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  • More Life Years Lost Through Smoking Than HIV in 18,000-Person Analysis

    Antiretroviral-treated HIV-positive people lost more life years compared with the general population because of smoking than because of HIV infection, according to analysis of nearly 18,000 HIV-positive people in the ART Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC). The impact of smoking on mortality rose steeply with age.

    24 March 2014 | NATAP
  • New Study Shows Smoking Tobacco Doubles Risk of Recurrent Tuberculosis

    The study is the most robust ever conducted into how smoking tobacco increases the risk of recurrent TB. It appears in the April issue of the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.Regular tobacco smokers were defined as individuals who smoked 10 or more cigarettes—equivalent to half a pack—per day.

    24 March 2014 | International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
  • Cardiovascular disease in people with HIV

    This issue of Research Initiative, Treatment Action (RITA!) carefully examines evidence from well over 100 studies on cardiovascular risk factors and the impact of individual and combined antiretrovirals on the heart.This RITA! also features an interview with the University of Wisconsin’s James Stein, perhaps the leading authority on cardiovascular disease in people with HIV. Stein offers frank and insightful answers to questions on cardiovascular risk, screening adults and children, the Framingham score, lipid targets, aspirin prophylaxis, and smoking.

    20 June 2013 | RITA! / Center for AIDS Information and Advocacy
  • Stopping Smoking Reduces Risk of Bacterial Pneumonia in People With HIV

    A metanalysis of cohort and case control studies finds that current smokers with HIV were at double the risk of bacterial pneumonia than non-smoking counterparts, but that when people stopped smoking their risk was reduced.

    22 January 2013 | Science Daily (press release)
  • HIV patients in care lose more years of life to smoking than to HIV infection

    Among HIV patients receiving well-organized care with free access to antiretroviral therapy, those who smoke lose more years of life to smoking than to HIV, according to a Danish study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases and available online.

    21 December 2012 | EurekAlert
  • HIV Infection Not Associated With Lung Cancer

    Higher lung cancer rates have been reported in people with HIV/AIDS than in the general population, but it has not been clear why.

    18 November 2011 | Medscape (requires free registration)
  • TB smoking toll 'could reach 40m'

    Forty million smokers around the world could die from TB by 2050, research suggests.

    05 October 2011 | BBC Health
  • Text messages 'help smokers quit'

    Supportive text messages can double the chance of someone successfully quitting smoking, according to UK researchers.

    30 June 2011 | BBC Health
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