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  • Bored and horny

    It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s raining. I’m bored and horny. However, I’ve got £20 left over from the night before and this will be enough...

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  • Why people need PrEP

    With PrEP still unavailable on the NHS, more and more people are importing the medication themselves. In a blog we published last week, a few gay men doing so told us about how it works out in practice. This week, they tell us what drove them to get PrEP in this way.

    21 January 2016 | Prepster
  • Newsnight: Should a pill to protect against HIV be available on the NHS?

    A pill to protect against HIV if it is taken before sex, should it be available on the NHS?

    18 January 2016 | BBC iPlayer
  • Microbicide Development Hinges on New Products Administered in New Ways

    Non-specific or antiretroviral-based vaginal gels failed to work but new formulations offer hope.

    11 January 2016 | IAVI Report
  • Anthony Fauci: No more excuses. We have the tools to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

    It is often said that we were slow to recognize the seriousness of the emerging HIV pandemic during the early 1980s. At the time, our ability to fight its spread was meager. Today, we have the tools to end this modern-day plague. We must not squander the opportunity. History will judge us harshly if we do.

    11 January 2016 | Washington Post
  • DIY healthcare: importing PrEP into the UK

    “It’s been a lot of effort for something that shouldn’t be,” says John from Stockport. He’s educated himself about PrEP, chosen to import and pay for PrEP medicines himself, worked out which tests for side-effects he needs and battled with the NHS to get support. “None of this is really simple,” he says.

    07 January 2016 | Prepster
  • Can Charlie Sheen really have doctor-approved unprotected sex?

    Charlie Sheen did more than merely announce he’s HIV-positive on Tuesday morning’s “Today” show — he brought the disease and its myriad treatment methods straight to breakfast tables nationwide. In detailing his HIV journey, Sheen not only relieved himself of blackmail and innuendo — he introduced America to the impressive range of treatment options and procedures now available for the 37 million people living with HIV across the globe. Here’s what it all means for you.

    24 November 2015 | New York Post
  • France Leads the Way with PrEP Approval 5 years after iPrEX

    PrEP has arrived… in France! Marisol Touraine, the French Health Minister announced today that the drug Truvada (manufactured by Gilead) is soon to be approved for the prevention of HIV infection (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). Meanwhile, in the UK, with 500 new infections every month, the decision to provide PrEP is somewhere lost in limbo.

    24 November 2015 | Incidence 0
  • HIV in the Philippines: State of Emergency

    The number of reported HIV cases in the Philippines has increased by more than 277 percent over the last five years, with infections concentrated in men who have sex with men. An aggressive public health campaign is urgently needed but in a devoutly Catholic country, such efforts are viewed as promoting promiscuity and are routinely stalled or blocked. We examine how a public health issue is made into a moral one, with stigma and shame inevitably contributing to the rise of this epidemic.

    13 November 2015 | Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
  • HIV spreads faster as violent conflict looms

    A new analysis of HIV incidence in 36 sub-Saharan African countries finds that new HIV infections rise significantly in the five years before armed conflict breaks out.

    13 November 2015 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • Making gay business the frontline in the fight against HIV

    Stigma and discrimination can cause men who have sex with men to fear accessing health services. One way to reach those who either don’t want to or don’t feel able to use sexual health clinics is to go ahead and deliver services where those who need them are. In other words, creating opportunities for healthier “settings”, or more supportive environments for health. A bar, club, or sauna can be developed into a healthy place to reach particular target populations.

    02 November 2015 | The Conversation
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