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  • HIV prevention: New look at PrEP study points to efficacy for transgender women

    In a new look at the groundbreaking iPrEx trial for people at high risk of HIV infection, researchers have identified strong evidence of efficacy for transgender women when PrEP, a two-drug antiretroviral used to prevent HIV, is used consistently.

    09 November 2015 | Science Daily
  • ViiV Gives 23 Small Grants to Reduce HIV Stigma in Gay and Trans Groups Worldwide

    The grants are part of ViiV Healthcare's Positive Action for MSM and Transgender global initiative.

    27 October 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • Why Transgender Women Chanted ‘We Are Not Gay Men!’ At An AIDS Conference

    Last week, the U.S. Conference on AIDS (USCA) was temporarily taken over by a group of #TransLivesMatter activists. Led by the fierce trans Latina activist Bamby Salcedo, the group held the stage for nearly 20 minutes to demand that transgender people receive the consideration they deserve in HIV policy and outreach.

    18 September 2015 | Think Progress
  • Where Do I Fit In? PrEP and Transgender Men

    There aren’t guidelines about Truvada-based PrEP use for transgender men who have sex with men because there haven’t been any studies specifically looking at how the drug works in our bodies. In fact, major PrEP clinical efficacy trials have not included transgender men in any of their study populations to date.

    26 August 2015 | BETA blog
  • Trans health care in the USA: a long way to go

    The US health system is ill prepared, and often unwilling, to provide care for the trans community as a recent Twitter campaign highlighted. Rita Rubin reports from Washington, DC.

    21 August 2015 | The Lancet
  • LGBTI rights language stripped from UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

    Several developed nations, including the United Kingdom and Brazil, had wanted to have language in the agreement which could have been interpreted to include protecting the rights of transgender persons and sexual minorities but these were stripped from the final text that member states will approve.

    07 August 2015 | Gay Star News
  • Transgender people and HIV: Policy brief

    This technical brief summarizes essential information and existing WHO recommendations for HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care among transgender populations.

    22 July 2015 | WHO
  • Transgender Malaysians targeted as religious authorities' influence grows, LGBTI community says

    Members of Malaysia's LGBTI community are speaking out about being violently attacked in the moderate Muslim nation, saying the abuse has become common as religious authorities push for more power.

    06 July 2015 | ABC
  • African scientists on anti-homosexuality laws: Criminalization harms public health

    Report details how criminalization and discrimination against sexual minorities fuels spread of infectious diseases among general populations as well as among men who have sex with men.

    12 June 2015 | Science Speaks
  • UN says gays are victims of violent abuse all over the world

    The U.N. human rights chief said in a new report that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people are victims of "pervasive, violent abuse, harassment and discrimination" in all regions of the world and cites hundreds of hate-related killings. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein said actions by some countries to reduce violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity since the last report in 2011 have been overshadowed by continuing human rights violations against these groups, too often perpetrated with impunity. See for report.

    02 June 2015 | Associated Press
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