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  • Bored and horny

    It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s raining. I’m bored and horny. However, I’ve got £20 left over from the night before and this will be enough...

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  • New Zealand: "Community, testing and meds will stop HIV"

    A concerted community response, testing, drug treatments and condoms are all now needed if NZ is to see the end of the HIV epidemic, according to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Although the organisation initially resisted reliance on drug-based prevention approaches, in recent years it has cautiously embraced the techniques.

    17 May 2016 |
  • Parasitic worms may hold key to cutting spread of HIV: researchers

    A parasitic worm which affects millions of the world's poorest people may hold an important but little-known key to cutting the spread of HIV, researchers said ahead of a conference on the issue in London.

    29 April 2016 | Reuters
  • Glasgow HIV cases reach highest in decade as numbers quadruple

    NHS Greater Glasgow have seen the number of new cases through drug injection more than quadruple last year. They usually see an average of 10 cases a year – but in 2015 that figure soared to 47.

    29 March 2016 | Daily Record
  • PrEP’s arrival in San Francisco coincided with accelerated increase in sexual risk taking in gay and bi men

    The recent upswing in use of Truvada (tenofovir/emtricitabine) as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among men who have sex with men (MSM) in San Francisco coincided with an acceleration in the already increasing rates of sexual risk taking and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among this population. Whether PrEP’s uptake among local men has in fact influenced the change in these rates, however, remains unclear.

    29 March 2016 | Poz
  • Here’s The NHS File That Contradicts Its Reason For Not Rolling Out HIV Prevention Drug

    The reason NHS England gave on Monday for rolling out the drug that prevents HIV to only 500 people appears to be contradicted by statements found in its own documents, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

    24 March 2016 | BuzzFeed News
  • To end HIV in drug users, stop chasing the dream of a drug-free world

    Why does ‘harm reduction’ continue to be such a problem for global drug policy when it’s a proven way of reducing cases of HIV?

    22 March 2016 | The Guardian
  • Shocked HIV Charities Blast NHS For “U-Turn” On Drug That Prevents HIV

    The NHS has scrapped plans to make Truvada available, prompting fury from HIV organisations.

    21 March 2016 | BuzzFeed
  • The Man Who Was Wrongly Labeled As HIV's 'Patient Zero'

    Flight attendant Gaetan Dugas couldn’t have started the epidemic in the 1980s, because the virus had already been around in the U.S. since the early 1970s, beginning in New York City in 1970 — likely coming from someone who had caught the virus in Haiti or a nearby country — and then spreading to San Francisco by 1975.

    08 March 2016 | New York Magazine
  • The Persistence of HIV Fear in the Age of PrEP

    "But if I have sex without a condom, something bad eventually has to happen." I can understand how this fear operates. The first year I used PrEP and had condomless sex with both HIV-positive, and HIV-negative-identified partners, I still carried that fear. My 40-year-old mind simply could not absorb that feeling good wouldn't result in a painful outcome.

    03 March 2016 | The Body
  • How to Have Sex in a New Epidemic of STIs

    I feel a need to raise an alarm regarding this spike in STI rates. Something is wrong when MSM account for 83% of reported cases of syphilis among men. But we can't blame this on PrEP. The real problem is that adequate screening and treatment for STIs is often not available, and education about STIs in the United States sucks.

    03 March 2016 | The Body
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