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  • Latest HIV purge claims prompt calls for more caution

    HIV has been undetectable for more than three years in the blood of two Australian bone-marrow recipients. But recent relapses of other patients who had no detectable virus have dampened optimism about how long the effects last before the virus bounces back.

    22 July 2014 | New Scientist
  • HIV, HCV and TB Pipeline Report

    Drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, preventive technologies, research towards a cure, and immune-based and gene therapies in development.

    21 July 2014 | Treatment Action Group & i-Base
  • New findings show strikingly early seeding of HIV viral reservoir

    New research finds that the viral reservoir is established substantially earlier after HIV infection than previously recognized.

    21 July 2014 | Eurekalert Medicine & Health
  • Cancer treatment clears two Australian patients of HIV

    Scientists have uncovered two new cases of HIV patients in whom the virus has become undetectable. The patients' virus levels became undetectable after bone-marrow therapy with stem cells.

    20 July 2014 | Nature
  • Wrestling with the Implications of the Mississippi Case

    The sobering outcome in Mississippi further emphasizes that the absence of detectable HIV cannot be assumed to mean the virus has been cleared.

    14 July 2014 | Treatment Action Group
  • HIV re-emerges in 'cured' US girl

    A child born in the US with HIV and believed cured after very early treatment has now been found to still harbour the virus, doctors say.

    11 July 2014 | BBC Health
  • New tool announced to fight HIV cure hype in the media

    In an effort to aid in the fight against HIV cure hype and educate media sources as well as the broader community on the current state of HIV cure research, three agencies have teamed up and published the HIV/AIDS Cure Glossary.

    08 July 2014 | Project Inform
  • HIV Cure: Babies' Lack of Memory T-Cells Make Virus Unable to Hide from drugs

    The National Institutes of Health intends to launch a clinical trial for more than 400 HIV-infected infants to undergo strong antiretroviral drug therapy, inspired by the Mississippi baby who is now age 4 and likely cured from AIDS.

    19 June 2014 | International Business Times
  • The Man Who Was Immune to AIDS - But Not What Came After

    A profile of Steve Crohn, who committed suicide in 2013. Crohn was discovered to be immune to HIV infection due to the CCR5 delta 32 polymorphism. The profile examines questions how survivor guilt and ageing in the New York gay community may have contributed to his suicide.

    18 June 2014 | New York magazine
  • New global clinical trial aims to replicate the mysterious “Mississippi baby” success

    Researchers plan to identify 54 HIV-positive infants and treat them with standard antiretroviral drugs, beginning treatment within 48 hours of birth. The team plans to enroll HIV-positive infants across 17 hospitals and clinics in the U.S. and 11 other countries, including Haiti, India, Malawi, South Africa and Thailand.

    18 June 2014 | Scientific American
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