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  • Six questions about HIV/AIDS that deserve more attention

    As HIV investigators work to control and eradicate the virus worldwide, certain myths or misconceptions about the disease have been embraced, whereas other concepts with merit have been left relatively unexplored, argues American HIV/AIDS researcher Jay Levy, M.D., in a Trends in Molecular Medicine commentary. He calls on fellow researchers to continue questioning and not to lose sight of alternative strategies that could ultimately lead to a sustainable, long-term solution to HIV infection.

    15 April 2015 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • Human immune system can control re-awakened HIV, suggesting ‘kick and kill’ cure is possible

    The human immune system can handle large bursts of HIV activity and so it should be possible to cure HIV with a ‘kick and kill’ strategy, finds new research led by UCL, the University of Oxford and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    14 April 2015 | University College London press release
  • Editing HIV out of our genome with CRISPR

    In an attempt to render latent HIV completely harmless, UMass Medical School researchers are using CRISPR/Cas9, a powerful gene editing tool, to develop a novel technology that can potentially cut the DNA of the latent virus out of an infected cell.

    13 April 2015 | University of Massacusetts Medical Schoool press release
  • An HIV Cure and a Vaccine within the Next 15 Years?

    Earlier this year, Bill Gates caused a ripple in the media by expressing optimism that a vaccine and a cure for HIV will become a reality within the next 15 years. From TAG’s perspective, Gates’s buoyancy does have some scientific basis—there have been encouraging signs of progress on both the vaccine and cure fronts in recent years—but the challenges that lie ahead must not be underestimated.

    13 April 2015 | Treatment Action Group
  • CUREiculum

    The CUREiculum is a suite of tools that provides simple, accessible information on HIV cure research, organizing into a systematic format for ongoing or issue-specific learning. The CUREiculum was developed in a multi-collaboratory process by leading scientists, community educators and various advocacy organizations who recognized the need for increasing literacy in this exciting arena. The tools are designed for community educators, funders, media and other stakeholders. Fifteen key areas of HIV cure research have been developed into free standing modules.

    08 April 2015 | AVAC
  • Protection from HIV Without a Vaccine

    Last month, a team of scientists announced what could prove to be an enormous step forward in the fight against H.I.V. Scientists at Scripps Research Institute said they had developed an artificial antibody that, once in the blood, grabbed hold of the virus and inactivated it. The molecule can eliminate H.I.V. from infected monkeys and protect them from future infections.

    11 March 2015 | New York Times
  • Beware Of Sangamo: 20-Year History Of Failures, Misadventures In HIV, And Flawed Approach In B-Thalassemia

    Sangamo's purportedly ground-breaking results in HIV with SB-728 do not stand up under close examination. SB-728 has not shown any indication that it can provide a "functional cure" for HIV, does not compare well to today's standard of care, and cannot find a partner. Sangamo refuses to conduct studies that rigorously assess whether their drugs work. This includes the inclusion of a control arm so assiduously avoided by Sangamo's management.

    10 March 2015 | Seeking Alpha
  • Markers of Immune Exhaustion Predict Post-Treatment Control in HIV Patients

    Biomarkers of immune exhaustion were associated with how long a patient was able to control HIV after treatment was interrupted, according to a study presented at CROI 2015.

    05 March 2015 | The Body
  • Study of potential HIV 'cure' wins FDA nod

    The trial at the City of Hope medical center will take blood-producing stem cells from patients infected with HIV and use a kind of molecular scissors — enzymes called zinc finger nucleases — to edit a protein that the virus uses to infect cells. The method was developed by Richmond's Sangamo BioSciences Inc.

    04 March 2015 | San Francisco Business Times
  • Doctor who cured ‘Berlin patient’ of HIV: ‘We knew we were doing something very special’

    Dr. Gero Hütter and Timothy Ray Brown speak about the transplant that forever linked them in medical history.

    02 March 2015 | Fred Hutch News
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