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  • NICE publishes new guideline to better tackle tuberculosis

    NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence of England – published guidance on how to better treat and prevent tuberculosis. England has more TB cases than any other country in Western Europe.

    15 January 2016 | NICE press release
  • Unlikely perk of prison life: Free, speedy TB treatment

    South African jails are making notable strides in screening for, and curing, tuberculosis.

    12 January 2016 | Mail & Guardian
  • WHO Sounds Alarm Over Big Indian Supplier Of Tuberculosis Drugs

    A major Indian supplier of tuberculosis drugs to developing countries has been severely criticized by the World Health Organization for inadequate manufacturing standards and poor testing procedures. The United Nations agency issued a warning letter to Mumbai-based Svizera Labs, part of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals, stating that the approval and use of its products would be suspended if "critical and major observations are not corrected within a reasonable time frame".

    15 September 2015 | Medical Daily
  • TAG Pipeline Report

    2015 report on the pipeline for new HIV, HCV and TB drugs.

    17 July 2015 | TAG
  • Ukraine: Concurrent treatment for HIV/TB co-infection breaks up “deadly alliance”

    USAID funded MEASURE Evaluation to initiate an impact evaluation in Ukraine for two TB programmatic priorities: Improving integration of TB and HIV services to reduce mortality through early diagnosis and treatment for co-infected patients; and providing social support services to improve TB treatment adherence.

    30 March 2015 | Science Speaks
  • Final fight pays off, XXDR-TB & HIV patient cured

    Once an active case of extremely drug resistant (XXDR-TB) strain of tuberculosis or totally drug resistant (TDR) TB, 40-year-old Rashid Khan (name changed), has now been completely cured of his disease. Despite having total drug resistance and HIV infection, Khan got cured a few days ago. At one stage he was receiving a cocktail of 18–20 drugs between his HIV and TB regimes. But Bedaquiline made a huge difference in his treatment. He is off medicine now.

    24 March 2015 | DNAIndia
  • Lancet: Phase 2b trial results of novel TB regimen show potential to shorten treatment

    A new tuberculosis (TB) drug regimen designed to improve options for TB therapy eliminated more bacteria from sputum than standard therapy, worked for people with multi-drug-resistant (MDR) TB, and did so in a quarter of the time, according to data from a phase 2b clinical trial published today in The Lancet. These results are published just as the global phase 3 clinical trial, STAND, designed to bring this regimen through the last stage of testing, has begun. The PaMZ regimen uses pretomanid, a new drug; moxifloxacin, an established antibiotic that is experimental as a TB treatment; and pyrazinamide, an established TB drug. Twenty percent of the TB patients enrolled in NC-002 also were co-infected with HIV and the PaMZ regimen appeared to be effective independent of HIV status. See also http://www.aidsmap.com/Novel-TB-regimen-could-reduce-treatment-duration/page/2892700/

    18 March 2015 | Lancet (free registration required)
  • TB drug candidate starts Phase 1 trial — first in six years

    The enrollment of nearly 50 volunteers in the United States will launch the first randomized clinical trial of a potential  new drug to treat TB in six years, the nonprofit product development partnership TB Alliance announced Wednesday.

    20 February 2015 | Science Speaks
  • TB Alliance Launches Phase 2B Clinical Trial of a Novel TB Drug Regimen that Could Cut Treatment Time by Half or More for a Majority of TB Patients

    NC-005 trial tests a novel regimen of bedaquiline (Sirturo), pretomanid (formerly known as PA-824), and pyrazinamide; results could pave the way for a three-month TB treatment.

    27 October 2014 | TB Alliance
  • Newly identified marker helps predict tuberculosis complications in HIV patients

    An NIAID study suggests that the increased frequency of an immune cell called CD14++CD16- monocyte is a strong indicator that a patient with HIV and tuberculosis (TB) may develop immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS).

    16 October 2014 | National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) press release
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