Guidance sets out when and how HIV testing should be carried out. Policy and guidelines are usually written for healthcare workers. Guidance may include best practice on practical issues of testing, as well as when to offer an HIV test.

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  • Porn Star Spreads HIV After Negative Test Result; CDC Warns Industry Needs More Than Testing

    The CDC report details the case of patient A, a 25-year-old male performer who recently tested positive for HIV and rectal gonorrhea. Patient A was experiencing typical symptoms associated with acute HIV infection at the time of his examination, including rash, fever, and sore throat. And yet, just 10 days prior, he tested negative for HIV.

    15 February 2016 | Medical Daily
  • South Africa: Home HIV testing gets the green light

    After years of debate about the merits of home HIV testing, a ban has been lifted on pharmacist sales of do-it-yourself HIV tests.

    09 February 2016 | Health-E News
  • Can we improve acceptance of HIV testing?

    However, the researchers suggest that active choice testing (directly asking patients if they would like an HIV test) may best reflect patients' true preferences, and they call for further work to assess the effects of different approaches on patient.

    20 January 2016 | Medical Xpress
  • HIV Testing Uncommon in Teens Despite Recommendations: CDC

    Fewer than 1 in 4 high school students who've had sex have ever been tested for HIV, a troubling low rate that didn't budge over eight years, government researchers say. Young adults fared slightly better, although testing rates have declined in black women, a high-risk group.

    20 January 2016 | ABC News
  • Couples HIV testing during antenatal care: a good idea?

    Most antenatal clinics in Uganda request that pregnant women attend with their husbands, to try and persuade both to have HIV counselling and testing. Although it’s good to encourage men to be responsible partners, and pregnancy should not be viewed as a woman’s affair alone, Uganda’s policy provokes some important questions that need answering. Does the current healthcare approach allow women an opportunity to exercise their right in decision making on whether they should take a test or not? Is the woman’s consent sought about whether she is comfortable with being tested with her partner?

    14 December 2015 | Key Correspondents
  • Home-sampling can help tackle increasing rates of HIV infection

    In order to realise the full benefits of testing for HIV, we need to improve access to testing outside of traditional clinics, reaching out to those who may not usually engage with their local sexual health service.

    25 November 2015 | Public Health England
  • Study: European hospitals often overlook HIV in patients presenting other diseases

    While there are 2.5 million people in Europe who have HIV, researchers said many patients never get tested despite having diseases and conditions that indicate possible infection.

    23 November 2015 |
  • Simplified HIV Test and same-day treat program associated with better coverage and much lower mortality in China

    A 'Test and Treat' protocol for HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment, implemented in two Guangxi, China counties in 2012, was associated with increased engagement in HIV/AIDS care and a 62 percent reduction in mortality among participants, according to a new study. This before-and-after analysis suggests that broader implementation of the program may inexpensively improve outcomes for HIV-positive individuals in China.

    08 October 2015 | Science Daily
  • Nearly Half of Canadians Living with HIV Start Treatment Late

    HIV testing in parts of Canada remains based on “perceived risk” and could be keeping people living with the disease from discovering their status. A new study, based on the largest Canadian database of people living with HIV, finds nearly half of those surveyed started antiretroviral treatment (ART) when they had already reached an AIDS-defining illness or a weakened immune system.

    06 October 2015 | British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • DIY HIV tests go on sale in France

    Do-it-yourself HIV tests went on sale in France for the first time on Tuesday as part of the government's plan to reduce the incidence of HIV in the country. French company AAZ's Autotest VIH kits will be available in pharmacies for 25 euros.

    16 September 2015 | RFI
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