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  • Tuberculosis

    Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection that usually affects the lungs.It can be very serious, particularly for people living with HIV who have a low CD4 count.TB can...

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  • TB and HIV

    If HIV has weakened your immune system, you are more vulnerable to tuberculosis (TB). TB is an infection caused by bacteria. It is a serious...

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  • How TB is passed on

    The bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) can sometimes pass from one person to another through the air. TB bacteria can sometimes be spread through the...

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  • Person-to-person contact may cause most drug-resistant TB cases

    The worst form of drug-resistant tuberculosis isn't just arising from inadequate treatment, it's mostly being spread from person to person, according to a new study of hundreds of cases in South Africa.

    23 January 2017 | Reuters
  • Public Health England Study Examines Spread of MDR-TB

    Vaccine News Daily reported on a Public Health England (PHE) study of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB) in the United Kingdom. According to PHE, MDR TB cases increased from 28 cases per year to 81 in the past 12 years for a total of approximately 681 confirmed cases between 2000 and 2012.

    17 March 2014 | CDC National Prevention Information Network
  • South African healthcare workers face greater risk for TB, HIV

    A large-scale survey of South African healthcare workers has revealed major gaps in workplace protection against tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis.

    17 February 2014 | Science Daily
  • Tuberculosis in South Africa's Gold Mines; A United Call to Action

    This report, co-authored by RESULTS UK and the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa, seeks to summarise the epidemics of TB and silicosis and among Southern Africa’s gold miners; to detail civil society, governmental and other stakeholder campaigns and interventions to tackle the crises; and to present policy recommendations for donor and regional governments, CSOs and mining companies.

    28 November 2013 | RESULTS
  • Gains in tuberculosis control at risk due to 3 million missed patients and drug resistance

    Tuberculosis (TB) treatment has saved the lives of more than 22 million people, according to the WHO "Global tuberculosis report 2013" published today. The report also reveals that the number of people ill with TB fell in 2012 to 8.6 million, with global TB deaths also decreasing to 1.3 million.

    23 October 2013 | World Health Organization (press release)
  • Tuberculosis: Europe’s Ticking Timebomb

    On World Tuberculosis Day the TB Europe Coalition called on the European Commission to substantially increase funding to fight tuberculosis in Europe. Tuberculosis causes not only illness and death, according to estimates, it costs EU Member States €15 million every week and €750 million every year.

    20 March 2013 | TB Europe Coalition
  • Los Angeles health officials concerned about TB outbreak on skid row

    Los Angeles County health officials have asked for federal assistance to analyze and contain an outbreak of tuberculosis within the city's homeless population, a spokeswoman for the county agency said on Friday.

    25 February 2013 | Reuters
  • Reducing TB transmission in ‘hotspots’ could have widespread benefit

    In a recent study published in the journal PNAS, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health discovered that public health efforts to reduce tuberculosis transmission in geographic “hotspots” where infections are highest could significantly reduce TB transmission on a broader scale.

    30 May 2012 | Science Speaks
  • KENYA: Curbing the spread of TB in infected households

    Good hygiene practices are an important component of TB infection control and prevention, but maintaining them is not easy in an informal settlement, where houses are crammed together and sanitation facilities hard to come by.

    25 May 2012 | IRIN Plus News
  • SWAZILAND: Nurses demand protection from TB infection

    Hospitals are not protecting their workers from tuberculosis (TB) infection, say nurses in Swaziland, who recently staged a rare public demonstration to draw attention to how vulnerable they are to this highly infectious disease.

    27 April 2012 | IRIN Plus News
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