Third South Africa TB Conference and pre-meeting hosted by Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), SECTION27 next Tuesday, 12 June

Published: 08 June 2012

On Tuesday, 12 June, the 3rd South African TB Conference will be begin at the ICC in Durban. South Africa is not only the epicentre for the HIV epidemic, it is the epicentre of the TB-HIV epidemic. For years, while the HIV programme was held back by denialism, the TB programme struggled to cope with the sudden upsurge in new TB cases that were being fuelled both by the HIV epidemic and the poor living conditions in the densely populated townships and informal settlements.

Recently however, new leadership in the Department of Health has instituted forward thinking policies and freed the country’s brilliant home-grown researchers and highly competent clinicians, augmented by some of the best minds from abroad, challenged and supported by an empowered and enlightened civil society to find and implement solutions to the formidable challenge that TB, TB-HIV and drug resistant TB present to the country. Consequently, the conference is a showcase for some of the most important TB related work of our time.

HATIP will be there.

Go to the conference’s website for more information. In addition, the conference organisers have set up a facebook page for the meeting.

Also, on the morning the meeting starts, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), SECTION27 and Oxfam will host a meeting on TB, bringing together community members, patients, activists, health care workers and government to examine challenges in reducing new cases of, and treating, tuberculosis (TB) and drug resistant (DR) TB.

The meeting will discuss the pricing of TB diagnostics (including Xpert MTB/Rif) and DR-TB medicines (the existing ones, and those in the pipeline). Dr Norbert Ndjeka, Director Drug Resistant TB, TB & HIV, NDOH will discuss the country’s policy and decentralising DR TB care, with reports from KwaZuluNatal on decentralised care at the district level, and from Cape Town on the patient’s perspective on decentralised TB care.

There will also be a discussion on management of TB in South Africa’s prison system.

The meeting is open to the public. If you would like to attend please confirm with


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