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    Many people with HIV have problems sleeping. This can be due to being uncomfortable, worry, anxiety, depression, illness or treatment side-effects. It may also be because...

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  • Common side-effects

    This section of the booklet provides some more information on the commonest side-effects that the anti-HIV drugs currently in use can cause. It is intended to provide you...

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  • Tiredness and fatigue

    Tiredness and fatigue are common problems among people with HIV. There are many possible causes and treatments and there are also things you can do...

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  • Seven ways to look after your health

    There’s a lot you can do to take care of your health. It’s not just about popping pills.Just as for anybody else, changes to your...

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  • Side effects

    The most common side effects are the result of your body getting used to a new drug. After a few weeks, these side effects usually...

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  • Diagnosing Bed Bugs: A San Francisco HIV Clinical Dermatologist Dispenses Advice

    In San Francisco, Amerson has seen evidence of a bed bug epidemic. Many of her HIV patients at San Francisco General Hospital live in densely-populated areas of the city and in large apartment complexes. “Once one apartment has bed bugs, the whole building has it. They’re very challenging to get rid of, and it’s a huge problem.”

    18 November 2015 | BETA blog
  • Am I mad or is it the meds?

    It’s 00:50 and once again I can’t sleep. My insomnia has kept me up for the best part of three days in a row now, my mind is tired, my body is exhausted and yet I still can’t sleep.

    07 June 2013 | UK Positive Lad (blog)
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