Having an HIV test usually means giving a small sample of blood for testing. In the UK and many other countries, HIV testing is free of charge and the result is confidential.

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  • Review: Dean Street Express

    I would like to tell you about my experience with a new clinic I visited today. Dean Street Express is a new sexual health walk in clinic which offers fast, free and confidential STI/HIV screening 6 days a week without an appointment. In a nutshell I had an amazing experience with them: friendly staff, brand new equipment and technologies I’ve never seen before, very quick service.

    14 March 2014 | My Gay London
  • Pre-test HIV risk reduction counselling is not worth the money

    A large US randomized control trial of the impact on STI risk of HIV risk reduction counselling in conjunction with the HIV test challenges the view that pre-test counselling constitutes an efficient use of limited resources – at least in the US setting.

    02 January 2014 | BMJ
  • My Diagnosis

    What's it like to be newly diagnosed today? Guest writer Scotspozlad found out he was HIV-positive in October 2013. Here he tells what happened and how he felt about it.

    04 November 2013 | Positive Lite
  • To Prevent HIV Infection, Couples Try Testing Together

    Getting tested for HIV in the U.S. is almost always private, sometimes even secretive. Ditto for disclosing the results. But some say the approach is outmoded at a time when many at risk for HIV — gay men — are in committed relationships.

    21 October 2013 | NPR (blog)
  • Australia: Offenders face forced blood tests to protect police

    ANY offender whose blood or saliva comes into contact with a police officer will be compelled to undergo a mandatory blood test, under new laws to be introduced by the State Government.

    16 October 2013 | news.com.au
  • 1 In 10 Gays On Grindr Have Never Been Tested For HIV, Claim They’re Negative Anyway

    A recently published study by Hunter College’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) found that 10% of men on Grindr have never gotten tested for HIV, though nearly a third of them still claim they’re negative.

    30 September 2013 | Queerty
  • Shop front rapid HIV test site an Australian first

    Rapid HIV testing is now being offered in a ‘shop front’ setting, the first of its kind in Australia.

    19 August 2013 | Gay News Network
  • HIV Home Testing: A cautious welcome

    A critical perspective on recent claims for the potential impact of self-testing for HIV.

    16 August 2013 | Incidence 0
  • Using 'HIV-Negative' as a Substitution for 'Haven't Been Tested'

    An LGBT policy expert confronts his own fear of being tested for HIV: "Why was I so afraid to be tested? I knew enough information to understand that death was not my immediate thought. Quite frankly, though, my biggest fear was not knowing love, but more importantly, I was afraid that love would never know me. So instead of being courageous and facing those fears, I hid and wanted to believe that not knowing would be better than finding out my status."

    15 August 2013 | POZ
  • What do gay men think about home testing?

    Research on opinions about rapid HIV home testing among gay men has found it could be an effective risk reduction and HIV prevention tool.

    09 July 2013 | PositiveLite.com
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