 | IRIN Plus News
  • Redefining Expanded Access Programs for patients with MDR-HIV

    It is time to create a new paradigm to break the vicious cycle of single drug access that has failed these patients.

    04 December 2012 | GMHC Treatment Issues
  • Raltegravir-resistant HIV stays susceptible to dolutegravir in lab

    HIV resistant to the integrase inhibitor raltegravir and isolated from patients taking a failing raltegravir regimen remained largely susceptible to the integrase inhibitor dolutegravir in phenotypic susceptibility testing. Raltegravir-resistant virus carrying a mutation at position Q148 had more reduced susceptibility to dolutegravir than isolates with other raltegravir mutations.

    13 November 2012 | International AIDS Society
  • Mutation breaks HIV's resistance to drugs

    The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can contain dozens of different mutations, called polymorphisms. In a recent study an international team of researchers found that one of those mutations, called 172K, made certain forms of the virus more susceptible to treatment. Soon, doctors will be able to use this knowledge to improve the drug regimen they prescribe to HIV-infected individuals.

    14 September 2012 | Science Daily
  • Booster HIV Drug Can Be Dropped

    In a randomized trial, switching away from the booster drug allowed treatment-experienced patients to keep HIV under control and reduced toxicity, according to David Wohl, MD, of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

    13 September 2012 | MedPage Today
  • ViiV Announces Expanded Access to Once-a-Day Integrase Inhibitor ... But Activists Are Concerned About Its Potential Misuse

    The dolutegravir expanded access program (EAP) has been designed to provide free access to Shionogi-ViiV Healthcare's investigational integrase inhibitor, dolutegravir (DTG, S/GSK1349572) in an open-label protocol program to adults living with HIV who have documented raltegravir or elvitegravir resistance, who have limited treatment options, and who require DTG to construct a viable antiretroviral regimen for therapy.

    09 March 2012 | The Body
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